Atlanta, Georgia July 14 - 16, 2017

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Iron Shadow X for winning Best Film of 2017. Their film Stop doing that will go on to represent Atlanta against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2018.

1st Place: Best Film of 2017

Stop doing that by Iron Shadow X

2nd Place: Best Film of 2017

Mindsight by Upgrade Brigade

3rd Place: Best Film of 2017

Sanctuary by The A Team

Required Elements

  • Character: Charles or Charlene Betterman, visitor
  • Prop: a bowl
  • Line: ""Where did you hear that?""

Audience Favorite: Group A

Stop doing that by Iron Shadow X

Honorable Mention
Who wants to eat a cheerleader by Meaty Ogre Films

Audience Favorite: Group B

MÅGNØM Colon Interdimensional Thrill-Cop by Cattleheart

Honorable Mention
GOREGOD 3: The Reawakening by The Fighting Mongooses

Audience Favorite: Group C

Payback's a Bitcherman by Mad Roman Media

Honorable Mention
PORCELAIN by ambiguous entertainment

Audience Favorite: Group D

The Only Thing Certain by Rage and Crow Productions

Honorable Mention
Detective Stoner by Launch Light

Audience Favorite: Group E

The Sock in Our Stars by King George Productions

Honorable Mention
Mindsight by Upgrade Brigade

Best Writing

PORCELAIN by ambiguous entertainment

Best Editing

It's Electric by Pork Chops & Eggs

Best Directing

Daniel Oramas PORCELAIN by ambiguous entertainment

Best Cinematography

It's Electric by Pork Chops & Eggs

Best Musical Score

Sanctuary by The A Team

Best Actor

Johnathan horne Payback's a Bitcherman by Mad Roman Media

Best Actress

Amber Erwin Payback's a Bitcherman by Mad Roman Media

Best Supporting Actor

Jacob York Sanctuary by The A Team

Best Supporting Actress

Maia Nicole Smith PORCELAIN by ambiguous entertainment

Best Graphics

Stop doing that by Iron Shadow X

Best Costumes

Interview by 1 Sick Rabbit

Best Use of Prop

Stop doing that by Iron Shadow X

Best Overal Audience Choice Award

Stop doing that by Iron Shadow X

2017 Film List


    Waking up to discover that some bonds...are meant to be broken.

  • A Better Man's Proposal by Fast Frames Entertainment

    An interracial couple has their love put to the test when their families meet unexpectedly for the first.

  • A Better Time by Southern Crescent Tigers

    A troubled woman finds solice in an unlikely time with an unlikely stranger.

  • A Blade, A Buster, and a Butthead by The Dude E-Films

    After arrive in a new town, a mysterious benefactor hires three dysfunctional men to steal a unique item.

  • A Sweet Song by 42Atlanta
  • Absent Minded by Pinch and Ouch Theatre

    Trying to navigate early adulthood, a girl struggles to figure out what being an grown up actually means.

  • Apples to Apples by 2 Headed Dragon

    Things go wrong for a mob, when one of their people turns out to be an undercover cop.

  • Arbitrary Afternoon by Impulse

    Suburban housewives and their gay friend find pot and a dead guy

  • Are You Willing? by Piezoelectric Productions

    Things fall apart when Will Sherwood suddenly inherits his estranged mother's fortune.

  • Bad Babysitter by Expressions for The Kid in All of Us!

    What should have been an easy babysitting job turns out to be more than she bargained for when the kids turn the house upside down...who will take the fall?

  • Better Man by Alcovy Films

    where did you hear that

  • BNB by B Team Productions

    A young couple's weekend getaway is ruined by an unexpected guest.

  • Bowl of Souls by Collaborative Productions

    When science fiction becomes science fact. While filming their own Sci-Fi B movie, cast and crew start disappearing.

  • Brian Wanjugu by B team

    A veteran struggling with P.T.S.D is persuaded to seek help after a frightening incident with his wife and family.

  • Broken by Be The Change

    The choice of a child puts pressure on a gigolo.

  • Can't Find a Better Man by BroTime Prod

    One bad review can change the world.

  • Catch Me In The West by Main Street Productions

    A visitor to a Western town encounters more than just a local troublemaker.

  • Change of Heart by The Yeager Road Gang

    Mourning the loss of the love of her life, a women reaches out to the man who holds a part of her husband that she can visit one last time.

  • Changes by Seve' Production

    A young man trying to find his way down a new path.

  • Charlie by R.C. Productions

    A man wandering through the city sees a familiar face.

  • Charlie Blue by Dare 2 Productions

    A group of friends have a mysterious visitors who interrupts their studying and their lives.

  • Chow by Son of Jefferton

    A self-conscious investigator becomes an unwitting dinner guest.

  • DEAR JODY by 2 Guys & A Gal

    A soldier risks his life to save our country, only to return home and discover he can't save his marriage.

  • Detective Stoner by Launch Light

    After a night of partying, a man must tap into his detective skills with the help of his special bowl to solve the greatest mystery of all time.

