Los Angeles, California August 4 - 6, 2017

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to VOXX STUDIOS for winning Best Film of 2017. Their film Ofelia will go on to represent Los Angeles against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2018.

1st Place: Best Film of 2017


2nd Place: Best Film of 2017

Dark West by Bad & Classic Productions

3rd Place: Best Film of 2017

Squiggy by A Green Pearl Extravaganza

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October 27 - 29, 2017

Required Elements

  • Character: Austin or Ashley Cheevers, Winemaker (broad definition: anyone in the wine making industry
  • Prop: a wallet
  • Line: ""We only have a few minutes.""

Audience Favorite: Group A

Sessions by Transplant Pictures

Audience Favorite: Group B


Audience Favorite: Group C

Squiggy by A Green Pearl Extravaganza

Audience Favorite: Group D

Audience Favorite: Group E

Love at the End of Earth by Evanture Films

Audience Favorite: Group F

Very Grave Robbers by BallerHouse Productions

Audience Favorite: Group G

Dark West by Bad & Classic Productions

Audience Favorite: Group H

Best Writing


Honorable Mention
Squiggy by A Green Pearl Extravaganza

Best Editing

Dark West by Bad & Classic Productions

Sudden Death by Aura Films

Best Directing

John Redlinger Dark West by Bad & Classic Productions

Honorable Mention
Fabiola Stevenson Ofelia by VOXX STUDIOS

Best Cinematography

Dark West by Bad & Classic Productions

Best Sound Design

Dark West by Bad & Classic Productions

Best Musical Score


Honorable Mention
Wine Guys by Rogue Division

Best Actor

John McCool Bowers Sessions by Transplant Pictures

Honorable Mention
Brian Michael Jones Squiggy by A Green Pearl Extravaganza

Best Actress

Beatriz Aguirre Ofelia by VOXX STUDIOS

Honorable Mention
Hailee Lipscomb Grapes: A Mockumentary by In Your Frame Productions

Best Supporting Actor

Todd Robert Anderson Squiggy by A Green Pearl Extravaganza

Best Supporting Actress

Harriet Fisher Let Me Get This Straight by Executive Decision

Best Ensemble Acting

Very Grave Robbers by BallerHouse Productions

Best Graphics

MNGLR by Macabre Hobby

Best Choreography

Grapes: A Mockumentary by In Your Frame Productions

Sudden Death by Aura Films

Best Costumes

An Honest Man by Bitter Monk Films

Best Set Design

Squiggy by A Green Pearl Extravaganza

Best Use of Character

Grapes: A Mockumentary by In Your Frame Productions

Best Use of Prop


Best Use of Line


Honorable Mention
Introducing Dwayne Browning by Slushpile Entertainment

Best Use of Genre

Sudden Death by Aura Films

Best Visual Effects

Target'd by Trinoceros

Audience Favorite: Pajama Party Screening

The Otherling by Pals of Palladino

Grand Champion Audience Award

Very Grave Robbers by BallerHouse Productions

Honorable Mention
Dark West by Bad & Classic Productions

Woman Filmmaker of the Year, Sponsored by Women in Film Org

Silvia Epure Ofelia by VOXX STUDIOS

Honorable Mention
Alyssa Carter Grapes: A Mockumentary by In Your Frame Productions

2017 Film List

  • '83 by The Monoliths

    What's the secret behind your wine?

  • $60 Bucks by PodBrother Nation

    When you are suffering in Hollywood, $60 Bucks is a lot of money.

  • 400 to Oahu by LA Acting Studios

    With the US on the brink of Nuclear war, a young woman is forced to determine what's truly important on the flight of her life.

  • 6th & 12th by Sanchez-Molina Productions

    A detective seeks revenge for her husband's murder.

  • A Solution to Steve by Chateau Lecrivain

    Breaking up is hard to do, but with a little help from her friends, this girl will break more than just his heart.

  • American Courage by Flipn' Films

    Sometimes the war you think your fighting, is not the war your fighting.

  • An Honest Man by Bitter Monk Films

    A man down on his luck proves that a big heart is more valuable than a big wallet.

  • Aperture by Dark Horse Productions

    A highly adept and obsessive detective team investigates a suspect loosely linked to an unusual string of recent human abductions and returns.

  • ASHES by Finnekus Films

    A Far Journey to Let A Friend Go

  • Assemble by Danny Schramm Films


  • Austin at Dinner by Rivers INKD

    Going to a dinner party without a date can be tough, especially if you're a demon.

  • Bad Ride by Orange Bungalow Allstars

    A ride share driver has a bad day

  • Bad Taste by Y.O.U. Production (Yourself and Others United)

    Life Changes in an Instant, Our Taste For What We Don't Actually Need In Life Allows Us to Take Things For Granted.

