Atlanta, Georgia July 8 - 10, 2016

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Be The Change for winning Best Film of 2016. Their film The Catalyst will go on to represent Atlanta against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2017.

1st Place: Best Film of 2016

The Catalyst by Be The Change

2nd Place: Best Film of 2016

Duet by SoKlor

3rd Place: Best Film of 2016

Pastime by Funguh Productions

Audience Favorite: Group A

Audience Favorite: Group B

The Bridge by Bontrager Twins Productions

Audience Favorite: Group C

Love at Last Sight by Cogito Creative

Audience Favorite: Group D

Tethers by Upgrade Brigade

Audience Favorite: Group E

First Day by King Dante Productions

Audience Favorite: Group F

Cherry Bomb by Iron Shadow Omega

Best Writing

Duet by SoKlor

Best Editing

Tethers by Upgrade Brigade

Best Directing

Duet by SoKlor

Best Cinematography

Pastime by Funguh Productions

Best Sound Design

Pastime by Funguh Productions

Best Musical Score

The 3rd Wheel by PeteMEDIA

Best Actor

Andrew Sweeney Casual Friday by Sippy Straw Sasquatch

Honorable Mentions
Hollis Adler Beer Wine Spirits by Awarewolf
Olubajo Sonubi Sanguisuga by The Full Lock Media Collective

Best Actress

Sasha Morfaw On the Line by EGP Films

Honorable Mentions
Sarah Wilkes The Human by ChipNut
Candace Mabry Sanguisuga by The Full Lock Media Collective

Best Graphics

Love at Last Sight by Cogito Creative

Best Choreography

The Bridge by Bontrager Twins Productions

Best Costumes

The Bridge by Bontrager Twins Productions

Best Use of Character

On my way by Angry Cricket Productions

Best Use of Prop

The Catalyst by Be The Change

Best Use of Line

Vessel by Kenswick Productions

Best Practical Effects

Cherry Bomb by Iron Shadow Omega

Best Visual Effects

Casual Friday by Sippy Straw Sasquatch

The Charles Marean Award For Debut Film

The Catalyst by Be The Change

2016 Film List

  • 19341 by Above the line
  • All About Art by The Offices of Reddikan, Sprinkle & Cain

    Arthur "Art" Hurst is all about Art. Sometimes that's the problem. A selfish romance.

  • Anacusis by Eyes Entertainment,Inc

    A tragic incident threatens to turn Anna Hurst's life upside down.

  • Are you still watching? by Hi Doggy

    Obsession becomes reality

  • Are You There? by Two Sisters

    Art Hurst’s day off goes awry when he must coach his daughter through a crisis over the phone.

  • Beer Wine Spirits by Awarewolf

    On Halloween night, a jaded bar manager is reminded of what Halloween is really about by a spirit.

  • Benumbed by Cold Feet Films

    A young man takes his first steps in finding his place in the wold.

  • Black Love by 1 Sick Rabbit

    Love is not that much different than rage.

  • Carnage by Kilohertz

    You know I hate taking short cuts

  • Casual Friday by Sippy Straw Sasquatch

    Art Hurzt's employees pushing the envelope of Casual Fridays was the least of his worries...

  • Checking It Twice by Four Footprints Production

    Santa’s made his list, he’s checked it twice, now who do you think is naughty or nice?

  • Cherry Bomb by Iron Shadow Omega

    A hipster driver gets more than he bargained for when he picks up a adorable girl.

  • Cold Read by Hour Hand's Broken

    A detective tries to pick out a murderer from a group of auditioning actors.

  • Coma by Vintage Stone Films

    you know I hate shortcuts

  • Danny Danger and the Gates of Hell by Cinetek

    wrongfully imprisoned, the love of his life in danger, and race to find a dangerous artifact

  • Darwin by KISST Pictures

    A killer is hunting military families

  • Deeper Into The Woods by Farmin' Dreams Studios

    A woman has her partner kidnap her employee, and has to deal with consequences.

  • Different Rooms by Team Loiter'n

    A cop must rise to the occasion of complex case.

  • Driving Humanity by The ForkShop

    Can We Just Get Together?

  • Duet by SoKlor

    Two lovebirds get ready for a very special date.

  • end the sentence by The A Team

    A young girl discovers she has the key to end the sentence, once and for all.

  • Eternal Love by Back to the Script "BTS"

    Till death do us part

  • Finding Hope by 17th & D Productions

    A traumatized girl must struggle to overcome mental and emotional issues with the help of a caring d

  • First Day by King Dante Productions

    Art Hurst follows a checklist for his first day as manager.

  • Flower pot by Feral

    A mother struggles to find out what happened to her lost son.

  • Fuber Love by Dogberry's Nose Productions

    A recent divorcee tries to find love in the wrong place.

  • Grandma's Cookies by Grady Thespians

    A Father questions his three children about a family crisis while they were home alone.

  • Hardshell Life by GET SCENE

    A couple's relationship is when tested when they make a dangerous bet against a slick city rival.

  • Hogtied by TMSA Middle School

    Two young PIs take interest in a kidnapping that turns out to be more than it appears.

  • Home, and back again by SHINE Studios

    Experience an Amish boys good, bad and crazy journey during his Rumspringa.

  • Injection: Revenge of the Syringe by Pocket Change Productions

    A blogger gets stuck in a love triangle during the zombie apocalypse.

