Los Angeles, California August 2 - 4, 2019

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Cultural Detritus for winning Best Film of 2019. Their film Connections will go on to represent Los Angeles against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2020.

1st Place: Best Film of 2019

Connections by Cultural Detritus

2nd Place: Best Film of 2019

Taipei Jesus by Bad and Classic Productions

3rd Place: Best Film of 2019

The Best Gift by Total RunTime

Required Elements

  • Character: Joe or JoAnn Davidson, Realtor
  • Prop: hair dryer
  • Line: ""If you never try, you'll never know" OR "If you never try, you will never know.""

Audience Favorite: Group A

An Inconvenient Bin by Nerdhaven Films

Honorable Mention
Coracao em Fogo by Rogue Division

Audience Favorite: Group B

Ghosted by Ummusing Productions

Honorable Mention
House Hunting by The Manager's Special

Audience Favorite: Group C

Taipei Jesus by Bad and Classic Productions

Honorable Mention
Moved by Skux Life

Audience Favorite: Group D

For Closure by Trinoceros

Honorable Mention
Ain’t nobody got time by Madhaus Productions

Audience Favorite: Group E

You'll Never Know by Deeter Diaries

Honorable Mention
Agency by Transplant Pictures

Audience Favorite: Group F

The Best Gift by Total RunTime

Honorable Mention
Disconnect by Witch Hunt

Audience Favorite: Group G

A Shifty Affair by Chateau Lecrivain/EMZ

Honorable Mention
The Ballad of Whistler's Creek by Wet Dog Productions

Audience Favorite: Group H

I Am Seed by OhOk

Honorable Mention
Two For One by RAWMIX Productions

Audience Favorite: Group I

Honorable Mention
Connections by Cultural Detritus

Audience Favorite: Group J

One Boy Band by Too Lemon

Honorable Mention
Squeeze by Shiner Frogs

Best Writing

Clay Lapari Connections by Cultural Detritus

Honorable Mention
Matt Dinan, Andrew Kadikian, Laura Breen Coracao em Fogo by Rogue Division

Best Editing

Don Fisco I Am Seed by OhOk

Honorable Mention
Ed W. Marsh An Inconvenient Bin by Nerdhaven Films

Best Directing

John Redlinger Taipei Jesus by Bad and Classic Productions

Best Cinematography

Colton Walter Taipei Jesus by Bad and Classic Productions

Honorable Mention
Alex Vasquez Azrael by Snugglepaw Digital Studios

Best Sound Design

Connections by Cultural Detritus

Honorable Mention
Taipei Jesus by Bad and Classic Productions

Best Musical Score

Simón Wilson I Am Seed by OhOk

Honorable Mention
Daniel Levin Stolen Daughters by BRB FIlms

Best Actor

Juan Arambul Wabi Sabi by maxchroma

Honorable Mention
John Druska I Am Seed by OhOk

Best Actress

Meredith Thomas The Best Gift by Total RunTime

Honorable Mention
Hailee Lipscomb FIRECRACKER by In Your Frame Productions

Best Supporting Actor

Matt Conde Terminal by Center Cut Productions

Honorable Mention
Albert Kong The Best Gift by Total RunTime

Best Supporting Actress

Jacklyn Uweh The Ballad of Whistler's Creek by Wet Dog Productions

Honorable Mention
Kaitlyn Dias Disconnect by Witch Hunt

Best Ensemble Acting

Squeeze by Shiner Frogs

Best Graphics

Connections by Cultural Detritus

Best Choreography

FIRECRACKER by In Your Frame Productions

Honorable Mention
Skit Row by Gladiators

Best Costumes

Bitchin' Glitchin' by Where is Angelo

Best Use of Character

The Ballad of Whistler's Creek by Wet Dog Productions

Honorable Mention
For Closure by DND Films

Best Use of Prop

Stolen Daughters by BRB FIlms

Best Use of Line

You'll Never Know by Deeter Diaries

Honorable Mention
Connections by Cultural Detritus

Best Use of Genre

Bitchin' Glitchin' by Where is Angelo

Honorable Mention
An Inconvenient Bin by Nerdhaven Films

Best Practical Effects

Taipei Jesus by Bad and Classic Productions

Best Visual Effects

Disconnect by Witch Hunt

Best Original Song

Juan Arambul Wabi Sabi by maxchroma

Best Production Design

Bitchin' Glitchin' by Where is Angelo

Taipei Jesus by Bad and Classic Productions

Grand Champion Audience Award

LA 48HFP Veteran: Spirit of the 48

John Redlinger Taipei Jesus by Bad and Classic Productions

Honorable Mention
Adam Bradshaw Agency by Transplant Pictures

Woman FIlmmaker of the Year

Quinlynn McCarthy Disconnect by Witch Hunt

Honorable Mention
Jessica Sherif Bitchin' Glitchin' by Where is Angelo

2019 Film List

  • (para)normal realty by Galaxy Maps Film

    Two down on their luck realtors use their wit and history to dispel a haunting.

