Los Angeles, California August 3 - 5, 2018

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Transplant Pictures for winning Best Film of 2018. Their film Silence will go on to represent Los Angeles against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2019.

1st Place: Best Film of 2018

Silence by Transplant Pictures

2nd Place: Best Film of 2018

3rd Place: Best Film of 2018

LAMP by Trinoceros

Required Elements

  • Character: Kip or Kim Wallace, Event Planner
  • Prop: A Ball
  • Line: ""It's not as easy as it looks." OR "It is not as easy as it looks.""

Audience Favorite: Group A

Here for you by The Manager's Special

Honorable Mention
Beachballs & Tablecloths by Team ABC

Audience Favorite: Group B

Conviction by Go Go Guppie

Honorable Mention
Wrong Order by Witch Hunt

Audience Favorite: Group C

LAMP by Trinoceros

Honorable Mention
An Event to Remember by Bus Stop

Audience Favorite: Group D

The Date by Iron Relic

Honorable Mention
Just Say HI by Literally Anything

Audience Favorite: Group E

Silence by Transplant Pictures

Honorable Mention
Time Bender by OhOk

Audience Favorite: Group F

GLARE by Wet Dog Productions

Honorable Mention
Wisdom on the Rocks by All Coast Pictures

Audience Favorite: Group G

D.A.R.C.Y. by Tasty Morsels

Honorable Mention
Robot•Mitzvah by Upper State Entertainment

Audience Favorite: Group H

Honorable Mention
Laughter is the Best Medicine by Struggle City

Audience Favorite: Group I

The Brothers Dave by A Green Pearl Extravaganza

Honorable Mention
Tristan 23 by maxchroma

Audience Favorite: Group J

The Kip Wallace Guarantee by Uncle Mikki Productions

Honorable Mention
Hairitage by 4th Hallway

Audience Favorite: Group K

The Brink by Planet Froth

Honorable Mention
The Balloon Job by Peach Pit Productions

Best Writing

Adam Korenman Conviction by Go Go Guppie

Best Editing

Silence by Transplant Pictures

Honorable Mention
The Date by Iron Relic

Best Directing

Jack Swiker Silence by Transplant Pictures

Best Cinematography

Honorable Mention
Edel Blut by Mumukuba

Best Sound Design

Edel Blut by Mumukuba

Best Musical Score

Time Bender by OhOk

Best Actor

Brian Velazquez The Kip Wallace Guarantee by Uncle Mikki Productions

Honorable Mention
Drew Rausch Silence by Transplant Pictures

Best Actress

Elaina Adrianna Silence by Transplant Pictures

Honorable Mention
Jenn Scudieri Crafts Operation: Tetherball by Hold For Plane Pictures

Best Supporting Actor

Lawrence Hemingway Shattered by CenterCut Productions

Honorable Mention
Juan Arambul Tristan 23 by maxchroma

Best Supporting Actress

Tacey Adams Ernst Richter's Patented Inescapable Gripzange Hold by BallerHouse Productions

Honorable Mention
Jen Eldridge Crystal's Ball by Cultural Detritus

Best Ensemble Acting

Conviction by Go Go Guppie

Best Graphics

The Farmer by The Outcasts

Best Costumes

After Ever After by Gently Baked Pickles

Honorable Mention
The Date by Iron Relic

Best Set Design

The Brothers Dave by A Green Pearl Extravaganza

Honorable Mention
The Date by Iron Relic

Best Use of Character

The Kip Wallace Guarantee by Uncle Mikki Productions

Best Use of Prop

Not Alone by Karma

Honorable Mention
The Brothers Dave by A Green Pearl Extravaganza

Best Use of Line

Here for you by The Manager's Special

Honorable Mention
Laughter is the Best Medicine by Struggle City

Best Use of Genre

Once Removed, Once Returned by High Freakquency Productions

Best Practical Effects

Shattered by CenterCut Productions

Best Visual Effects

LAMP by Trinoceros

Honorable Mention
Robot•Mitzvah by Upper State Entertainment

Best Stunts

Hell: The Sequel by Too Lemon

'Best Festival Trailer'

The Farmer by The Outcasts

'Grand Champion Audience Award'