  • Knocked Out Into Last Month by A Maf Production

    Todd is knocked back to the past and gets a chance at revenge on his abusive boss

  • Last Love by TnG Films

    Time-crossed lovers battle for passion and a promotion.

  • Legend of the Foot and Fist by Brain Baby Productions

    Two women's journey to martial arts mastery

  • Lemon-ology by Mountain Park Media

    Lemon-ology is a humorous family friendly film about a precocious 10-year-old girl selling lemonade

  • Lost & Found by HotlantaVoyeur Films

    Anti-heroes always win!?

  • Love at Last Sight by Cogito Creative

    Store clerk learns love arises from unexpected places.

  • Mate by Shonflex

    Ana is running out of energies while moving to her loft when an Argentine drink changes everything.

  • Miz Chi-Chi's Super House of Hope by The Wolf Pack

    A band of downtrodden superheros; forced to face their vices in a healing center by a Super-Diva

  • Murder in the Wings by Digi-Pink Productions

    three broads, two detectives, one dead body

  • My Worst Enemy by Made Marion

    A young woman seeks revenge on her enemies only to find her biggest enemy may be herself.

  • New Media - The Musical by Ambulance Graveyard Films

    A 21st century media company searches for its next "big idea".

  • On my way by Angry Cricket Productions

    A tragic automobile accident causes a family to fracture and forces them to reexamine love, life, an

  • On the Line by EGP Films

    A 911 operator faces her toughest call--and the hardest night of her life.

  • One Punch by Better Stories Productions

    Revenge doesn't take short cuts

  • Origins by Free Association

    An aging superhero resentful of life after powers pleads with his daughter not to hide from her ow

  • Pastime by Funguh Productions

    Baseball isn't everything

  • Quick Cab by Burton Productions

    Quick Cab is a new app much like uber. Except this driver hates shortcuts to get to his desination.

  • Ralph by Eggstatic Productions

    Mourning the death of their friend, a group of 5 have one last thing to check off their list

  • Redo by Three Cap Films

    A young man periodically slips into the past, and discovers that he's able to alter the future.

  • Reunited by Iron Shadow Alpha

    A young woman has to decide to pursue her heart over her mother's object

  • Road Not Taken by Ferret Goddess

    A man alone on Valentine's Day using his imagination to come to terms with a big step in his life.

  • Sanguisuga by The Full Lock Media Collective

    Start over, right here.

  • Shortcut Transit by foutsfilms

    Unqualified Art, manager at Shortcuts, must face day-to-day obstacles that come with the position.

  • Shots by Single Serving Pictures

    When two bank robbers try hiding out in an unopened bar, the occupants have one goal: survive.

  • Sleeping on the Enemy by Women At Work

    Ana Hurst is trying to get a full night of sleep before her big exam.

  • Sorry Wrong Number by Meaty Ogre Films

    What do youdo when you find out you're in Vietnam, and it's 1968

  • Spotlight on the Street Corner by Bush Jumping
  • STRIFE by 3 Comma Collective

    What it may be like to face the oppression and prejudices of some of those around you.

  • Surprise Party by The Yeager Road Gang

    I am the Police

  • Switch by Ice Rain Productions

    A man's relationship is complicated as an exuberant new personality challenges the incumbent ego.

  • Tae Kwon Joe by PeachGeeks

    He doesn't do Karate...

  • Tango de Meow by Pure Heart Productions

    Dancer faces a tough decision.

  • Tethers by Upgrade Brigade

    A time travelling daughter tries to save her mothers future, even if it means extinguishing her own

  • The 3rd Wheel by PeteMEDIA

    Sometimes you just can't roll with it

  • The Bridge by Bontrager Twins Productions

    A homeless man and an orphan boy create a unlikely family on fathers day.

  • The Catalyst by Be The Change

    A chance encounter between two women agitates the scars of war

  • The Deposit by HALD Collective/Reel Art Productions

    A sweet friendship goes sour over money

  • The Good Fight by Indie Film Loop
  • The Human by ChipNut

    A clone becomes the care taker of a disabled human and together they build a bond.

  • The Kind of Man by Pop Culture Architects

    The singles scene isn't as scenic as it used to be.

  • The Set by Frat Pack Productions

    A down and out comedian is on the verge of quitting, until destiny interferes.

  • The Trade by Impressive Productions

    An overprotective and moralistic teenager must choose between protecting her home or saving herself.

  • The Vineyards by TV People Do Film

    A dark secret changes a family's life for ever.

  • The Warehouse by Team Team

    Then and Now

  • They Don't Know About Us by Half Baked Productions

    The movie is a buddy film about two lifelong friends who face turmoil when a girl comes between them

  • Training Wish by Cinema SquirrelFood

    A genie-in-training grants her first wish

  • V.L.T. by Buckeyed Wolverine Productions

    A woman searches for love

  • Vessel by Kenswick Productions

    Maybe it's not meant to be...

  • When We Believe by The Kerfuffle Effect

    A search for an ancient treasure

  • Witchville by Shoot To Live Films

    A woman moves into the neighborhood she thought she knew

  • Work of Art OR Making a Killing by Profile Rock Productions

    When old friends reunite, one discovers how the other makes his lavish living, but wishes he hadnt.

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