Los Angeles, California August 2 - 4, 2013

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Amalgamated Grommets for winning Best Film of 2013. Their film Coverage will go on to represent Los Angeles against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2014.

1st Place: Best Film of 2013

Coverage by Amalgamated Grommets

2nd Place: Best Film of 2013

Choice by Malcolm Bodon Productions

2013 Film List

  • #ConspiracyPrincess by Extensional Entertainment

    Once this is out... there's no going back.

  • A History of Fools by Sparkle Motion

    A special holiday report on the origins of April Fools Day.

  • A Little Mistaken by Mandi Eats a Muffin (and Other Adventures)

    A shy English teacher grabs at love by pretending to be her sister when an Englishman comes knocking

  • A Love Possessed by Team FBA

    A man falls in love with a demon who poses his wife

  • A Mutual Agreement by Team Bebop

    A young woman three foreign men living in her grandmother's studio apartment.

  • A Stranger In Town by Tiny Horses

    Live by your own law.

  • After April by The Band With No Name

    If you had one more day...

  • Anything at All by Keep Thinking

    Can a man who's forgotten everything remember anything?

  • Better Men by RIVERS Ink'd

    A Mistaken Case of Mistaken Identity

  • Black Ribbon by Rogue Division

    Six friends discover a spirit board, which may just unleash their paranormal undoing.

  • Blue Flowers by June Gloom

    striving for the infinite and unreachable

  • Breaking the silence by Lady Shakers

    When a friend is unable to speak for themselves, maybe you should. up

  • Broken Time by Mic & Nik's Major Motion Pics

    I don't care, you decide

  • Choice by Malcolm Bodon Productions

    "I don't care. You decide."

  • Converted by Comblined Pictures

    A woman's good intentions don't go unnoticed when encountering issues much bigger than herself.

  • Corteen by The Valley Ambassadors

    A stranger delivers an I welcomed gift.

  • Coverage by Amalgamated Grommets

    A reporter interviews the health insurance exec whose unethical polices are killing her.

  • Craving Company by Working Title

    Having friends for dinner isn't the same as having friends over for dinner.

  • Crime of Passion by Werner Bros.

    two mismatched detectives must protect an enterprising journalist from ruthless female assassins.

  • Crumbles by Techs artist and the kitchen sink

    A Sweet Crime

  • Curio by Just Shoot It!

    A Collection of Shadows

  • D-Day by Transplant Pictures

    Everyman man on the planet hass lost his...you know...downstairs business.

  • Dancing with the Devil by Chemical Sunset

    Two women on the run with stolen money are forced to face the consquences of their action

  • Dark Hair, Red Car by 2880

    I don't care just decide

  • Dead End Job by The Brilliance

    A struggling news reporter tries to save his career by becoming a serial killer.

  • Desayuno De Besos by PM Productions

    A telenovela inspires two lovers to reignite the passion in their everyday life.

  • Do Something by It's Like Science

    A tabloid journalist gets too invested in a starlet's relationship.

  • Double Jeopardy by Spirit OnScreen

    An overbearing director shoots a martial arts film with help from a longsuffering stunt man.

  • Down The Rabbit Hole by A Strange Penguin

    An ambitious journalist bites off more than he can chew, while researching a story.

  • Elly & Donna by Damn that television!

    Nure Donna is more than a caregiver for an unlikely friend.

  • Enemies Close by Act Club LA

    College friends gather for one last time.

  • Exes & Ohhs: The Musical by Happy Candle Productions

    Introducing... shirtless Jeff.

  • Exposed by SnM

    America wants to know...

  • Family Affair by The Fellowship

    i dont care, you decide

  • Friends Like This by Ice Puns Are Cool

    Eddy's friends reconnect with him after he is injured in a car accident.

  • Garden Party by Captain Purple

    Vicky and her friends gather for their weekly garden tea gathering, but there's a problem.

  • Gift and Take by Zontal Studios

    An interview with two hit men goes horribly wrong.

