Austin, Texas June 25 - 27, 2010

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Spontaneous Human Combustion for winning Best Film of 2010. Their film Murder on the Western Frontier will go on to represent Austin against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2011.

1st Place: Best Film of 2010

Murder on the Western Frontier by Spontaneous Human Combustion

Required Elements

  • Character: Vincent or Vanessa Lowe, Potter
  • Prop: a balloon
  • Line: "Why does everyone always say that?"

Audience Favorite: Group A

Identity Theft by Notabob

Audience Favorite: Group B

The Fix by The Team Team

Audience Favorite: Group C

Loonacy by Last Minute Movie Makers

Best Writing

Murder on the Western Frontier by Spontaneous Human Combustion

Best Editing

L'Homage by Focus Challenged

Best Directing

Loonacy by Last Minute Movie Makers

The Fix by The Team Team

Best Cinematography

L'Homage by Focus Challenged

Best Sound Design

Loonacy by Last Minute Movie Makers

Best Acting

Declaration by Arts+Labor

Best Graphics

Express Delivery by Top Hat Derby

Best Special Effects

Loonacy by Last Minute Movie Makers

Best Costumes

The Continuing Adventures of Major Freedom by San Martian Productions

Best Use of Character

Murder on the Western Frontier by Spontaneous Human Combustion

Best Use of Prop

L'Homage by Focus Challenged

Best Use of Line

Glitch by Janky Productions

2010 Film List

  • A Potter's Passion by Victor's Pictures

    Vincent Lowe’s life spins out of control when he reveals his passion for sculpture to a mysterious admirer.

  • Bitter Beans by Team 2880

    A tragic tale of the struggle for Texas Independence

  • Circle of Trust by aTeam Productions

    Two buddies heading in opposite directions only to meet back in the middle.

  • Day 130 by Reality Will Always Be Reality And Your Beliefs Won't Change Reality

    Tony Hayward has to start caring some time.

  • Death of a Canvasser: A Comedy by Dragon Productions

    Carlos anticipates having a great birthday, but the people he meets in his job as a door-to-door canvasser make it difficult

  • Declaration by Arts+Labor

    Detained for possession of a suspicious object, Ms. Espinoza defends her innocence while Officers Stone and Lowe clash over how to handle the interrogation.

  • Distress by Mañanaville

    Two friends come to the aide of a woman in distress

  • Eden by Late 4 Class Productions

    After nuclear holocaust mutates most humans on earth, a young girl is saved by a man who is trying to find any normal humans left on earth.

  • Express Delivery by Top Hat Derby

    A flower delivery man needs to make it on time or he will lose his job

  • Film de Femme: Analysis of the Negative Portrayal of Women in Film by darkrabbitfilms

    A graduate student interviews a local art house director infamous for his patrayal of female leads in his films.

  • Glitch by Janky Productions

    Sometimes things break... that's why there's a warranty.

  • Hand-Crafted by Fargo Wood Chippers

    When Felicia accidentally chips her best friend, Brittney's, prized Vincent Lowe mug; a simple trip to the potters to get it fixed takes an unexpected turn.

  • How Vinny Kinda Got His Groove Back by Eastside Arthouse

    Three years after his wife died, Vincent Lowe Pez tries to jump into the world of love. Vinnie realizes that his true love will happen by fate not by force.

  • Identity Theft by Notabob

    An identity thief discovers the hard way that you don't really steal identities - you just share them.

  • L'Homage by Focus Challenged

    A film within a film...but which is reality?

  • Loonacy by Last Minute Movie Makers

    You will never forget this birthday

  • LOSS by Light Source Productions

    Not being greatful for what we have and thinking GOD has giving us a raw deal

  • Modulus of Rupture by Calvary South Austin

    everyone has a breaking point....

  • Murder on the Western Frontier by Spontaneous Human Combustion

    When Elijah White is on the case, not even the most unusual of circumstances prevents him from solving the crime

  • Potluck by frill

    Things take a turn for the worst when Vincent Lowe and Lucien are ambushed in a drug deal.

  • Que Raro! by treehouse

    A young American coed abroad seeks a continental suitor with unanticipated results.

  • Queen Mabs Potter by El Matador Pictures


  • Reel Romance by Malnad Studios

    A Guy makes romantic film for his girlfriend

  • Ring by Integumentary Films

    A man finds a portal to the past which enables him to alter his futurere

  • Salt King and the Beef Boys by Disk Space Error

    Two teenagers try to make a profit off the unfortunate death of their friend

  • Scot Free by Def-Defyin Productions

    The troubles of a Time traveling drifter

  • Suffer The Children by The Austin Film Meet Team

    Human Trafficking - what's more horrific than the truth?

  • The Continuing Adventures of Major Freedom by San Martian Productions

    After his young sidekick is captured by a French villain, Major Freedom must find a way to rescue his friend while also completing his mission of recovering the stolen Hollywood Blacklist.

  • The Fix by The Team Team

    A down and out boxer risks everything on one illegal fight to save his marriage.

  • The Highst by Fashionably Late Productions

    Two stoners plan to steal an autographed Eddie Vedder guitar from a customer that bought it at a music store where one of them works.

  • The Righteous & the Wicked by Jungle Bloodbath

    A woman obsessed with the death of a young girl hunts down the man responsible.

  • Through the Fire by Book7 Entertainment

    Pottery parallels a struggling relationship.

  • Whatever Happened to the Godzilla Gorillas? by Pandemonium

    Follow the rise and fall of the Down Lowe Basketball League through the eyes of a last place team with a first place heart.

  • Zero Hour by Atomic Productions

    When every second counts

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