The 48 Hour Film Project

The Washington DC 48 Hour Film Project

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Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our Washington winners!

Best Use of Character

(R. Muellering, hypochondriac) Digital Tronics for Help Me Rhonda

Best Use of Prop

(a bottle of Wine) Roadside Productions for The Spy Ring

Best Use of Line of Dialogue

( It was like this when I got here. ) Burning Desire Productions for Body Shot

Best Locations

Cavegirl/Defekt Productions for Hatch

Best Costumes

Meat 84 for Open Up and Say A.A.H.

Best Original Score

F1 Communications for Rolanda

Best Sound Track

Help Me Rhonda, Digital Tronics

Best Acting

Meat 84 for Open Up and Say A.A.H.

Best Editing

I See London, I See France for Awkward Silence

Best Script

EMDA All Stars for Booster Rocket

Best Cinematography

Doblers Pen for m.o.s.

Honorable Mention for Cinematography

Worthy Foes for Chasing Greed Oozing Sarcasm for Placebo

Best Directing

W.I.T Films for Occupational Hazard

2nd Runner Up

I See London, I See France for Awkward Silence

First Runner Up

EMDA All Stars for Booster Rocket

Best Film

W.I.T Films for Occupational Hazard


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Photo by Andy Dunaway.

Washington, DC Teams

48 Hours and a Mule, Gillian Klempner

Amira Productions, Kalena M. Smith

Anjou Films, Michael Hyde

Awesome Sauces, Melissa Marks

Black Skillet Productions, John Durgavich

Bossanova Films, Sandra Beltrao

Burning Desire, Allison Nugent/Sherri Sosslau

CAM Productions, Clarence Miller

Cavegirl/Defekt Productions, Kelley Slagle

Cut & Paste Productions, Nicole Haddock

DC Dogs, Jonathan Zuck

Digital Tronics, Emily Henninger

Doblerís Pen Productions, Dan Franko

Done Good Films, Richard Jenrette

f1 communications, Grigory Khananayev

FAYM Productions, Gabe Uhr

Fine Wine Players, Charlene James-Duguid

Flat Feet Films, Nicholas Dobson

GHUT Productions, Tim Herbert

HU Film Organization, Dia Hancock

I See London, I See France, Jennifer Prediger

I Smell Pizza, Meghan Salas

Integral Arts, Barry Gribble

INTOANA, Richard Howard

K3WL Productions, Marianna LaFollette

Kimba, Michael Edward Kim

Liger Films, T. Wesley Shephard

Meat 84, Brad Scriber

Megillah, Beth McGillen

Monkey Biz Films, John Hanshaw

Musky Adventures, Scott Degraw

Nameless, Jason Heath

No Snoring Productons, Roy Kahn

NOIQ, Chip Franklin

Nothing Sacred Productions, Malia Murray

Oozing Sarcasm, Jason Colston

Particle Wave, Wayne Arnold

Perfect World Productions, Paul K. Miller

Persistence of Vision, Adam Krell

Poolboy Productions, James Calder & Martyn Green

Progressive Films, Kirk Petrie

Raw Purple, Robert Ausura

Red Fox Productions, Stephanie Petagno

Reflectioin Digital, Leslye James

Revolver Films, Chris Hale

Roadside Productions, Alex Malison

Rockabye Entertainment, Rocky McKoy

Seat of Our Pants Productions, Michael Pope

Shaolin Monkeys, Cuong LeNguyen

Stinkle Winks Cat, Inc., Adam Schreck

STMT Productions, Mark Stevens

Straight, No Chaser, Charneice Fox

Tail Up Productions, Ishu Krishna

Team GTTOTFD, Jon Gann

Team Time Trial, Robert Rutledge

Teen Action Squad, Harry A. Lipnick

The Bombasticks, Loren Olson

The EMDA All-Stars, Jon Reiling

The Fuzz, Dan Wolf

The Know Regrets, David W. Grant

The Procrastinators, K. John Hill

The Risk Perverse, Matthew McGoldrick

Tohubohu/Kaplan, Nello DeBlasio

Travesty Films, Dave Nuttycombe

Two Chemists and an Engineer, Fred Rosenberger

Voltron and the Magnificent Bastards, Eric E. Davis

Waffle Gang Productions, Dave Peterson

White Turtleneck, Rusty OíConnor

Whore-to-Culture, Thaisa Ysonde Tiglao

WIT Films, Tyler Korba

Worthy Foes, Kirk Mangels