  • Gifters by RockPaperScissors

    In a languorously oddball atmosphere, two guys hold an estate sale to raise funds for an emergency

  • Gina's Type by Forever Night Films

    Making new friends is fun.

  • Good Things Come in Small Packages by Heisenberg's Heroes

    The gift of inspiration is the key to your dreams

  • Happy's Better by D.Padraic

    A lonely boy finds fun on summer vacation

  • Henry's Shadow by THE PHANTOM PHOTOBOOTH

    A man driven to succeed reaches to the shadows for answers, but at what cost?

  • Hit Single by Rupert

    Wanted hitman goes on a date and tries to survive it.

  • I'm Going to The Vegas. by ASSSII FILM

    Two Foreigners, who met at the hostel, decided to go to Vegas together.

  • Il Spazzolino by The Uncomfortables

    Protigal Pianist, Lunatic Lover

  • In Fine Feather by Distillery

    Desperate journalist goes to extremes to secure work in a dying industry

  • In Together by Team Tina

    A journalist and her cameraman's friendship is put to the test during a typical day on the job.

  • It's A Thing by LightningBell Productions

    The greatest game ever

  • Just a Hero by Bad and Classic Productions

    A superhero story...well, not quite.

  • Killing Time in Therapy by Rabid Manatees

    A couple goes to an unorthodox therapist for help

  • Last Saturday by SoLAX

    A brush with death causes one man to reevaluate what is important in his life.

  • Love Notes by Feast mode

    Love in unexpected places.

  • Marionnette by I'll Find a Way

    Human clones begin to turn on their masters

  • Maternity Thief by Gage Productions

    A lesbian couple desperate to have a baby find a new way to have a child in their life.

  • Matryoshka by White Void

    What if you could be someone else for a day?

  • Mirror by Angela+Ithyle

    Twin sisters struggle to find their own unique identity.

  • Miss App by Dances With Nic Cage

    Elly gets more than she bargained for when she unwraps her smart & literally, sexy new phone

  • Monsters by Couriers of Kings
  • Necklace by Black Rabbit

    In a world occupied by both good and evil, we always have a choice.

  • No Love Lost by Evanture Films

    Brian (Ellie's lover/ boss) and Ellie are targeted for exploiting a politician.

  • Not for Nothing by The Golden Hype

    A sudden event on a birthday trip to Vegas brings two brothers to a boiling point.

  • Once Upon a Mime by #Films

    Songstress Isabella finds her inner voice with a little help from a mime... and her fairy godmother.

  • Our Wonderful World by Eunoia

    Anyone Can Be A Superhero

  • Outfoxed by PiePie Productions

    Young Girl Defies Family Tradition to Strike Out on Her Own

  • Phil by ROMIX Productions

    Some guests never leave

  • Pick the Flower by Maximals

    Man meets girl after work.

  • Pollen by L'film productions

    A journalist documents his experiences while under the influence of a new substance.

  • Procrastination by Upper State Entertainment

    Two roommates complain about how they don't

  • Puzzle of the Flesh by Filmero

    A vacation at a Raw Food Retreat goes horribly wrong.

  • Refuge by Dark Magic

    Danger is closer than they think.

  • Regression by Razor Edge Films

    Never look back

  • Reprogrammed by LGIP

    Your present is formed with a little push from the future.

  • Ring of Truth by Campbell Whitten

    A prosecutor discovers a magic ring that reveals the truth about anything. Does he really want it?

  • Rover by Flying Camera Productions

    Wandering through Reality. A young man surfs desperation against himself.

  • Ruff Love by 1 HEART Productions

    A man tries to rewin the love of his wife by becoming the dog he accidentally killed

  • Sand Castles by Dream Chasers

    2 best friends reminiscing

  • Seen by maxchroma

    Seeing is only the beginning

  • Send In The Clowns by IZZO Entertainment

    Party. Clowns. Chaos ensues.

  • Shoot To Kill by Shoot 2 Kill

    Brotherly love entangled in lies, mystery, and murder.