The Kip Wallace Guarantee by Uncle Mikki Productions

'LA 48HFP Veteran: Spirit of the 48 Award'

Andrew Kadikian The Perplexing Case of the Perfectly Planned Pool Party by Rogue Division

'Pajama Party Audience Award'

#SaySomethingNice by Hennessy Family Films

'Woman Filmmaker of the Year'

Sherry Berg Conviction by Go Go Guppie

Honorable Mention
Lisa Storc LAMP by Trinoceros

2018 Film List

  • #SaySomethingNice by Hennessy Family Films

    When poor reviews dishearten a young singer, her family helps lift her spirits and rekindle her dream.

  • 1 by 1

    A regiment of spies struggle with the completion of their mission when faced with an internal threat.

  • 308 by Uhvengers Uhssemble

    Casey finds herself alone in an unfamiliar place where increasingly sinister notes are left for her.

  • 364 by Chateau Lecrivain/EMZ

    The holidays can be lonely. They are even more lonely amidst the zombie apocalypse.

  • A Black Die Affair by MuviNow

    John and Kathe plan one last event.

  • A Grave Mistake by Evanture Films

    A dysfunctional couple make a grave mistake uncovering more than they sought out for after one hell of a night.

  • A Heated Affair by B Mello Productions

    It may be the end of the world but for this couple, their “world” has just be saved.

  • After Ever After by Gently Baked Pickles

    Classic fairytale characters driven by waning popularity are forced to find an alternative means to replenish their magical essence, only to find that the light of the world has dimmed.

  • Aftershock by The Gauntlet of Death

    An earthquake occurs as a couple deals with their relationship that is hanging by a thread.

  • Akemi by Rikka Film

    An immigrant single mother struggles to make living in the United States.

  • All But Together by Visual Xperience

    People have all, but together

  • ALT + <3 by Blood from Stone

    In a world where humans and AI are no longer indistinguishable, Simulacrum is ready to help you build your next life partner. However, the clientele tends to attract are less palatable rich men.

  • Altered by Boomerang Studios

    After getting hit with the player's plague, an avid gamer must choose between his real life or getting stuck in a virtual world.

  • An Event to Remember by Bus Stop

    An event planner scouts an infamous location, and discovers more than she could possibly imagine.

  • And I Feel Fine by Film for Food

    Amidst the chaos of impending doom, a father and daughter race against time and the elements to reconnect at the last minute.

  • Anglerfish by Unclarity Entertainment

    Searching for the identity of an internet catfish, a reality show takes an out-of-this-world turn.

  • Anniversary Dinner by Houliwood

    In his search for answers, a man discovers something he doesn't want to know.

  • Another Birthday by Fibonacci Media

    A girl discovers her super power: she knows the birthday of everyone she meets.

  • Anzu by Neyrouz Studios

    A mystery surrounds a series of similar murders only to be discovered that they were carried out supernaturally.

  • Apocalypse? Now? by Kanari Storm

    A carefully orchestrated party turns to disaster when an unexpected guest arrives and brings about the end of the world.

  • Azure by Armenica

    The best of time travel.

  • Badger Boy: The Final Paw by Red Cape Films

    Badger Boy's final act and showdown at the Malice Palace! Caught on the sunset of his superhero career, Badger Boy comes across his archenemy Lady Malice one last time, testing who will have the last paw on this matter.

  • Bawling by A Team Has No Name

    A mysterious spy finds herself with an unconventional hostage.

  • Beachballs & Tablecloths by Team ABC

    No gas. 21 beachballs. 2 tablecloths. 1 mastermind.

  • BEEP BEEP by Room K2

    A Beep Beep Driver picks up a creepy passenger and has the ride of her life.

  • Behind the Screens by BoCo Films

    You can be who you want online, but that doesn't make it true.

  • Bocce or Bust by SC-CT Intrepid Productions

    A neighborhood bocce ball tournament escalates into a feud.

  • Breaking News by Slushpile Entertainment

    A school tragedy brings parents together. But their beliefs may rip them apart.

  • Broad Daylight by Rebel Kids Entertainment

    A marriage of secrets makes a splash when murder is a family affair...

