Los Angeles, California August 3 - 5, 2012

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to B & C for winning Best Film of 2012. Their film The Crossing will go on to represent Los Angeles against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2013.

1st Place: Best Film of 2012

The Crossing by B & C

2nd Place: Best Film of 2012

The Time by Y-Nots

Audience Favorite: Group A

All-Beef Patty by Previous Entertainment

Audience Favorite: Group B

Day Off by Mandi Eats a Muffin (and Other Adventures)

Audience Favorite: Group C

The Crossing by B & C

Audience Favorite: Group D

Liquid Time Travel by Zontal Studios

Audience Favorite: Group E

It's All Mime! by Team Midas West

Audience Favorite: Group F

Coach by Lonely Birthday Productions

Audience Favorite: Group G

"Eighty Sixed" by Salon Helga

Audience Favorite: Group H

Vacation from hell by Sleeping Dogs

Best Writing

All-Beef Patty by Previous Entertainment

ACQUAINTED by Wobbly Leg Productions

Best Editing

The Time by Y-Nots

Best Directing

The Time by Y-Nots

Best Cinematography

Fighting Past by The Jerica Family

Best Sound Design

The Crossing by B & C

Best Musical Score

Endless Love by #2NightStand

Best Actor

Dian Bachar Coaching Me Softly by GadZook Films

Honorable Mention
Rob Kirkovich "Eighty Sixed" by Salon Helga

Best Actress

Kirsten Vangsness ACQUAINTED by Wobbly Leg Productions

Honorable Mention
Kelly Thiebaud The Time by Y-Nots

Best Ensemble Acting

The Time by Y-Nots

Best Special Effects

FELT by Goat Dog Productions

Best Use of Character

Coach by Lonely Birthday Productions

Best Use of Prop

Once Every Lifetime by Love Precipice

Best Use of Line

Endless Love by #2NightStand

2012 Film List

  • "Eighty Sixed" by Salon Helga

    A guy and girl awaken after a drunken one-night stand on the day of the Challenger explosion.

  • <3 thy neighbor by Midnight Melange

    A grumpy old blogger is challenged by his young upstart neighbor.

  • 2305 by Miracle Makers

    A woman is house sitting overnight for her friend... As she settles down an unexpected guest arrives

  • 48 Shades of Mojo by SQUEEZE BOX PRODUCTIONS

    A wizard goes on a journey to recover his lost mojo and receives help from an unlikely source.

  • 8 by Studio229

    Time is running out for a detective to find his neighbor's missing sister.

  • A Really Nice Story: The Musical by Pangea

    It's really just a really nice story

  • A Tale Between Two Pasteries by SN33Z3

    The Self Discovery of a Naive Man-Child on His Road "Trip"

  • A Tall Glass of Revenge by Cultural Detritus

    A young actress avenges her role in a community theater.

  • A Victorious Sound by L'film productions

    A highly trained, versatile athlete enters a new field...

  • ACQUAINTED by Wobbly Leg Productions

    In a world where love is forbidden, a couple is faced with an impossible decision.

  • Aim For The Heart by Rupert

    German life coach helps girl get back her ex-boyfriend...anyway they can.

  • All-Beef Patty by Previous Entertainment

    It's the bottom of the ninth and three buddies are about to go up against their high school bully.

  • Angelina by Super Natural Films

    You can be a star

  • Are You a Babe? by LeBron James Presents

    A man lacking in self-respect finds confidence when he is suddenly transformed into a beautiful girl

  • ASKAC by The Golden Hype

    An award you would kill for.

  • Athletic Coach David Stott and the Jock Strap of Imminent Fitness by Broken Inglesh

    "Athletic Coach David Stott must retrieve a mystical jock strap.

  • Babysitter by Bad Rainbow

    A girl gets hired for a babysitting job but it doesn't quite turn out what she expects.

  • Beautiful Words by It's Like Science

    A man's mistaken jealousy strains his relationship, the nature of language, and the fourth wall.

  • BLEEP Dave Stott by Wild Orange Films

    A college grad trains for his first job and learns the secrets of nature from an unorthodox mentor.

  • Book of Helana by Elbows & Asses

    Be careful what you say to a sorceress

  • Bot-E's Body by At Long Last Pictures

    A group of kids hit and run Bot-E the Robot and slowly succumb to paranoia and insanity.

  • Coach by Lonely Birthday Productions

    When David's passion is taken away, it takes several happenstance meetings to get it back.

  • Coaching Me Softly by GadZook Films

    A suicide coach helps people fulfill their destiny while planning his own.

  • Coop and Sturgeon: Time Cops by Transplant Pictures

    Athletic Coach David Stott is thrust into danger when he encounters people from the future.

  • Day Off by Mandi Eats a Muffin (and Other Adventures)

    The heartwarming adventures of a soccer ball that accidentally gets free of the field.

  • Debt by Forced Perspective

    A woman has to deal with her man getting in over his head

  • Desperate Tour Guides by The Underdogs

    A young, desperate couple cons a foreign tourist into taking their seedy Hollywood vacation tour.

  • Don Amor by G to the 3

    Worn waitress is pushed to her limits when three rude customers threaten to keep her from vacation.

  • Donor by Black Coat and Tie

    You can't always count on family

  • Down at the Half by Back Road Productions

    Coach doesn't always know what's best

  • Drastic Measures by Reel Swag Entertainment

    Hit me.

  • Endless Love by #2NightStand

    A man has trouble separating from his wife.

  • False Start by Burnin' George Productions

    An all-star high school quarterback reassesses his future in football.

