Atlanta, Georgia June 21 - 23, 2019

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to ReturnStyle Pictures for winning Best Film of 2019. Their film GRIMOIRE will go on to represent Atlanta against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2020.

1st Place: Best Film of 2019

GRIMOIRE by ReturnStyle Pictures

2nd Place: Best Film of 2019

Shazam by GOAT

3rd Place: Best Film of 2019

Magic of Christmas by Team Name

Required Elements

  • Character: Laurie or Lance Winnington, Magician
  • Prop: salad tongs
  • Line: ""That's not how we pronounce it." OR "That is not how we pronounce it.""

Audience Favorite: Group A

Oh Sheet! by Yogurt Productions

Honorable Mention
A Nation Perfected by The Young and The Reckless

Audience Favorite: Group B

The Great Magician by Up The Hill Productions

Honorable Mention
Refuge by Medallion Pictures

Audience Favorite: Group C


Honorable Mention
GRIMOIRE by ReturnStyle Pictures

Audience Favorite: Group D

Honorable Mention
A Perfect World by Twinhead Productions

Audience Favorite: Group E

Where The Socks Go by Two Sense Films

Honorable Mention
Pizza Night by NOMOS Films

Audience Favorite: Group F

Winkles by Reel Lightning 2.0

Honorable Mention
The Road Most Travelled by The Bluetones

Best Writing

Shazam by GOAT

Best Editing

GRIMOIRE by ReturnStyle Pictures

Honorable Mention
EVERY DAY by Launch Light

Best Directing

GRIMOIRE by ReturnStyle Pictures

Honorable Mention
Organized Detachment by NFG

Best Cinematography

GRIMOIRE by ReturnStyle Pictures

Honorable Mention
Organized Detachment by NFG

Best Sound Design

GRIMOIRE by ReturnStyle Pictures

Honorable Mention
EVERY DAY by Launch Light

Best Musical Score

The Shadow Of Life by Bontrager Twins Productions

Honorable Mention
The Great Magician by Up The Hill Productions

Best Actor

GRIMOIRE by ReturnStyle Pictures

Honorable Mention
Organized Detachment by NFG

Best Actress

The Session by The Collective Collective

Honorable Mention
Diamond Eyes by 484Films

Best Ensemble Acting

Diamond Eyes by 484Films

Honorable Mention
Magic of Christmas by Team Name

Best Special Effects

The Shadow Of Life by Bontrager Twins Productions

Honorable Mention
The Great Magician by Up The Hill Productions

Best Costumes

The Great Magician by Up The Hill Productions

Honorable Mention
Gary, The Magician by Studio Mayday

Best Use of Character

Shazam by GOAT

Best Use of Prop

Refuge by Medallion Pictures

Best Use of Line

Shazam by GOAT

Best Visual Effects

The Shadow Of Life by Bontrager Twins Productions

Honorable Mention
Birds by Striped Shorts Studios

2019 Film List

  • ¡Hola! by Schooled

    A magician uses his tricks to pick up a girl, but gets tripped up when he discovers she speaks Spanish.

  • 48_blackmagic_weirdtraffic by Weird Traffic Productions

    Two buddies in desperate need of money attempt to hustle a hustler.


    Journey of a young guy who gives up his love and life for film making

  • A Nation Perfected by The Young and The Reckless

    In the not-distance future, the US government has created a peaceful and productive society however their approach is a complete suppression of all artistic expression. Despite those rules and restrictions an underground artistic society continues to thrive.

  • A Perfect World by Twinhead Productions

    Humans love context

  • A Quarter Pass by @MAFI8H

    A 25 year grudge is dissolved when siblings are forced to communicate after an unfortunate event. It only took a few disappearing acts to realize that getting rich off their uncle’s estate isn’t as important as having family to share life’s precious moments with

  • A Wizards Goodbye Party by Screen Element

    Sending their daughter off to school, dad messes up the cake!

  • Agenda by KararD Productions

    A magician has to make a decision between love or politics.

  • Anna by Control/Alt/Delete

    Anna A young girl shows her true colors to her potential parents during an adoption interview.

  • ATL - 2021 by Dream Team
  • Back To Our Roots by Cool Guy Zone

    A deeper look into the production of everyone's favorite food: lettuce.

  • Birds by Striped Shorts Studios

    Atlanta: A city that is plagued with more bird scooters than people. This mockumentary follows a reporter as he investigates the grim reality of a city on wheels.

  • Birthday Girl by Bunk Buddies

    One dog gone party.