  • A Shifty Affair by Chateau Lecrivain/EMZ

    A date night gets frisky when a couple’s role play gets shifty.

  • Acceledate by Metal Pixel Foundry

    Get your heart racing

  • Accused by Goldthunder Productions

    A loving mother lies dead, a husband stands accused.

  • Agency by Transplant Pictures

    When a government agent is injured in the field and sent to desk duty, can he adjust to his new environment.

  • Ain’t nobody got time by Madhaus Productions

    Two best friends tackle a break up in their own unique way, one friend wants to take the peaceful route, the other wants to tell it like it is, will they be able to agree on the best way to break a heart?

  • Alien Boy by The Shills folder

    A fish out of water meets a boy out of this world

  • An Inconvenient Bin by Nerdhaven Films

    A local environmentalist sets out to expose his neighbor's empty recycling bin.

  • Anniversary by MUMA

    A woman brings her husband in wheelchair to a beach on their anniversary...

  • Anonymity by Quantum Ambition

    An undercover spy trailing a Russian trafficking ring gets more than she bargained for when her anonymity is blown.

  • Arm of Fury by SpinQ Studios

    When her record store is in danger of being shut down, Lillah trains to become the worlds greatest arm wrestler.

  • Artificial Friendship by bedohave

    Doing her job the best she can, Alex, an artificial intelligence device is committed to winning the friendship of her owner, Joanne.

  • Artificial Realty by Spared Expense Productions

    An older woman is working on a school project and is not respected by her peers, and gets unexpected help.

  • Asylum by Red Cape Films

    How do we know what is real?

  • Azrael by Snugglepaw Digital Studios

    2 loan sharks search for their next hit. Only this time things get a little intense with a new recruit.

  • Ba Ja Kiloh (But Is He Nice?) by Hold For Plane Pictures

    A forced attempt at a set up by an antagonistic married couple to help land a promotion goes horribly...until two unlucky in love romantics find their passion in a language all their own.

  • BAA Maste by Dream Team

    A group of high spirted friends go on an unexpected journey in the world of yoga.

  • Before the Stage Coach Arrives by Honey, Is This Still Good? Productions

    An unlucky prospector tries her last hand against the slickest cardsharp in the west.

  • Bitchin' Glitchin' by Where is Angelo

    Stuck in a rut, Barbara undergoes a revolutionary procedure to find the answers to who she really is, unaware of the risks her questions will bring.

  • Blood or Money by Are You Happy Now? Films

    During a date with a rich man, a desperate woman jeopardizes her daughter's health

  • Burned by 3rd Rule

    During the end of the world, three wanderers looking for supplies to survive find an untouched place. Would that place provide what they need to make it alive?

  • CareBnB by DC Dogs

    How far would YOU go to get a good rating from your BnB host?

  • Closure by Ice Chest Creative

    A young, Private Eye gets a lead on a case she’s been at for years, but what she finds isn’t exactly what she expects.

  • Coercion by Reel Life

    You can hide your demons in the depths of your mind but they always rise to the surface...

  • college lit by Evil Science Labs

    a woman tormented by vengeance develops doubts when she finally meets the man she hates

  • Colour My Life by TeamStrikesLightening

    Aided by the wisdom of an unexpected visitor, a disingenuous realtor discovers what it means to live a full life.

  • Connections by Cultural Detritus

    A woman tries to find a connection on a subway.

  • Conscious Coupling: The Musical by Gently Baked Pickles

    A group of thirty-somethings look for love at a Conscious Coupling event.

  • Coracao em Fogo by Rogue Division

    Love needs no translation.

  • Credit Hippo by The Team

    Two Realtors hunted by the Housing Police try to sell one last home to save their friendship.