  • FELT by Goat Dog Productions

    An alien crash lands on Earth, searching for his soulmate.

  • Fighting Past by The Jerica Family

    A young boxer fights to be the best, no matter what it takes.

  • Francis the Brave by Crowned Prince Productions

    The royal accountant slays a lethal monster for the right to marry his true love.

  • Ghost Runner by Eiden Productions

    Coach Stott's track team was the death of him, and now he's back to return the favor

  • Gifted by Rogue Taurus Productions

    When former child star Katy Krystals opens her wedding gifts, she finds more than she registered for

  • Gut Feeling by Aardvark Productions

    David Stott runs into problems while going through his morning routine

  • Hear No Evil by Write Off Productions

    See Evil

  • Hi David Bye David by Broken Adult Productions

    A young woman wakes up in a bed that isn't hers and finds a dead body in the shower.


    They were best bros. Now they are the best bro.

  • I'm Your Coach by Cat In The Wall Productions

    One singing golf coach, a pair of banana socks and a few songs

  • Invasion of the Les-Body Snatchers by Of Doom! Productions

    Sometimes Nerd Girls just want to have some good old fashion Alien fun!

  • It's All Mime! by Team Midas West

    Stefan the mime has one hour a day he enjoys, until someone breaks through his wall.

  • Just Like Sisters by A Fein Waste of Time

    Two sisters go on a hike and stumble upon a rock that tests their friendship.

  • Kindness of Strangers by DIY Productions

    A first date goes south when a body turns up and murder spoils the evening.

  • Legacy by Center Cut Productions

    A college coach shaves points to pay off a gambling debt.

  • Liquid Time Travel by Zontal Studios

    When a moron goes back in time to kill his grandfather, everything goes haywire.

  • Living Will by Cactus Flower Films

    A psychic medium is confronted with an unusual request by a comatose football coach.

  • Louise by Unknown Penguin

    A successful author shares the story of how her true love helped her rise to fame.

  • Marathon of Desires by ddonggae films

    Endless Human Desires

  • Mockingbird by Out of the Box

    With a case going cold, two detectives check out one last witness.

  • Moment of Romance by Rabid Manatees

    A moment of romance between a man and a woman

  • Near Hollywood Tours by Look Productions

    Athletic coach turned tour guide

  • Negotiate This by Manic Turtle Productions

    Negotiator turns the tables on a kidnapper

  • Nobloody's Home by Share&Enjoy

    When four teenagers break into a house, they discover they might not be the only ones there..

  • Once Every Lifetime by Love Precipice

    Two lovers cursed to spend their lives apart join together for one night every fifty years.

  • Other People by Damn that television!

    Hell is other people; and do you know what the scariest part is?

  • Pantomimus by COILED IT Films

    A mime falls in love.


    Two Freaks, One Demon - Who Goes Where?

  • Playdate by Shadow Mass Studios

    While investigating a multiple homicide, a day in the lives of two city cops takes a deadly turn.

  • Playing the Field by NickTek Productions

    A dejected kids soccer coach finds himself on a blind date with an overprotective soccer mom.

  • Prime Effect by Filmpanzee

    Two warring clans of magical beings vie for dominance of the Los Angeles underworld.

  • professionals only need apply. by Barnyard Love

    An upwardly mobile executive interviews candidates for a professional job.

  • Reduction by Hits & Mrs.

    A promising double date takes a dark turn.

  • REUNION by Black Rabbit

    Fifteen years after high school he still holds a grudge

  • Sanctuary by Film Antics

    At the end of the world, a collection of strangers compete for Sanctuary

  • Score Card by A best friends production

    Scoring Ain't Easy....

  • Strange Flavors by FourLeaf


  • Strychnine and Brandy by Out of State Bank

    Based on the true and hilarious story of the first doping scandal at the 1904 Olympics.

  • SUGAR by Seraphilms

    A son's plan to rob his father goes terribly wrong.

  • Team Atomic Melon Presents Tantric Love Balls by Atomic Melon

    When Yoga Takes A Wrong Turn

  • Temple of Truth Weekend by Tall City Films

    On a retreat about openness and honesty a soon to be bride gets more truth then she bargained for.

  • The Amazing Cock Block Blockers by Cinematree Productions

    two men stop cockblockers

  • The Catch by Talenos Productions

    A woman recounts her dramatic day to the police.

  • The Crossing by B & C

    Money for blood.

  • The Drop by Yovany and the Yinzers

    Two friends find that there is more to each other than meets the eye

  • The gift by Jump Cut

    why did you do it

  • The Hotline by One Way Pictures

    The Hotline that Kills!

  • The Pattern by Slushpile Entertainment

    Two cops embark on a path to romance.

  • The Realtor by Sparkle Motion

    A couple finds the house of their dreams at a price they can't believe and discover there's a catch.

  • The Time by Y-Nots
  • Three Paces Flat by Zubber Dust Films

    A man attempts to revive chivalry in an unusual way.

  • Three Wishes by Bounty Films

    A drunken coach mistakenly uses his last wish from a captured fairy.

  • Vacation from hell by Sleeping Dogs

    Hell is other people

  • Vigilante by Hot Coffee Productions

    One man taking the law into his own hands

  • Visiting Hour by Ponyland Filmindustri

    Some dads will do anything to be with their son.

  • Why Did You Do That by Heisenberg's Heroes

    A man confronts his wife about a revealing photo he has found on her phone.

  • Workout Times by Random Design

    An un-focused athletic trainer from the future trips in the Time-Tunnel and splits into pieces.

  • Zombiewood by Pictish Productions

    A zombie musical lovestory.

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