  • Silver Standard by Trinoceros

    The world and more importantly America is in danger and It's up to the Silver Standard to save it!

  • Singles by Aardvark

    One man's journey... in to the dryer...

  • Sketchy by Worst Friends

    Lewis and Dan want to meet girls through their sketch group, but fall in love with the same actress.

  • Snakes by young guns
  • Sprout by COILED IT Films

    A young girl mistakenly enters a fantasy world and is forced to step outside of her comfort zone.

  • Squelch by Divergent Delusions

    Record biz buddies catapult an unlikely talent to superstardom to sve their careers.

  • Subject 3 by Food Courts of the Future

    A journalist investigates the strange behaviour of a Paranormal Investigator

  • SUMTER SAYS by Center Cut Productions


  • Syncronicity by SUBURBAN Knuckle of the Holy Consent

    There is a higher calling

  • Taken Away by P.B.R.

    A journalist being driven by work must choose between his career and his wife.

  • the 38th is next week by Red Electric Lion Studios

    a journalist searches for love in a speed dating event.

  • The Blind Date by Entertain Us All

    A girl meets the guy of her dreams but she is mistaken for someone else.

  • The Box by Battersea Films
  • The Choice by Red Ink Productions

    Sexual tension between old friends is revealed.

  • The Devil You Don't... by Downestown

    A suicidal man discovers he cannot die

  • The Finger by Collaborative Group Ensemble Troupe Collective

    A helping hand gives Elly her next headline

  • The Gift by TromsoBlue

    Open your Gift


    An insecure Journalist falls in love with a traumatized 30 year old male virgin.

  • The Junket by Slushpile Entertainment

    Two movie stars. Seventy-five interviews. One too many."

  • The Lonely Walk by Red Sand

    A simple step could last forever.

  • The Meet by Split the Difference

    An intrepid reporter takes a meeting she will never forget.

  • The Red Carpet by SEK 3D Films

    Two Europeans win a vacation that Hollywood will never forget.

  • The Spades by Desert Font

    Two teenage demon hunters face off against a holistic soul eater.

  • The Truth About Quiet Canyon Lane by Oasis Entertainment Professionals Connect Group
  • The Wonder World of Kevin Longshanks the 3rd by Rowdy Productions

    A man whose wish is to be left along, but deal with his new world when he is left out.

  • There's Something About Carrie by A Green Pearl Extravaganza

    Davey Stott, visits his Uncle Randi's cathedral of love, for an anything-but-normal bachelor party

  • Threshold by Xenoglossy

    Certain Gifts are Unwanted.

  • Trans Soul Rebel by Hollow Skull Films

    A woman in search for a man ends up finding herself

  • Unigore by The Cheese

    Glitter.. Sparkles... Gore!

  • Unleashed by 3.1415926...

    A journalist expects that his pet dog may be more than he appears.

  • Venus by Fustercluck Films

    A journalist tries to escape the clutches of a serial killer.

  • Wait Until Tomorrow by Fourleaf

    Waiting for love isn't as fun as taking it.

  • Warehouse by Dos Rios Films

    Two homeless women living in a warehouse flee from seemingly-dangerous intruders

  • Western Ave. by Positronic Funk

    New roads lead to new adventures

  • When Dreams Change by Grizzly Productions

    A protective sister hides the truth of there abandonment from her younger sibling.

  • When the West was Young by The Jerica Family

    A journalist relives his first heartbreak

  • Working Out the Kinks by Pasquaropez

    A young couple takes a romantic vacation to Loa Angeles with unexpected results.

  • Xmas Miracle by MMM

    A tabloid journalist is pursued by one of his own fabrications in this Christmas horror story.

  • Yee-Had by Hyper Pigment

    Actors decide to revive Hollywood's interest in terrorist movies by starting their cell

  • You Reap What You Love by Los Productions

    A broken hearted grimm tries to rekindle his lost love.

  • Z Got Game by Philanderfilms

    Buddies console heartbroken zombie friend named Rob

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