  • Brothers by ICUN48

    An adopted brother's desire to have a family of his own leads him down a road to discover that family is thicker than blood.

  • Chance by Push Freedom Films

    You can't rewrite the past without taking a chance.

  • Choke of Death by Conepack

    The Witness to the Crime, was a Mime!

  • Christian Jollies by Two Countries

    A Christian rock band ruins the event planner's event.

  • Chumps on the Run by Da Culdesac Films

    Three friends help their friend Ashman steal his money back after he was conned by an event planner named Kim Wallace. Now the four friends find themselves on the run in the desert road.

  • Conviction by Go Go Guppie

    After getting a convicted murderer out of prison, an ambitious young journalist continues to document her truth at all costs.

  • Crunch Time by Brochachos

    An overworked Event Planner gets more than he bargained for when a mysterious merchant gives him a quick fix for the stress.

  • Crystal's Ball by Cultural Detritus

    A young girl deals with the death of her father.

  • D.A.R.C.Y. by Tasty Morsels

    When an unexpected package arrives at Michael's door, he must decide whether to open himself to change.

  • Disconnected by HCT.media

    A homeless man desperately tries to reconnect with his estranged family. Nothing from THIS world will stop him.

  • Duck Dude & Balls Babe by Danny Schramm Films

    Duck Dude and Boss Babe learn to unleash their Special powers within.

  • Edel Blut by Mumukuba

    It's all about blood

  • Electronic Dreams Are Made Of These by Pizza Bear

    A heartbroken father uses an experimental device to get in touch with his past.

  • Enigmatic by RPM Lightning

    A family seeks the perfect solution in desperate times.

  • Ernst Richter's Patented Inescapable Gripzange Hold by BallerHouse Productions

    Ernst Richter runs his self defense seminar with military precision, but will his last nerve be worn out by disruptive student, Sue Plex, a saucy senior with wandering hands?

  • Escape by Studio 7

    What do you do when the world comes to the end.

  • Event by 1 Sick Rabbit

    At the world’s biggest event, where everyone’s invited, choose your friends wisely.

  • Fairy Tale by VÉTITÉ FORCE

    An arms dealer possess a fairy that can heal wounds, however after years of abuse, the fairy has had enough.

  • Fantasy Fortress by VaRIOTy Films

    A woman gets a tour by her event planner to go through a fantasy Fortress designed house.

  • Fear Loss by Work Horse Pictures

    After the end of the world, a Traveler searches for a way to connect with anyone else who may have survived.

  • Finding Wallace by I love lamp

    When an anxious, wannabe spy finds suspicious activity in her neighborhood, she and her best friend start the search for the one man who can help them.

  • Fixate by NinjaBoo Productions

    A consultant comes to an office to help plan an event and finds herself the center of unwanted attention

  • Follow Me by Platonic Solids

    A young girl makes a new friend.

  • Four minutes by In Frame

    what happens in four minutes when a couple is faced with death

  • Gathered by Threat Level Midnight

    Love has no boarders.

  • Getaway by Dream Team

    An incompetent bank robber goes on a journey of self discovery after hailing a ride-share for criminals.

  • GLARE by Wet Dog Productions

    Several friends on a hike had no idea that the daytime could be so dangerous.

  • God's Tweet by Ocean Bottle Productions

    When God decides to retire, he enlists the help of an angel to plan the final day on earth.

  • Grove by Goldthunder Productions

    Emotions run high as teachers return to school weeks after a school shooting.

  • Hairitage by 4th Hallway

    A young man comes face to face with a legacy of facial hair he cannot compete with.

  • Helen by Meires

    On Christmas day, a hard working female elf tries her best to get a raise, despite the challenging culture in Claus’ company

  • Hell: The Sequel by Too Lemon

    While losing control of the Homecoming dance and her emotions around it, Kim must take control when her Homecoming date’s car has sinister plans of its own.

  • Here for you by The Manager's Special

    Kip and Kim are here for you, but who is here for them?

  • Hi by PROVOC Films

    Revenge from a girl who has been ghosted.

  • High Stakes by Team AME

    Four friends venture out to stop one of their moms from finding out she accidentally brought edibles with her instead of regular cookies to a child's birthday.

