Eindhoven, Netherlands 5 - 7 juni 2020

The 48HFP Meets World Cup!

You're a creative filmmaker.  You can't wait for the lockdown to be finished.  You want to show the world what you can do...

The 48 Hour Global Film Challenge gives you that chance!

We're doing a mashup of the 48 Hour Film Project and the World Cup!  There will be online voting that determines the best film in each country, then we'll begin the Group Stages where country winning films will be randomly assigned to compete against other country winners.  Local judges determine who the city winners are, but the online audience takes control from there.

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A portion of proceeds will go to benefit Doctors Without Borders and their efforts against the coronavirus.


  • $48 USD/team eindigt vr, 5 jun
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vr, 5 jun 2020 @ 19:00

Kickoff information for each team will be e-mailed to team leaders at 7pm their local time.


zon, 7 jun 2020
19:30 uur om op tijd te zijn

An e-mail will be sent to all team leaders describing how to submit their film.

Deelnemende teams


  • Aan de kant wij zijn van ZIGZAG Puck van Oosterhout
  • Home Alone Pieter Den Beste
  • In Limbo Yorn Heijnen
  • Inside31Productions Ulrica de la Mar
  • Redacted Rans Martina
  • The big five and the rest Anne-Marie Verheijden
  • United Alchemists Mike van Dooyeweert
  • Youngblood Boris Seinen

Films uit voorgaande jaren

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