  • Black River Sympathy by Films52

    An ominous man in black brutally blazes into the trail of a bewildered homesteader.

  • Bloodline by The Yeager Road Gang

    A woman receives a surprise inheritance from her recently deceased uncle and it may have been given with sinister intent.

  • Buena Cara by Lifeline Cinema

    A girl attempts to save her mother, but it's up to her mother to accept magic back into her life.

  • BUTTCOIN by Sight Sound Video

    "From Best Buds to Best BUTTS"

  • Carrefour by MANVELLI Films

    Journey through a day on campus as four lives cross paths and are left forever changed.

  • Cereal by ATLVenture Films

    A spy looking to get a clue

  • Cloak and Mirrors by SAB Entertainment

    Two women play a trick on the men in their lives but the trick is on one of them.

  • Dalton: Carpet Capital of the World by Sailorface

    A failing magician manipulates his easily controlled roommate as a way out of the city and out of debt - but they both reveal their true selves on the road to the carpet capital of the world.

  • Demetriace Dino Moore by 17th & D Productions

    PTSD is real and war changes some people forever, some veterans are luckier than others to have a family member who looks out for them and an imaginary voice of reason.

  • Deuces Wild by Lunarverse

    In the post apocalyptic Wild West, a young magician is in search of his friend in different saloon, while being hunted down by a blood thirsty gang to take back what was theirs.

  • Diamond Eyes by 484Films

    Polarized by opposing approaches to raising a child with a mental illness, two worn-down parents must return to the love that initially allowed them to see eye-to-eye.

  • Director's Cut by Bad Symphony Productions

    A director is murdered on the set of a short film and the crew are left wondering who killed him.

  • Enchantress by Cygnus Films

    Laurie Winnington, a wannabe mage, summons a mysterious box to make a Faustian deal to gain her powers.

  • EVERY DAY by Launch Light

    Lance is a character in a video game that he wants desperately to escape.

  • Gary, The Magician by Studio Mayday

    When an unassuming radio ad changes your life.

  • Goodbye Lauri by Digital Clique

    After a police detective discovers new information about a murder case, he goes to confront the top suspect, his sister.

  • Got Your Nose by Wreaking Havig

    A birthday party magician gets kidnapped by a crazed psycho who is convinced that his tricks are real magic, and threatens to torture him until he reveals his secrets.

  • GRIMOIRE by ReturnStyle Pictures

    A struggling street magician acquires a mysterious and archaic book in an effort to execute his most challenging sleight-of-hand yet.

  • HATCH by Beam Team

    50 years after most human life ended on Earth, the first humans that were able to survive start to hatch - the world they reenter isn’t the one they expected.

  • If Found, Please Return by JayPay Productions

    After Dylan's mother's death, she struggles to find something to connect with her with her mom. When she finds a notebook that has the address to her mom's childhood home, she decides that she's going to get there, no matter what.

  • In The Closet by Sidleofilms

    Dad! there is someone in the Closet....

  • Magic of Christmas by Team Name

    A couple in a Charlie’s Baked Ham Christmas commercial comes to a horrifying realization.

  • Majority Rules by Studio Ponga

    When the world goes to shit, sometimes you just need to find the magic.

  • Oh Sheet! by Yogurt Productions

    The magic is gone for them. Thanks to one bumbling magician and an extraordinary sheet, they'll rediscover the spark that brought them together.

  • Organized Detachment by NFG

    A widowed detective who is set in his routine finds his life disrupted when things in his perfectly placed world are moved.

  • Palace of memories by ROOM 101

    For strangers locked intogether in a strange place.

  • Papi by Ponte Las Pilas

    As a family celebrates departed loved ones on The Day Of The Dead, one family member recalls fond memories, and prepares to join the altar.

  • Pizza Night by NOMOS Films

    Dad needs to survive the obstacles of his job in order to make it to family pizza night.

  • Play Nice by Too Many Forks

    After being fired Mira looks to settle a score.

  • Radium Girl by Pork Chops & Eggs

    Magician Assistant Breaks free.

  • Raising Annabeth by Lucky Day

    A grieving family goes to extreme measures to bring their loved one back.

  • Refuge by Medallion Pictures
  • Salerno by Respectful Productions

    A family deals with the the sever loss of life in their family in post World War II America.

  • Second Chance by Forza Coppia

    Three prisoners compete against each other for a chance at freedom on a new reality show.

  • Shazam by GOAT

    Long Farewell.