  • Be Happy by Blood From Stone

    Can a lost wallet fulfill fantasies and create love?

  • Benny Forever by Future Loon Productions

    A young wife navigates her choice between the whimsical, and her so called reality.

  • Beyond The Mailboxes by Pixstaff Media

    Kristen's entire world exists within her apartment, but when her sister asks her for a favor will she be able to venture beyond the mailboxes?

  • Birdie by House Key Productions

    A young woman pursues her dream as a professional golf caddie.

  • Black Sheep by Creative Suspect

    Ashley wants to live a normal life, but can't because she was born into a family of hitman.

  • Camelot by Little Giants Films

    After the holy grail is stolen, a knight has to find the thief in order to survive.

  • CHAD by After Hours

    The story of how Chad Kroger became the greatest singer of all time.

  • Chards by Reprint Productions

    A teen fed up with there mother's overbearing nature decides to prove her maturity by partaking in a wine tasting, but ensuing trouble will lead her to realize that she is not alone in her struggle.

  • Checkout by Foreignpros

    When you check in, you may not Checkout

  • Chromatic by Americano

    After losing her hearing, a musician struggles to redefine her identity.

  • Cold Hearted by Tuesday Morning Productions

    After the mysterious disappearance of wine-maker, Ashley Cheevers, a detective and his young partner interrogate the last person to have seen her.

  • Comment by Matchkids

    A group of friends find themselves in dangerous situation with a stranger after commenting on a social media post.

  • Crack House Bust - a fable by AbsurdTV

    Listen to the fable as it speaks in the wind.

  • Cup of Silence by Blewest Films

    A mute girl finds her voice after a traveler arrives at the castle she calls home.

  • Dark Blend by Chemical Sunset

    A Detective tries to trap a sinister winemaker and finds herself over her head.

  • Dark West by Bad & Classic Productions

    Two brothers reconnect after one of them gets in deep with a dangerous criminal.

  • Desmadre by DESMADRE

    Out of gas and out of time.

  • Detective Chris: In Training by 5B Films

    At the end of the 90's, a lowly intern finally gets the chance to prove himself and earn the respect of even the most seasoned detectives.

  • Diceland Presents: Les Peters In The Wild: The Slow Street Collective by Midnight Oil Films

    A music reporter does an in depth interview with an eclectic musical collective that makes homemade wine with a special ingredient.

  • Dinner Time Machine by Loserlebrities

    What would you do with a time machine?

  • Downlow by Team Toaster

    A man's heart is crushed when his lover chooses a life of comfort over love.

  • Durban Poison by Trustinhim Films

    A young couple find themselves way out of their element as they try to venture into the Cannabais infused wine industry.

  • El Segundo by Five Angry Cats Productions

    A bachelorette RV trip to Vegas is derailed when a friend of the bride meets a stranger.

  • Endnote by 4th Hallway Film Studio

    Faced with an invading army, a family struggles with the importance of lineage and life in a bottle of wine.

  • Family Night by Do It Live! Productions

    A grape does not spoil, it turns to wine. Every little thing must return to the vine.

  • Fine Wine by TSH Productions

    Two roomates break through barriers of communication through drinking wine

  • Five Points Vineyard Website Video Final Ver.6 by Amalgamated Grommets

    The Video for Five Points Vineyard launch...

  • Free Hugs by Matt Damon is Mostly Harmless

    A girl struggles to pursue her passion project of spreading love through free hugs.

  • From Start to Finish by RAWMIX Productions

    Terra struggles to create a successful short film with her team in just 47 1/2 hours while her nemesis, Harrison, seems to sprint by easily.

  • Fruta by Anomaly Creative

    A couple's path wanting a better life leaves them in desperation, with a life changing choice to make.

  • Get in get out by Reel4Studios

    A geeky gamer gets swept up in a drug deal gone wrong and learns to come out of his shell guns blazing.

  • Grapes: A Mockumentary by In Your Frame Productions

    Following the commercial shoot day for Ashley's Cheevers' new wine brand, A.CHEEVERS. Achievement you can taste.

  • hitched by RPM Lightning

    What can happen when two unlikely strangers meet up with danger and have to bond to survive?

  • Hollywood Reflections: A Fable by CP3 Productions

    A cautionary tale of a Hollywood narcissist doomed to echo a mythic fate.

  • How to Make Crushed Grapes by Bleeding Edge Media

    A man wins the lottery, and while trying to have it all, ends up getting caught in a crushing situation.

  • INDUCTION by Infinity Films

    The Draft of 1969 breaks ties between brothers who have been living in a dysfunctional family.

  • Introducing Dwayne Browning by Slushpile Entertainment

    Whatever happened to that one actor... find out here.

