Adelaide, Australia 30 April - 2 May 2021

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Darley's Angels for winning Best Film of 2021. Their film À la carde will go on to represent Adelaide against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2022.

1st Place: Best Film of 2021

À la carde by Darley's Angels

2nd Place: Best Film of 2021

Cherry on Top by Lampshade Al Dente

Required Elements

  • Character: Pierce or Poppy Elks, Food Blogger
  • Prop: Postcard
  • Line: "“Her name was Margaret wasn’t it?” OR "Her name was Margaret was it not?""

Audience Favorite: Group A

The Last Meal by Team TEAM

Audience Favorite: Group B

Audience Favorite: Group C

Dead Actually by Neon Chips

Best Writing

Dignity by Robot Fight!

Best Editing

Red Velvet by Hi, nice to meet you

Best Directing

À la carde by Darley's Angels

Best Cinematography

Baggage by No Worries

Best Sound Design

INGÉNUE by Error Squared

Best Musical Score

Cherry on Top by Lampshade Al Dente

Best Actor

Harry Passehl À la carde by Darley's Angels

Honorable Mention
Chris Best A Bed of Poppy's by Gutter-Pop Pictures

Best Actress

Ren Williams INGÉNUE by Error Squared

Honorable Mention
Andrea Rizos Dig In by Welcome To Chilis

Best Use of Character

Red Velvet by Hi, nice to meet you

Best Use of Prop

One Last Chance by The Blackwatch Dozen

Best Use of Line

INGÉNUE by Error Squared

Best Use of Genre

À la carde by Darley's Angels

Best Costumes & Makeup

Cherry on Top by Lampshade Al Dente

Best Production Design

Cherry on Top by Lampshade Al Dente

Best School Film

Seymour College One Last Chance by The Blackwatch Dozen

Outstanding Crew Member Award

Isaac Drury & Tyson Austin Punching Bag by King's Media

2021 Film List

  • A Bed of Poppy's by Gutter-Pop Pictures

    A frontier food blogger must decide between a stranger, the law, and justice.

  • À la carde by Darley's Angels

    Traditional Food Costume Festival (Through The Medium Of Cardboard)

  • Adoption by TEC Media

    A young woman goes on an unexpected journey into the mystery of her mother's death.

  • Apple Swan by The Multimedia Emporium
  • Baggage by No Worries

    Poppy holidays to Lofty Mountains, where her brother Jack is ecstatic to meet her. But Poppy's motivations to visit aren't what they seem.

  • Belinda's Biscuits by yuck!

    Belinda tries to get her biscuit business off the ground, but after trying and failing to change herself to please other people, a little belief from someone she looks up to makes her realise that she just needs to be herself to be happy.

  • Caller Unknown by MovieFellas

    Caught in the trap of an evil mastermind, an everyday worker must participate in a deadly game to escape.

  • Cherry on Top by Lampshade Al Dente

    A disgruntled superhero faces off against a scrumptious supervillan. Can a drag queen help her save the day?

  • Ciao, Maria by Team 22

    A young girl searching for family inherits more then she expected when she discovers the existence of her maternal grandmother, only to be weeks too late and left with a box of belongings.

  • Damper by Oily Rag

    A high maintenance Califonian girl meets with a layabout Australian farmer to learn the art of making damper.

  • Dead Actually by Neon Chips

    When a lonely man invites his neighbour in for dinner, he has no idea that he's about to fall in love. Neither does she.

  • Dig In by Welcome To Chilis

    A critically acclaimed food blogger receives a magical invitation to a suspicious restaurant in the woods following the disappearance of his girlfriend, Margaret.

  • Dignity by Robot Fight!

    Pierce Elks, food blogger, finds himself in a sticky situation when his biggest fan/crime boss has a complaint.


    We follow a Producer and a Director in their quest to find the perfect actress to play a Viking Warrior Princess in their forthcoming production.

  • For Margret by BACKROW Productions



    A Man's obsession to do right by nature leads him astray.

  • Hot Stuff by Unhinged Doors

    A flavoursome story about a larger than life food blogger Poppy Elks and their partner.

  • INGÉNUE by Error Squared

    Aspiring actress Kate wants to give the best performance, but when those around her push her to the edge, boundaries are crossed.

  • Learning To Taste by Out, am I?!
  • Love, Death and Monkeys by The Parker Brothers

    Pressured by her husband Pierce, Margaret opts to have reverse beauty surgery and meets an undesirable fate.

  • Match Maging by Direct Consequences

    Fantasy and crazy goblins ensues fun for all wheeee

  • Mignonette by White Trees

    Where can you reach deep happiness ?

  • Missing Margaret by Team A

    Where is Margaret

  • Morals or Money by Yarraan

    A wash up detective with a shady past has to question his morals over money.

  • Off She Goes by Classic Clement

    Amy and Jake are in a stale relationship, She gets pushed to the edge, Literally!

  • One Last Chance by The Blackwatch Dozen

    Tension rises between Grace and her friend at the sudden appearance of ominous postcards containing warnings that she must decipher before time runs out.

  • Ore no kimochi - My Feelings by The WildCATS

    俺の気持ち When you are in a relationship, have you ever considered your partners feeling? Have you ever been an asshole to your people who are close to you? Humans born to torture different things, to animals, to minorities, or even your friends or significant other. Or maybe even yourself. We can never escape or eliminate the tortures in our lives, but it is about how do we face them.

  • Pierce The Veil by Beta Version

    After a night of heavy Partying a man pieces the night together by retracting his steps

  • Posting Forward by U'N'I Productions

    A discovery of life and death through time.

  • Powerless by Amateur Hour

    In a world where almost everyone has a super power, what is life like for the few who don't?

  • Punching Bag by King's Media

    A young food blogger Pierce struggles to cope with life after losing a close friend.

  • Red Velvet by Hi, nice to meet you

    a pair of urban explorers are witness to a murder and are now being chased by the murderer.

  • Round Palate by Fluffy Emu
  • Sam. by The Clark Clan

    After the loss of his parents a teenager finds himself living with an Uncle who lives a very different lifestyle to which he is used to.

  • Sheriff Ed by Super Baked Onion

    The film

  • Sweetpeas by Burnt Toast

    When Poppy Elks invites you to lunch with a personalized postcard, make sure it's not you she's serving up!

  • The Critique by The Thistles

    Margret, an impassioned restaurant owner, anticipates the arrival of an acclaimed food connoisseur. Unbeknownst to Margret, Peirce is the critic.

  • The Last Meal by Team TEAM

    A 5-star chef prepares the last meals of prisoners on death row.

  • There's Something About Margaret by "I Don't Care What We Go With" Productions

    Not everything is so black and white.

  • Under the Influence by S.P.A Productions

    A woman is the test subject for a weight loss doughnut where her health and well-being are neglected by the facility

  • Wish You Were Here by 333

    Superhero seeks happiness

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