  • Crooked Arrows by Victorious Secret

    A disgruntled Cupid uses magic to sabotage a couple on their first date.

  • Crossbones by Andy's boys

    A mother attempts to speak to her long dead daughter

  • Dental Damage by Blood From Stone

    Tycoon Realtor embroiled in a public scandal has troubling discerning what's really happening during a routine root canal.

  • Disconnect by Witch Hunt

    An unemployed realtor finds comfort in holograms of literary characters. But she must relearn how to talk to real people if she's ever going to get out of her rut.

  • Divided by Isekai Productions

    A girl with an older personality takes over her life.

  • Doors by Shirkam Industries

    Following her husband's death, a woman moves into a new home in an attempt for a fresh start and there discovers portals that transport her into past memories they shared together.

  • Dryft by City Band Productions

    It's not about the destination, it's about the ride.

  • Emcumbrance by Da Showstoppa's

    Things go wrong afte a night of partying

  • Estranged by Calypso Pictures

    A young woman reconnects with her estranged mother after an incident.

  • Final Notice by Blue Eyes Production

    In 2039, years into the future but set in the past, a commune, devastated by the rampant wildfires and poverty, a result of climate change, attempt to keep their family alive while fighting to take back what is theirs.

  • FIRECRACKER by In Your Frame Productions

    Flustered realtor, JoAnne Davidson, must sell her theater listing by end of day or else!

  • First Night by Rogue Frame

    A woman moves into a new apartment and finds that her roommates are very strange.

  • Fixer Upper by Lesav Films

    Not all fixer uppers are worth fixin'

  • For Closure by Trinoceros

    Joe Davidson must sell a property by the end of the week, but a series of dark and unfortunate events makes this really, really difficult.

  • For Closure by DND Films

    A man visits an open house and gets more than he expected from an overzealous realtor.

  • For Me by bendanden

    An 18 year old woman on the cusp of adulthood decides to take matters into her own hands.

  • For Sale_48hfp2019 by Gorilla Guru

    A couple in the 1970s seek to comfort an estranged cousin whose husband was recently killed. When they arrive, they find horrifying evidence that might link her to his murder.

  • For What You're Worth by One Last Hoorah Productons

    Death guides a lost soul to inner peace through real estate and old memories.

  • Furensic Case by Bloke Studios

    Sock puppet crimes take the streets. By have detective Walsh on the scene to take on a criminal who's one step ahead

  • Ghosted by Ummusing Productions

    Go ahead and send that risky text!

  • Half Full by Clear Lens

    Two women at the crossroads of their acting career. Where will the city of L.A. take them?

  • Happy To Assist by High Freakquency Productions

    A woman makes an unexpected friend at work.

  • Hell Is Other Witches by Authenticity Productions

    Three witches looking for a new meditation space purchase a pocket dimension.

  • HEY MOM! by HSR5 Films

    Joe, a realtor, is tortured for information by a mysterious figure.

  • House Hunting by The Manager's Special

    A former detective searches for a new house and finds a listing to die for.

  • House Hunting by Light the Tunnel

    A motivated realtor is unable to sell a house, because his clients keep dying at the open house.


    A band of greedy misfits are on a quest to find the home of their dreams, but ulitmately find themselves on a treacherous quest to find answers to the questions that will determine their lives forever.

  • I Am Seed by OhOk

    A man prepares to fulfill his greatest desire: being sacrificed by the fellow members of his cult.

  • If You Never Try, You Will Never Know by GUERRILLA

    Is it dark behind everyone's eyes?

  • In Extremis by Nologic Films

    Man finds himself in an unusual place trying to find answers.

  • Influenza by Team Freeholders

    Social media influencers are sick with crisis.

  • InSight by Wild Zoetrope

    Self-obsessed man is blinded in a hiking accident and has to find his way back to civilization in hopes of saving his unconscious daughter.

  • JoAnn by Darion D'Anjou Productions
  • juan Graham by Pocket Lint Productions

    everyone needs a shoulder to lean on

  • Lady Killer by SuperCine Entertainment

    Two detectives on the trail of a serial killer with a very particular MO

  • Legacy by Studio 7

    A family faces a dark day that ends in tragedy.

  • Letting Go by Dragon Clan Pictures

    A disconnected girl befriends a dog in her time of need and learns to let go.

  • Life Estate by The Enclave

    In the near future, a man visits a Mind Realtor to access and relive his memories.