  • Intruders by Center Cut Productions & Center Cut Productions

    A woman's hope for a new beginning becomes her worst nightmare.

  • J.R. Valentine: The case of the fish out of water by Built This City Productions

    LA's two best detectives from the 1940's are unfrozen and come back to life in modern times to solve the greatest case the world has ever seen!

  • K15_Local_Look_Winery_Rough_Footage.mp4 by Too Lemon

    Charismatic newscaster Becky Wallace gets a little more than she bargained for when she visits local wine master Ashley Cheevers.

  • Late Harvest by Poor People Productions

    Austin is left in charge of his company's biggest wine batch- hopefully his family doesn't screw it up.

  • Let Me Get This Straight by Executive Decision

    Lonely scientist finds the friend she needs in the right place, but from the wrong time.

  • Let's Play by What About Watson

    Two people looking for a hookup get more than they bargained for in this futuristic setting.

  • Loan Shark by Chougule Productions

    A local high schooler struggles to pay off a debt from a loan shark, forcing him to go to extreme measures.

  • Lost Reserve by Green Couch Media

    Just a sip of wine will make you travel through time!

  • Love by CERNity

    When the consequences of love impacts a family's life.

  • Love at the End of Earth by Evanture Films

    In a post apocalypse world the last two survivors, Eveline & Austin, imagine a first date before Earth was decimated, but you can only day dream for so long before having to move on.

  • Lure by Insomniart Productions

    Based on "The Tortoise and the Eagle." Austin Cheevers' desires for a beautiful real estate agent leads to unexpected consequences.

  • Martyr by Team AME

    For Abigail it's just another Sunday but for Austin Cheevers it's the day he and his disciples finally reach enlightenment.

  • Meat Cute by Push Freedom Films

    Finding true love can be a killer

  • Meet The Cheevers by Club Cinema Club Club

    When a documentary crew arrives to tell the story of the Cheevers - a non-traditional family left stunted and scarred by their bizarre upbringing - adopted brother Alejandro debates whether he should leave behind the only family he's ever known.

  • Menage a Terror by Bad Pixels Productions

    A blonde wine-maker in her twenties only has a few minutes left to live.

  • Method Actors Anonymous: Inside Look by Reel Team 6

    A Film Crew witnesses the daily happenings in a halfway house for method actors who've become trapped in their roles, their doctors struggle to help the patients to little success.

  • Mixed by Lit 48

    An adventure through the emotional spectrum of a complicated relationship

  • Mixed up by FSU

    Two couples return from a vacation retreat with more than they came with

  • MNGLR by Macabre Hobby

    MNGLR: The hot new dating app for people with very particular tastes.

  • Mr Perfect by Lemberg Productions

    In the life of fast cars, wine, passion, breath taking views and a dream of Mr Perfect, what could possibly go wrong?

  • MS. ROBOT and other imaginary things by maxchroma

    All was well for Chris and Juan until MS. ROBOT showed up at work.


    Four friends must mend the museum mishap!

  • My Best Friend by LA LA land was Ok I guess but Ryan Goslin looks at his feet when he dances
  • No Fish by Balloon Pirate Productions

    Competition heats up at the 2017 Go Fish World Cup Ultimate Championships

  • Ofelia by VOXX STUDIOS

    A love story between 2 old people. She realizes that only the taste of a special wine can bring lucidity to her husband, who is suffering from Alzheimer. But the bottle is almost empty...

  • One Good Day by LifeinReels

    A promising young opera singer searches for the grandfather she never knew and finds herself in danger of losing everything.

  • Over-A-Cheevers by Goldthunder Productions

    A dynamic brother and sister duo imagine themselves as superheroes on an adventure to find the mystical Lost Tablet of Eye.

  • Playback by Sethward Productions

    you've been captured

  • Poly, Ann, Marie (polyamory) by little bonnets

    we see the subtext of a dinner party between two couples with song

  • Portal to Bob by Midnight Earthling
  • Prank'd by Bane on the Plane

    This powerful film chronicles the shattered life of a prank victim.

  • Pruneaux Grigiot by Well Dang! Productions

    Ashley Cheevers's foray into home brewing leads her on a mystical journey of self-discovery.

  • Quietus by Time Production

    When sleep is inevitable, a former winemaker loses everything but looks forward to one thing.

  • Recoil by Go Go Guppie

    On the anniversary of his partner's murder, Detective Allen Jackson struggles with a thinning moral code and the lengths he must go to catch the real killer.

  • REDOX by Two Countries

    Israel meets with an old girlfriend to see if he can finally let go.

  • Roadside Respite by 47

    Siblings Austin and Margot are stuck between a stranded car and calling their dad for help while trying to be off on their own. Eventually, Margot grows tired of following in her footsteps and makes a difficult decision.

