Jacksonville, Florida June 14 - 16, 2013

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Dads for winning Best Film of 2013. Their film Pushover will go on to represent Jacksonville against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2014.

1st Place: Best Film of 2013

Pushover by Dads

2nd Place: Best Film of 2013

Goodnight by Best Friends

Required Elements

  • Character: Greg or Gretta Hanson, Storyteller
  • Prop: a fan
  • Line: "One question: Why should I?"

2013 Film List

  • 4 Across by Censored Studios

    Is love really what it seems?

  • A Coming Attraction by Argyle Forest Films

    Let's Meet...

  • A Fan To See by Tall Paul Productions

    Facing your fears and conquering them

  • A New Life by Stanton Film

    An eastern European man, fresh off the boat, shows us the shady underbelly of the american dream.

  • Ain't Gonna Work by Ronin's Blade

    Two brothers trying to get paid, but all goes wrong

  • Approaching Mercury by Arc Light Productions


  • Bliss by Rocket Productions

    An experimental treatment takes Tavarius to new heights but now he must keep from crashing.

  • Break Time by Mudra Productions

    Holiday Baggage

  • Caleb by Moses Von Holland

    A young boy copes with a tragedy with the help of his brother and a magical tale.

  • Crab Trap by mamas boys

    One Question: Why Should I?

  • Cream by Miley Shorts Productions

    A young woman learns the difference between inner and outer beauty.

  • DisConnected by Somebody Call an Ambulance Productions

    An intern's first day turns out to be his last.

  • Flat Tire by Dumpster Baby

    A group of superheroes take a road trip to Peter Parkers birthday party.

  • Get To Know Them by The Lizard Kings

    When Greg Hanson a coffee house sleezebag finds a new girl, will she change him forever?

  • Gitmo: the musical by Turtley Awesome

    A man sings about his time in the Guantanamo bay

  • Goodnight by Best Friends

    An adolescent's imagination goes too far.

  • Gretta Hanson by Stanton Film 2

    one question: why should I?

  • Hilliard's List by Dirt Floor Krackers

    She makes a list and checks it twice.

  • Letters for Lily by Be Squared

    A young girl reads letters from her dead mother.

  • Mutant Marsupials from Beyond the Grave by The Empty Camera

    This time they're not playing dead.

  • One & Change by Mad Cowford

    Tomorrow is the same as today

  • Progress by Not Not The One

    A man, his best friend, and the woman the came between them.

  • Pushover by Dads

    A man can be his own worst enemy.

  • Sister Hood by Ruby Red Productions

    Loosely based on a classic legened, Tabetha Hanson decides that crime can pay, but does it cost?

  • Spunk dunker by Funsanto Corp

    Homeless hero

  • Storyteller's Inc. by The Blue Coconuts

    A bill collector changes the course of history incidentally

  • That Summer by Parker Pride Red

    A reflection of past memories with best friend

  • The Anniversary by The BombSquad

    Amnesia victim remembers the real story behind her and her husband's first date.

  • The Birthday Present by EagleVision

    A mother taking revenge on her child's killer.

  • The Buddy Brawl by Parker Pride Black

    A group of students pitching ideas for a 48 hour film ends in chaos.

  • The Fifth by Project Mayhem

    Everyone Has That Friend That No One Likes

  • The Killer Gargantuan Raccoon From Outer Space by The Eff Bombs

    Storyteller Gretta Hanson tells a sci fi tale of death and destruction.

  • The Knock by Remember That!!!

    When you think you are safe you get The Knock of Horror.

  • The making of by Blood, Bath, and Beyond

    DVD behind the scenes feature of the making of a movie that isn't what it seems.

  • The Passion by Female Body Inspectors

    I am a filmmaker

  • The Philosophy of Psychology Series Video No. 24 "Romance" by Yeeaarrhh

    Romance is explained via educational videos provided by a research and pharmaceutical company.

  • The red book by Rouge Brave Productions

    Sisters move into apartment and don't come out.

  • The Wake by Woodshop

    When the body of a wealthy socialite goes missing at her wake, replacement corpses begin to pile up.

  • This Is Tate by Haddington Road Productions

    When a man's wife is murdered, he balances on the edge of his own sanity.

  • thugs & lemonade by Juice Box of Dynamite

    thugs & lemonade baby!

  • When It's Right by Menacing Tadpoles

    Love finds a way ... no matter what

  • X-CAPE by Cool Briiz Pictures

    She traded her cape for an apron

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