  • Disguise by Kids Are Awesome in All.

    Wait, where did you hear that from?

  • Earth by Half Baked Productions

    Children travelling through woods to go to the pool.

  • First Time by 3 Legged Jack

    A vampires first time

  • Flesh by Yogurt Productions

    You are what he eats.

  • Girl Talk by ChipNut

    Peer pressure can't be escaped, deal with it the best you can.

  • GOREGOD 3: The Reawakening by The Fighting Mongooses

    A television show host and investigative forensic investigator tracks down the elusive party demon; THE GOREGOD. What happens next you won't believe.

  • Half Dozen by Grady Thespians

    While planning a performance, a group of students must discover why their friends are disappearing.

  • Hollow by B&G Productions

    A teen struggling with self image pays a high price for destructive choices, and must ultimately choose to confront the darkness within.

  • Hydro Thunder by Ambulance Graveyard Films

    Indie band takes itself way too seriously

  • Incensed by Mann Woman Productions

    Therapy turns deadly when a strange visitor challenges Michelle’s perception of reality.

  • Inseparable by Jones Productions

    A girl struggles with the lost of her childhood best friend.

  • Interview by 1 Sick Rabbit

    In a near future world 6 candidates vie for 1 position at the top company in the world

  • It's Electric by Pork Chops & Eggs

    Stardom can happen in a flash.

  • Journey of the Prince by Parker Productions

    An arrogant prince goes on a journey to discover the great power of a magical relic.

  • legends of cinema by Legends of cinema

    Two police detectives try to uncover the mystery surrounding the murder of a female jazz singer-songwriter.

  • Look at what u made me by By Any Memes Necessary

    Certain people are born with privileges, others take them.

  • MÅGNØM Colon Interdimensional Thrill-Cop by Cattleheart

    MÅGNØM leads a daring charge to rescue an imprisoned God.

  • Mindsight by Upgrade Brigade

    In a future world where everyone's mind is oversaturated with media technology, one man loses sight of what's right in front of him.

  • MOVELESS by Atlanix

    Sleep paralysis

  • Now You Will See by DNE MAX FILMS
  • Open House by Eyes Entertainment, Inc.

    A married couple attends an open house. Unfortunately it could be their last

  • Payback's a Bitcherman by Mad Roman Media

    A detective finds out his best friend might be dating his suspect.

  • PORCELAIN by ambiguous entertainment

    Charlene Betterman has the opportunity to go back in time to apologize to his mother before her death.

  • Pre-Shot by Ferret Goddess

    Two men enforcing artistic freedom.

  • Sanctuary by The A Team

    A girl is taken hostage during her confession.

  • Sexbot by Iron Shadow

    She's our society's final fantasy.

  • Sound of Space by Cogito Creative

    A friendship is on the rocks for two long term buddies. A lost little girl appears in their living room, now they must help her find her way back.

  • Stop doing that by Iron Shadow X

    A an angry wife with a Time Machine get revenge on her cheating husband

  • Summer of Hearts by J. Davis Harvill Presents

    Love at first sight isn't easy if you can't get past crowd to say hello.

  • The Bontrager Twins Prod by Bontrager Twins Productions 1

    A Debriefing

  • The Delgaum by n8ture

    Two clerks at the cricket facility defend their premium products when confronted by starving visitors from the future.

  • The Elixir by The Krispy Kreme Crusaders

    When the mayor shuts down the town's apothecary during the height of consumption, the local doctor must find a way to prove her worth.

  • The Homeowners by Office Get-Together

    After hearing on the radio the name of a lottery winner, two bandits try to break into the home of the winner, only to be met by a visitor who has plans of their own.

  • The Jesus Job by Reservoir Underdogs

    Two amateur criminals burglarize one of their mother's house as practice until an unexpected visitor interrupts their foolproof plan.

  • The Only Thing Certain by Rage and Crow Productions

    A young woman returns home to confront childhood memories and discovers death isn't what she expected.

  • The Sock in Our Stars by King George Productions

    Girl meets boy. Girl meets boy's parents. A love story unravels thread by thread.

  • The Sweatbox by New Haven Productions
  • The Vici by 17th & D Productions

    A man running from the person he used to be, journeys to find what he can become.

  • The Visitor by SoKlor

    A street musician uses her gift to touch the hearts of those who need it - even those hardest to reach.

  • Tim Buelna by Kisst Pictures

    Making the most out of what time we are given.

  • Too Much Coffee by The ForkShop

    A clever charade is employed to determine who must answer for the death of Charlie Betterman.

  • Ulak Q'tol by Razabox Pictures

    A magical family tries to hide their magic to the request of their oldest daughter in order to meet her new boyfriend.

  • Who wants to eat a cheerleader by Meaty Ogre Films

    Getting eaten by monsters is not all it's cracked up to be...

  • Writer's Fog by Boinko Productions

    A writer finds himself in his own fantasy.

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