  • Same Old Josh by Hippo life

    Josh is Unhappy with the way his life is going.

  • Sangre De Vida by Crafty Misfits

    A seemingly relaxing wine getaway turns tannic when the guests find out that they are more than just involved in the making of a new wine.

  • Sauvignon Puke by CineAF Films

    Roommate rivalry takes a new level in an evening like any other.

  • Self Storage by Second Mouse Films

    Two brothers reunite to clean up their past.

  • Sessions by Transplant Pictures

    A woman's search for her birth mother leads her to a therapy session two years in the making.

  • Shady Oaks Takedown by Tequila Mockingbird

    Two bitter rivals in a nursing home find common cause in their mutual hatred of the doctor who runs the place.

  • Something by Ice Chest Productions

    A Musician bogged down by his day job, finds inspiration again from an unlikely place.

  • Sophie by Wolfpak Media

    A young woman who has lost her way struggles to find inner peace and acceptance.

  • Squiggy by A Green Pearl Extravaganza
  • Sudden Death by Aura Films

    Play on. It's not over yet.

  • Surprise! by Chaotic Good

    Home invaders? Piece of cake.

  • Target'd by Trinoceros

    An inside look of three assassins in a world where there's an app for everything... even murder.

  • Temptation by Power House
  • test run by B Mello Productions

    Test trials for a humanlike A.I. render interesting results.

  • The Blood Drive by Team Whatever

    Two kids are forced to donate blood they don't want to give.

  • The Cappella Files by Mandi Eats a Muffin (and other adventures)

    A pirated, unedited music track from a famous pop star is ransomed; Detective Cappella is on the case!

  • The Catsitter by Skux Life

    An eccentric millionaire hires a young man to look after his cat while he's away traveling through time.

  • The Cellar by High Freakquency Productions

    A man gets caught using an unconventional method to age his wine.

  • The Daring Dynamos in "Overachievers" by Spirit OnScreen

    A pair of female super spies go after a notorious crime lord.

  • The Fall by Conover Films

    Two estranged brothers reunite to bury their father's ashes.

  • The Fists of Friendship by Poorly Done Company

    Four friends find themselves in the middle of the desert after escaping the clutches of ruthless men in masks. Can their friendship be the key in defeating the evil group and escaping the endless desert?

  • The Glove Game by Fleche and Blood Films

    The owner of a winery is mugged by a squirrely lowlife on her way home from work. Her sense of safety and control over her life shattered, she follows a vague advertisement for “self-defense” classes to a fencing club.

  • The Haircut by Green Lemur Productions

    11 year old Harrison's worst nightmare is coming true. He's getting a haircut from his crazy aunt.

  • The Hitchhiker's Journey by Light the Tunnel

    A girl hitches a ride up to Seattle and hears disturbing news over the radio.

  • The Last Time by South Baywatch

    A man finds a way to travel back in time to change the day his mother died.

  • The New Guy by CI Media (Creative Identities Media)

    After moving to a new city and alone on his birthday, Dennis decides to start a new routine and becomes friends with his neighbors.

  • The Night Crasher by Necktie Films

    The night belongs to the uninvited

  • The Orchard by Something Legit

    During the undertaking of a grisly task, a clairvoyant pacifist realizes her beliefs were based on a lie and must escape her former family of zealous cultists.

  • The Otherling by Pals of Palladino

    A broken man and a young alien form an unlikely bond that defies expectations.

  • The Parting Glass by Midnight Runners

    Two FDA Agents investigate a local wine makers vineyard and discover nothing is as it appears.

  • The Wait by Confederacy of Dunces

    An impatient husband finds comfort in a bottle of wine while waiting for his wife.

  • The Wine-ing Cheevers by Luther's Lions

    What if the kids got cut out of the will

  • Their Boy by Iron Relic

    A family mourning tragedy and a mother who will go to any means to bring her child back. But what she calls forth, is not what answers.

  • Unnatural Selection by Moot Point

    Two detectives investigate bizarre killings of same ethnicity couples.

  • Very Grave Robbers by BallerHouse Productions

    When their home invasion is interrupted by a memorial service, two ROBBERS must blend in or get busted.

  • Walking On Eggshells by C3STORIES

    A woman must decide whether to reveal her authentic self after a confrontation about the life she could have been living.

  • What Else Remains by The Hotsteppers

    A man with early onset Alzheimer's struggles to connect with his family and the world around him.

  • What Happened At The Rio by Another Pitcher Productions

    A 20th century gumshoe butts heads with a 21st century woman. Too bad they're called assistants these days.

  • What We Fear the Most by Last Minute Productions,

    Sacrifices made are never forgotten.

  • Wine Guys by Rogue Division

    An aspiring wine maker discovers the criminal underground of the wine industry.

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