  • Listed Love by Caninwood Pictures

    A modern day romance story of a down on his luck real-estate agent, whose final attempt at selling a home is disrupted by an unexpected squatter.

  • Lyst by Creative Crazies (C.C)

    A group of friends in college decides to rent a house together, but their insecurities move in with them.

  • Madcap by Waiting Room Productions

    It's no joke when Joe Davidson,a realtor, is mistaken for a mob accountant and is captured.

  • Make it Happen by All Coast Pictures

    How far will one man go to close a deal...

  • Man down by Black Magic

    A black lacrosse player is sexually assault es by a teammate and. Just come to terms with his trauma

  • Mark Law by I AM THE LAW Productions

    Ryan flys to California for his 10 year high school reunion. While in town, he’s staying with his old best friend Joe. Before going to there class reunion, they have a fun night on the town in which they share what’s going on in their lives.

  • Men Are Dogs by No Sleep Till Monday

    Cat is asked to dog-sit for her boyfriend and discovers he is not who she thought he was.

  • Moved by Skux Life

    A man reflects on the memories he’s made with the woman he loves as they prepare for a big move.

  • NEAT by the col·lec·tive

    A frustrated detective with an unsolvable case gains insight from an unassuming bartender.

  • No Boys Allowed by Rivers INKD

    A day at the office is never a walk in the park.

  • No Cure For Cats by Wiener Cat Productions
  • Nun Trip by We The People

    Water turns to wine as nuns take a trip of a lifetime.

  • Office Starling by RoseGami

    A hard working real estate agent who catches no breaks or promotions despite her hard work decides to become an influencer.

  • One Boy Band by Too Lemon

    When life closes a door, look for a window.

  • Open House by Sand in My Shoes

    Home for their father’s funeral, three sisters break into their childhood home, only to discover that reliving their adolescent memories isn’t the catharsis they were expecting.

  • RappaTV: Boxes by WeKhanDoIt

    When RappaTV visits Crunchy Chip's cool crib, the show gets more than they presumed.

  • Realty Quest by Mandi Eats a Muffin

    With creative determination, a realtor goes on a quest to find her first commission.

  • Recount by Loudmouth Stew

    Rookie assassin has a run of bad luck when it comes to their first set of hits

  • Rent Con by AK Squat House

    Ian and Katie are enthusiastic about their new apartment, but their stay isn't long.

  • Roadside Assistance by Pinch Ouch Productions

    A rough night on the road to a job interview will hopefully get better?

  • Said and Done by El Dorado Media

    After finding out about her father’s affair, built up anger fills inside of a young adult’s heart leading to convince her loving one night stand to help her kill that family ruining girl

  • Saved by a Vampire by Lime Street Entertainment

    A Vampire Hunter finds something usual about this particular Vampire.

  • Scorched by Up All Night

    Two sisters escaping apocalyptic heat come across a strange backpacker who promises to lead them to safety.

  • Searching For A Killer by 13th Floor Productions

    Searching for the killer or killers or proof of accident or suicide of Julianne Skinner

  • Seasons by Fowl Lake Productions

    Dissatisfied with his life at home, a young man seeks out companionship through soccer.

  • See Me by LA Acting Studios

    What you think you want may not be what you actually need

  • Silent Whisper by JAH'S World Productions

    A business woman struggles to accept her new deafness until she discovers that it was replaced by a another sense.

  • Skit Row by Gladiators

    Home is where the art is

  • Song Of 3 Lovers by Open I's

    Two musicians cast spells with their instruments bringing sound and color and death.

  • Space Force 2099 by Spiff E. Productions

    It's hard to get ahead in space realty.

  • Squeeze by Shiner Frogs

    At a backyard grill party, a socially awkward young man tries to escape from human interaction after discovering a transdimensional orange tree.

  • Stay This Time by KHK

    Consumed by nostalgia, Ben returns to his hometown to say his final good-byes and runs into an estranged friend.

  • Still Here by Da Culdesac Films

    Broke realtor tries to right his wrongs by bringing back his dead wife for just a few hours by sacrificing all of her remaining memories.

  • Stolen Daughters by BRB FIlms

    A captive girl finds strength in a new arrival

  • Taipei Jesus by Bad and Classic Productions

    A washed up writer is forced to face his prejudices in a changing Hollywood landscape when the lead of his film is abruptly recast.