  • House Haunters by Grumpy Old Friends

    A celebrity psychic and her arrogant co-host encounter aggravated guests revisiting in order to air their grievances.

  • I AM KIP WALLACE by The Macguffins

    Making a film about a failed musician. Who are they? Who are you?

  • inspickle1080 by Tiberiusfilm Ltd.

    A woman has to choose between a party or produce.

  • iSolate by Scoundrel Productions

    A man desperate for human interaction finds himself in a world where technology exceeds humanity.

  • It's Not as Easy as it Looks by Berndt Toast

    48 hours after another failed suicide attempt, a depressed young man takes a hit out on his own life, but immediately regrets his decision when his paranoia gets the best of him.

  • It's Not As Easy As It Looks by Team 168

    Kim finds choosing the right man is not as easy as it looks

  • Jimmy Kans by Adrenaline Productions

    A boy is confronted by a timetraveling man, who tried to convince the boy his pig will destroy humanity. To save the world, the time traveler urged the to kill is only friend Wilson the pig.

  • Joe vs. Doomsday by painted flower productions

    When faced with having a cult in their run down bar on New Years 1999 , Kip and Sid try to make the best of this strange situation involving Kool-Aid and a German intruder! Is it the end of the world as we know it?

  • Jose Jaime by SuperiorHouse

    Man struggles to overcome his loss

  • Just Say HI by Literally Anything

    Kip discovers there's a power to his words.

  • Just the tip by Baboon

    Porn Vampire movie got into a huge clash between the writer and the director.

  • Killer Party by CP3 Productions

    An event planner becomes unsuspecting prey to a house of homicidal maniacs.

  • Kim Wallace, Event Planner by H2R

    An event planner Kim Wallace is throwing a party and the musical talent Sarah Mclaughlin cancels, now she must save the night to save her career.

  • LAMP by Trinoceros

    Life's a lot different on the Los Angeles beat when there's magic involved.

  • Lana by Gnolite

    an undocumented women has information she's willing to protect in order to see through justice

  • LAPSE by Blink of an Eye

    Campaign organizer Justine Hammond investigates the disappearance of workplace rival Kim Wallace.

  • Laughter is the Best Medicine by Struggle City

    In the end, we all get well.

  • Laura, Jeff, and The Phoenix by Ice Chest Productions

    Jeff and Laura attempt to reignite the passion of their relationship, with the help of uncanny film director, George Phoenix.

  • Laurent Ziliani by Team a Little Team

    Tony and Eve’s relationship is in difficulty. They called a wedding planner to organize their honeymoon, and when she comes to their house, she seems very familiar to Tony.

  • Leveling Up by Mandi Eats a Muffin (and other adventures)

    30-year-old Joe was staying in his parent's basement. It might take a visit from the dead to teach him how to live.

  • Lost Soles by Film Bros

    A straight-laced shoe shiner sees an opportunity to leave a life of organized crime behind. But will he take it?

  • Love Nugs by Magical Frog Entertainment

    weed never smelt so good

  • Mega Ball: The Bored and the Ballsy by Walkie Talkie Productions

    When a retired superhero meets a new villain in town, she is forced to reveal her old identity.

  • Method by Fletcher Films

    A young girl is pushed by her father to go into the deepest and darkest parts of her mind in order to pull off a realistic psychopath in an audition.

  • Midnight Rush by Snugglepaw

    Two thieves break into an abandoned house looking for fortune, only to have to fight for it.

  • Multiview by Blank Productions

    Sometimes, the view isn't worth it.

  • Murderers: A Family Film by Orenda Entertainment

    Four siblings, venture down a dark path in their quest to get their parents the perfect gift.

  • No Regrets by RAWMIX Productions

    A woman travels back in time to win the heart of her lifelong, secret crush.

  • Not Alone by Karma

    Despite an ongoing to care for her autistic brother. Kim Wallace continue to strive for an independent life.

  • Not As Easy As It Looks by C.A.P.P.A

    A widow struggles to accept the death of her husband, and its up to him to reveal the truth.