  • Sigma Alpha Lambda Alpha Delta by MBM Productions

    Sigma Alpha Lambda Alpha Delta

  • Sister Magic by Two James Productions

    Down and out Lori tries to get her act together.

  • Slam Duunk by Sketchy Millennials

    A documentary team follows Duunk, an Androthican living among humans, as he begins his stand-up comedy career.

  • Sleight by Pride Pictures

    A sadistic ASMR host performs hypnosis on her audience convincing them to commit suicide and other horrific crimes against humanity.

  • Sleight by M3 Creative

    Got Magic?

  • Spellbound by Outlook Productions

    True love never fails when bound by magic.

  • Splice News by Dinosaur Serenade

    After an on-air meltdown, news co-hosts go on to find success on very different career trajectories.

  • STARDUST by J.Kap Productions

    Two lovers relationship is put to the test by fame

  • Strange Magic by LightBubfilms

    Strange Magic a Magician goes on a murderous spree.

  • Street Magic: The Gathering by Carbon Film

    An out-of-touch street magician reluctantly attends a party with other magicians. Everyone seems to want to chat thanks to an embarrassing social faux-pas that went viral.

  • Technical Difficulties by APL-WOOD
  • The Amazing Ampullae of Lorenzini by AJK Productions

    Lance is a magician who starts out down on his luck in his profession, but winds up making a fortune of money by the end of the film. But his fortune comes at a big price.

  • The Beautiful Deceiver by Howling Warlocks

    Two lovers on a crime steak go from small-time con artists to big-time stage criminals.

  • The Bradford Bull by Crash of Rhinos

    If you can't join them, beat them.

  • The Devil Next Door by Hoot in the Holler Production

    Just when thought it was safe to cross the street.

  • The Great Magician by Up The Hill Productions

    A down on her luck magician struggles to find success in an apethetic world.

  • The Great Pretender by English Avenue

    After a personal investigator discovers an unusual magic trick, she questions her colleague, her career and her happiness.

  • The Lake by Colbridges Digital Productions

    A mother seeks revenge to avenge her son's murder through black magic.

  • THE MAGIC SITY by Fast Frames Entertainment

    Three friends are in for the vacation of a lifetime when they learn fun and magic can become fear and tragedy

  • The Order of the Rabbit by Happy Puppy

    A young magician risks everything to find her daughter when she aligns with rebel forces in the fight against a brutal government agency seeking to eradicate all magic from the world.

  • The Pawffice by Le Jetée

    A mockumentary on a group of not-so-typical office workers where the days are ruff, the boss is an alpha, and the treats are always a surprise.

  • The Re-experience Experience by Dancing Penguin

    Laurie is seeking a new reality through an experimental pharmaceutical trail. Will her journey bring the answers she is longing for or bring her deeper into a horrifying realization.

  • The Rental by Half Glass Productions

    It’s not cozy. It’s not secluded.

  • The Road Most Travelled by The Bluetones

    A mockumentary of two actors stuck in proverbial traffic on the road to success.

  • The Safe House by Grady Thespians

    Four childhood friends are forced to break a promise when one of them has to enter witness protection.

  • The Session by The Collective Collective

    A party magician, desperate for funds, is hired for a woman's birthday and unexpectedly asked to perform a type of magic way beyond the scope of her act.

  • The Shadow Of Life by Bontrager Twins Productions

    Life can throw you some curve balls. This no more evident than with the life of Mr. Winnington.

  • The Tell by The Legal aliens

    Armed with a few tricks up his sleeve, an on-the-rise magician bets it all to confront a killer.

  • The Tongs of Time by TnG Films

    Hapless magician Lance Winnington takes an opportunity to correct the course of his life with an arcane artifact.


    A "WAGEN" RideShare Driver picks up a magician and his ex-girlfriend for a drive that turns into a not "Swift" enough ride...

  • This Means War by Wishflower Entertainment
  • True Magic by Thing Two

    Looking for magic to solve problems.

  • Where The Socks Go by Two Sense Films

    A magician and his assistant come into conflict over there magic act.

  • White Rabbit by Big Imagine Studio

    A failing magician must learn to believe again, or lose her powers forever.

  • Winkles by Reel Lightning 2.0

    After displaying many feats of strength, three professionals find out just how far someone will go for a loved one.

  • Winnington Woods by LawDawg Films

    A simple family get together turns into a rite of passage for a fathers young boy.

  • Wonderous Winnington by House of Five

    Lance Winnington, an aspiring magician, faces the ridicule of his family. Little do they know he has some deadly tricks up his sleeve.

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