The 48 Hour Film Project

The Washington DC 48 Hour Film Project

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Special Art and Film Event

Tim Tate Glass Sculpture and Best of DC 48HFP

Come join us for an art event with Tim Tate and a screening of the Best of DC 48 Hour Film Project!
June 22nd at 7pm
1021 7th Street NW

The Judges Have Spoken!

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our Washington, DC winners!

Best Animation
"TAG," by Everyday Astronaut

Best Choreography
"Tate's Fate," by CityDance FilmWORKS

Best Special Effects
"Touch of Glass," by Big Rock Films

Best Costumes
"Neighbors: A Western...sort of," by Agile H Productions

Best Use of Prop
"Venti Vice," by FAYM Productions

Best Graphics
"Blown Years," by Bottom of the Barrel

Best Sound Design
"Under the Bed," by Ningen Manga Productions

Honorable Mention — Sound Design
"TAG," by Everyday Astronaut

Best Sound Track
"Face to Face," by Cut & Paste

Best Original Song
"Den Forpagter Hus," by Travesty Films

Best Use of Character
"Arbor Day," by Car Ramrod

Best Use of Line
"Fighting Words," by Oozing Sarcasm

Best Use of Genre
"Untitled," by WIT Films

48 Hour Retro Award
"Rag Top," by Have Fun, Will Travel

Most Original Concept
"Den Forpagter Hus," by Travesty Films

Cheesiest Film
"A Love Story," by K.I.S.S. Productions

Best Editing
"ISO: In Search of," by Digital Tronics

Best Writing
"Owensville," by Shaolin Monkeys

Best Cinematography
"Owensville," by Shaolin Monkeys

Honorable Mention for Cinemagography
"ISO: In Search of," by Digital Tronics

Best Acting
"ISO: In Search of," by Digital Tronics

Best Directing
"Owensville," by Shaolin Monkeys

Runner Up Best Film
"ISO: In Search of," by Digital Tronics

Best of DC
"Owensville," by Shaolin Monkeys

Audience Awards for the Washington 48HFP

The audience has spoken!

Audience Award Winner: Group A
"Shattered Imperfection," by Forty-Eight Rs Media

Audience Award Winner: Group B
"Fighting Words," Oozing Sarcasm

Audience Award Winner: Group C
"Owensville," by Shaolin Monkeys

Audience Award Winner: Group D
"Den Forpagter Hus," by Travesty Films

Audience Award Winner: Group E
"Neighbors: A Western... sort of," by Agile H Productions

Audience Award Winner: Group F
"Venti Vice," by FAYM Productions

Audience Award Winner: Group G
"Your Space," by Resilient Young Asian Network

Audience Award Winner: Group H [Tie]
"Touch of Glass," by Big Rock Films (tie)
"ISO: In Search of," by Digital Tronics (tie)

Congratulations to all of our award winners and everyone who made a film in just 48 hours!

Filmmaker Blog

Want to hear about the DC 48HFP from the filmmakers themselves? Then check out the DC 48HFP Filmmaker Blog, where DC 48HFP participants tell us stories of their wild weekend of filmmaking.

Liens 48HFP


Photo by Andy Dunaway.


Character: Tim or Tina Tate, Gay Glass Sculptor Extraordinaire
Prop: a fire extinguisher
Line of Dialogue: "This is absolutely the last time."

Washington DC Teams

1 Chicon Productions, Anand Rao
19th & Wilson, Aaron Goodmiller
4Site, Heming Nelson
A Bunch of Talentless Hacks, Jonathan Jarrett
Agile H Productions, James Knott
Aloma Films, Greg Gutierrez
Anjou Films & K3WL Productions, Michael Hyde
Bad TV, Sandra Bishop
the beta-macks, eric gibson
Big Rock Films, Brian Armstrong
Black Skillet Productions, John Durgavich
Blue Buddha Productions, Brent Hurd
Blue Sky, Martin Andrews
Bottom of the Barrel Productions, Julie Young
Breakfast For Dinner, Jason Langhorne
Bright Boy Alert, Eric Chang
Burn This Film! Productions, Joseph Harris
Burning Desire Production, Sherri Sosslau
Burning Toast Productions, James Williams
C.A.M. Productions, Clarenmce A. Miller
Car Ramrod, Melissa Marks
Cardiff Giant, Owen Palmquist
Cavegirl Productions, Kelley Slagle, bill dyszel
CityDance FilmWORKS, Paul Emerson
CMFEs, Colin Reynolds
Commotion Prod., John Collin
Crossroad Pictures, LLC, Michael McNiff
Cut and Paste Productions, Nicole Haddock
DC Dogs, Jonathan Zuck
Digital Tronics, Emily Henninger
Doblerís Pen Productions, Dan Franko
Dragon Lady Media, Cheryl Costa
Enigma, Emily Skelton
Erebuni, Leo Sardarian
Everyday Astronaut, Jon Reiling
Exaggerated Motion Pictures, Richard Howard
Faisonfilm Productions, Al Faison
FAYM productions, Gabe Uhr
Flat Feet Films, Nicholas Dobson
Fluff Baby Films, Kiki Schneider
Forty-Eight Rs Media, David Dolinsky
g14 Productions, Jeff Lofgren
Gaucho Pictures, Christopher Darder
Generations, Terry Fearins
Harte/Kleiman, Sheilah Kleiman
Have Fun, Will Travel, Kevyn Settle
I See London, I See France, Jennifer Prediger
In the Trunk, Ishu Krishna
Integral Arts, Barry Gribble
Kennedy Off Line, Joanna Greer
K.I.S.S., Mike Charbonneau
Lookit-Intense Films, Mark Boszko
Lost Weekend Productions, Kurt Gustafson
Meat 84, Brad Scriber
Midnight Hour Productions, Janine Sides
Musky Adeventures, Scott DeGraw
Ningen Manga Productions, Lonnie Martin
NOiQ ideas, Chip Franklin
Nothing Sacred Productions, Malia Murray
oozing sarcasm, Jason Colston
P3 Productions, Jennifer Peterson
PB&J, Greg Price
Persistence of Vision, Adam Krell
Poolboy Productions, James Calder
Poolside Productions, Jessica Fusillo
Project 2501, Anthony Tribby
Redheaded Stepchildren, Rebecca Proch
redstarKGB, Chris Harring
ReelLight Films, Zhibo Lai
reflection:digital, Leslye James
Resilient Young Asian Network, Ryan Tse
Revolver Films, Chris Hale
Roadside Productions, Alex Malison
Shaolin Monkeys, Jeremy Koller
Sonny-Ming Productions, Erick Peterson
Souvenir Studios, Sumithrin David
Stinklewinks Cat, Inc., Adam Schreck
Straight, No Chaser Productions, Charneice Fox
Team Diamond, Matt Delman
Team Lumiere, Josh Criss
Team Soul Story, Adrian Harrison
Team TBD, Owen Palmquist
The Unknown Penguins, Patrick Flynn
This Might Sound Crazy Productions, Leigh Caudill
TMAcreativeworks,LLC, Winona Varnon
Tohubohu, William Coughlan
Travesty Films, Tom Welsh
Truffle Pigs, Joseph Price
Untouchable Films, Adam Patterson
Ursus Lotor, Gorky Cruz
whoretoculture films, Anne Brown
White Wolf, Joseph Swider
WIT Films, Tyler Korba
WOGE LIFE, Willie Trebach
Worthy Foes, Kirk Mangels