  • Once Removed, Once Returned by High Freakquency Productions

    Upon returning to Earth after an overdue space mission, an astronaut's reunion with her family yields unexpected results.

  • One Ruff Day by Mister Penguin

    A Guy who can't keep a plant alive, is suddenly forced to look after a dog for an afternoon.

  • Operation: Tetherball by Hold For Plane Pictures

    “An unassuming event planner’s life is turned upside down by the arrival of two mysterious government agents with a time travel device and a mission.”

  • Part of the Family by Nerdhaven Films

    Kip meets his new in-laws and they are not what he was expecting.

  • Party Foul by Palmfront Pictures

    Trevor’s 32nd birthday party receives some unexpected guests.

  • Picture Perfect by Hold Your Horses

    A married couple moves into their dream home just to find out that things aren’t what they seem.

  • Quan Logan by DOTBLK

    Young girl accepting her heritage, woman hood and gain self esteem through family traditions

  • Quarter-Life Crisis by Taller Productions

    A distraught teenager tries to move through the struggles of gaining adulthood but losing their hearing, all with their best friend by their side.

  • Ready, Set, Aunt by Pals of Palladino

    Kim must babysit her niece for the day. It's also the day her best friend and roommate decides to move out.

  • Recourse by NOLogic Productions

    Desperately in love a man continuously returns to the moment of his break up to save his relationship...

  • Red Velvet by Up St(A)rt - Bring Your Own Talent

    An Enigmatic event planner with an obscure secret to her career must rely on her unsparing talents to avoid being exposed.

  • RESOLVE by Team Rebelution

    A woman relives the death of her mother when she sees an opportunity for revenge.

  • Reunion by Team Freeholders

    The hardest lessons can kill you.

  • Robot•Mitzvah by Upper State Entertainment

    Two seaside marina restaurant owners celebrate the 13th birthday of their robotic flying bartender drone.

  • Seductive Reasoning by Fictive Artist

    Wedding planner discover other plans in mind.

  • Serious Business by Infinity Studios

    Two henchmen find themselves on a detour while delivering a hostage.

  • Service by Create Films

    Knowing he will face new difficulties, Kip Wallace readies himself for re-enlistment.

  • Shattered by CenterCut Productions

    Two strangers ordered to do community service, end up cleaning at a mortuary, only to be used as bait for a father/daughter serial killer duo.

  • Silence by Transplant Pictures

    Young woman loses hearing, struggles with accepting new lifestyle and community.

  • So Western by File Transfer Protocol

    Be more western.

  • Sonic by Authenticity

    At its launch event, a revolutionary sonic communication device goes haywire and only one woman knows how to stop it.

  • spatium sororibus by UnReelized Talent

    We can totally save the world, right?

  • Staycation by The Shills Folder

    Michael and Travis are desperate to throw a party while their parents are out of town

  • Such A Good Deal by Reactant Films

    Just a couple friends staying at an AirB&Me, what could go wrong?

  • Super Random by Domino Effect Studio

    Kim really knows how to throw a killer party!


    A runner's day takes a turn for the worse when he becomes the target of a devious plot.

  • Tainted by Adeet.co Productions

    A choleric woman seeks revenge on her cheating girlfriend.

  • Temporary by BandCat Productions

    A temporary employee learns that every office had its... quirks.

  • The Balloon Job by Peach Pit Productions

    The only thing stopping a spy from saving the world is an event planner trying to save her job.

  • The Big Day by Warm Milk Vacation

    A struggling event planner meets with a couple to help make sure their event goes off without a hitch.

  • The Brink by Planet Froth

    Picked on at the office until it becomes unbearable, the odd IT guy realizes what he must do to show his abusive coworkers who he really is.

  • The Brothers Dave by A Green Pearl Extravaganza

    Two brothers return to their childhood home to retrieve a family heirloom

  • The Brothers Wallace by Metal Pixel Foundry

    Brothers rekindle an old passion

  • The Date by Iron Relic

    Letting others in to help quiet the storm in her own mind, our hero finds the courage to stand alone in matters of the heart.

  • The Delivery by Thanks Vision

    A pizza delivery boy must travel through strange and unpredictable obstacles to make his delivery.

