Dallas, Texas July 19 - 21, 2019

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to The GoBros for winning Best Film of 2019. Their film Hit or Miss will go on to represent Dallas against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2020.

1st Place: Best Film of 2019

Hit or Miss by The GoBros

2nd Place: Best Film of 2019

Reckoning by Atomic Productions

Required Elements

  • Character: Trey or Tory Vandercamp, FOMO Sufferer (Fear of Missing Out Sufferer)
  • Prop: a plant
  • Line: ""Can you please repeat that?""

Audience Favorite: Group A

Green by 49th Hour

Audience Favorite: Group B

School Trip by Slick Studios

Best Writing

Before The Fall by Thought Culture

Best Editing

Green by 49th Hour

Best Directing

Reckoning by Atomic Productions

Best Cinematography

Hit or Miss by The GoBros

Best Sound Design

Reckoning by Atomic Productions

Best Musical Score

Reckoning by Atomic Productions

Best Acting (in a leading role)

Hit or Miss by The GoBros

Best Special Effects

Before The Fall by Thought Culture

Best Choreography

Hit or Miss by The GoBros

Best Costumes

The Freedom Blasters by High Velocity Productions

Best Use of Character

Waterproof by Clamiversary

Best Use of Prop

The Gnomies by Complinko

Best Use of Line

Herbicide by Two Dollar Productions

2019 Film List

  • A Seedless Mind by SYLO Media
  • Before The Fall by Thought Culture

    A unsuspecting man discovers a book that will change his life forever.

  • Bloom by Superstitious Monkeys

    In our deepest wounds, we find a place to bloom.

  • Come To My Home by Kotapati Productions
  • Cops & Robbers by J-Crew

    A dad and son play cops and robbers but in reality the dad is a real robber.

  • Dr. Spylove by Lettuce Go Productions

    A spy with a time sensitive mission must put work first even when faced with the chance to meet Lin Manuel Miranda.

  • Fraternity or Bust by One Up

    New members of a fraternity are forced to choose amongst themselves who will be left out.

  • G.E.M. by The Beginners

    A young man searches for spiritual answers through tarot reader who seems to know everything about him.

  • Green by 49th Hour

    After being told to wait behind, a Rookie detective decides to take a chance, but falls into something darker than expected.

  • Herbicide by Two Dollar Productions

    Two college students on their way to the biggest spring break party encounter a friendly threat who mistakes them for his Uber.

  • Hit or Miss by The GoBros

    A troubled electrician and bound dancer find that their misunderstanding of each other becomes their healing for each other.

  • Image Is Everything by BirdMax

    A young husband chooses between his relationship, career, and sanity, but he can't save them all.

  • It Could Happen to You by Team Red Light

    An encounter with a new companion leads to an interesting series of events.

  • Its Stings by TacoChillians

    The cop sting stings back.

  • Last of a Dying Breed by The Film Vigilantes

    Two young outlaws prepare to meet their grim fate after they kill a government agent.

  • Let's Play by Fankle Films

    Go play and have fun while you can!

  • Looking for Acceptance by Fort Hewin

    Man tries to get into a party.

  • Morning After by Sojourn Productions

    Matt, is scared by a young woman, when she wakes up at his house and neither know who she is, but she receives a call that might be the key to her identity.

  • Pistil Whipped by It’s In the Movie

    A hit woman is scared of losing out on a relationship because she is getting older. She meets a wonderful guy and has to make a decision on continuing to date him or continue her life of killing. Or will the decision be made for her?

  • Reckoning by Atomic Productions

    Time and tide wait for no man.

  • School Trip by Slick Studios

    In a meeting, two unlikely highschoolers face the consequence of a failed drug deal.

  • Soundtracks by Gorillaman Productions

    A man's decent into madness at the hands of music.

  • The Freedom Blasters by High Velocity Productions

    Sometimes Hunting deer is not enough, Real men hunt for ghosts. 2 Men go on the most exciting ghost hunting vacation, will they make it our with their trophy ghost or loose their soul?

  • The Gnomies by Complinko

    Back to your regular scheduled show.

  • The Intern by Twisted15
  • The One by Boom Time Boys

    A woman decides a couples future until the ends of the earth, even if her partner doesn't agree

  • Vacation by Are We Rolling?

    Forgetful family can't leave the neighborhood for vacation.

  • Waterproof by Clamiversary

    Juggalos wanna swim too!

  • Waystation by Genesis 19

    Four strangers find themselves lost in what they believe is the afterlife.

  • Where It's Safe by Little Ray of Sunshine Productions

    Growing up in a future where stepping outside into the sun is a act of danger, Tory faces a childhood leading to a difficult decision as she steps into the world of adulthood.

  • YOUR WORD by Apple Martini

    A young soldier has to say goodbye to his Lt., who has stepped on a landmine.

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