  • The Devil's Rebuttal by Hero Q Productions

    Frank, a private eye gets pulled back into a scene he'd never have to go again, the dark underground of beer pong.

  • The Event Planner by Luther's Lions

    A mismatched group of survivors seeks answers regarding the bizarre disappearances of millions of random citizens.

  • The Factory by Beyond Concept Productions

    A couple must decide how far they are willing to go for perfection

  • The Farmer by The Outcasts

    A retired boxer has to face his past to save his wife's life.

  • The Fateful Eight by Cup O’Meat Productions

    Sometimes your fate in is the hands of another

  • The Guardian of Narad by Ghetto Film School class of 2018

    When exploring an abandoned house on a summer night, Sarah Wallace discovers a stone with teleportation powers. The stone transfers its powers to Sarah, who then has to master teleportation and defeat evil villain, Minos.

  • The Kip Wallace Guarantee by Uncle Mikki Productions

    Event planner Kip Wallace makes a commercial to sell his organized events at his haunted house.

  • The Loophole by 3 Blind Mice Pictures

    A dinner party between two assassins turns out to be more than either bargained for.

  • The New Adventures of Super Secret Agent Girl by Fallen Angel Films

    When Kip Wallace, a bungling event planner, tries to be a TV executive, he stumbles into action and adventure on his hunt for the next big show.

  • The Next One by Bubby

    A woman has been hired to perform a task, but, of what nature?

  • The Perplexing Case of the Perfectly Planned Pool Party by Rogue Division

    Who brought the poison to the pool party?

  • The Planner by Little Biddy Pictures

    Love, it's not as easy as it looks.

  • The Small Print by 4 Equestrians of the Apocalypse

    A defiant woman finds an unexpected loophole in her deal with the devil.

  • The Unsuitables by Team No Doubt

    Monica attends her mother's New Years Eve party only to realize the only people invited are eccentric young men.

  • The Vanishment by Cabbage Films

    After waking up and realizing no one is home Alexis struggles to keep up her routines.

  • The Waves by Dreamcatcher Films

    A couple at a resort trying to repair their marriage learn that sometimes you have to lose everything to appreciate the things around you.

  • Thrown by the Night by SFUAD SQUAD

    After witnessing her mother commit man-slaugher, a drunk teen girl is faced with the decision to turn her mother in.

  • Time Ball by Do It Live! Productions

    When the future is at stake, a popular sports team must travel in time to correct past mistakes.

  • Time Bender by OhOk

    A time-bending superhero is ambushed by his friends who claim he has no superpowers, but rather is a blackout drunk.

  • Toast by Y.E.E.

    An interracial, gay couple struggle with the reality of falling out of love.

  • Toe Story by Skux Life

    An investigative journalist dives deep into the bizarre story of one man's toe.

  • Trippin' Balls by Pinch. Ouch. Productions

    After a horrific incident takes place during a one night stand, a young woman turns to her closest friends for help but on this night, anything can happen...

  • Tristan 23 by maxchroma

    A young girl finds a creative way of celebrating her brothers 23rd birthday.

  • UNPLANNED DATE by Team Handy

    Kim, the event planner, searches for a significant other through a series of dates, but finding someone special is sometimes unplanned.

  • Vermilion by Masturbatory Arthaus Cinema

    The mysterious Mrs. Wallace interviews 5 assassins for a job.

  • Walk Like A Man by LA Valley Cinema Club

    Two event planning men must remain closeted in order to remain afloat and thriving.

  • What Goes Around by One Shooter Productions

    A soon to be father makes one more attempt to make some good money before his baby is born. Little did he know, he wouldn't live to see his child.

  • Wisdom on the Rocks by All Coast Pictures

    A sickly old man patiently waits for his date at a bar.

  • Wrong Order by Witch Hunt

    Two detectives try to uncover the cause of a chain of random fist fights in this absurdist comedy about the cyclical nature of violence.

  • YOU TOO? by Roots Cru

    Together friends revisit their haunting past.

  • You’re Killing Me by Unlimited Party Hats

    A woman drives into the desert looking for a killer.

  • Your time is important to us by Ummusing Productions

    Customer Service for Time Travel

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