  • Terminal by Center Cut Productions

    A woman with terminal cancer tries to find the perfect funeral home.

  • The Apartment at Gower Gulch by M3 Productions

    Real estate is a dangerous business down at Gower Gulch.

  • The Assignment by gIrLs OnLy

    Ana, a Russian spy who has been lying about her identity, receives an assignment that reveals the truth about her seemingly normal wife.

  • The Bad Cut by From the Guys That Brought You Nothing

    Joe Davidson attempts to sell a house after getting a terrible haircut from Baby the barber.

  • The Ballad of Whistler's Creek by Wet Dog Productions

    When faced with losing everything, Cassie learns that home is where the heart is.

  • The Best Gift by Total RunTime

    A mother tries to reconnect with her estranged son during the holidays.

  • The Best Seller by Escape from Acting Class

    A desperate town in need of rescue from an evil realtor pleads with a traveling salesman to defend them from attack.

  • The Case of the Missing Cuddle Tart by Legends of Whitley

    A down on his luck detective desperate for answers interrogates four suspects in the disappearance of a cuddle tart.

  • The Dangers of a Gig Economy by The Narcoleptics

    A series of online transactions leads a troubled woman through a long night of creepy encounters with strangers.

  • The Davidsons by Killer Tampon Productions

    A documentary crew investigates modern day witch hunters.

  • The envelope by Studio Monkeys

    A man on a mission to seek revenge, he comes across a hidden gem and discovers what his mission is.

  • The Jos by Fight Club

    Two realtors and their respective significant others do their best to enjoy a vacation prize despite rising tensions between the realtors.

  • The Kim's Vacation by ATH Productions

    She wanted to go to Paris. He wanted a bargain.

  • The Lifeguard by Take The World

    A spy versus spy fight, set in a LA apartment.

  • The Next HOA President by Little Somethin’

    Three HOA presidential hopefuls campaign against the current HOA president as they’re followed by a film crew through their campaigning process.

  • The Package by StrangeBird

    Two buddies must navigate their way through multiple movie genres to regain a valuable package.

  • The Realtor’s Quest by Uncle Mikki Productions

    A realtor complains to his wizard roommate about office drama.

  • The Showing by Pink Flamingos

    Buying a house can be an interesting experience, but Mike and Patty undergo quite a new encounter.

  • The Truth Hurts by Reactant Films

    The truth is always fighting its way to the surface...but it can be a painful dig through the dirt.

  • Till Death Do Us Part by ATF (Addicted to Film)
  • Trip Home by Balloon Pirate Productions

    A broken-hearted woman finds more in her new home than she bargained for

  • Tumbleweave by First_48

    Golden Dreams Do Come True.

  • Two For One by RAWMIX Productions

    During a pool party a man tries to find a way to confess his love to a long time crush.

  • Underwater by Three Peat Productions

    Feuding sisters grapple with the reality of inheriting their mother's belongings after a rising shoreline threatens to take their childhood home away.

  • Unfinished business by Moonlight films

    Bad espionage at its finest

  • Vacancy by SeñorTortas Productions

    Shane rents an apartment from Joe Davidson the realtor. Little does he know, he's in for quite a surprise.

  • Viralicity by Slumber Party Productions

    A seemingly innocent viral video captures a paranormal entity, leading to the mysterious disappearance of a curious skeptical.

  • Wabi Sabi by maxchroma

    Steve hasn't gone on a date for a while and is afraid to go on the next one. His buddy Ben, tries to help him out.

  • Watershed by aBove tHe line Pictures

    After a young woman’s daring decision to throw caution to the wind and leave it all behind for an old dream, she is forced to come to terms with old habits.

  • Weebpocalypse: Funny Man by Wolf and Co

    After hearing that someone wants to cause chaos to his weeb kingdom, the weeb sets out to find him.

  • Weekend at Joe's by TBD

    Young couple survives the vacation from hell. Or do they?

  • What Lies In Ancient Creek by Taller Productions

    Man returns home to kill "The Realtor" who is selling off the people's land.

  • What You Have by Misty Films

    A woman seeking validation discovers what really matters is family.

  • When They Find You by Evanture Films

    When as child goes missing, a seasoned detective is determined to find the truth among a sea of lies.

  • Wickenburg by *Running Title*

    When a son puts his elderly dad's house on the market, the realtor and prospective buyers get more than they bargined for when the tour the place.

  • Without Them by Cruz Credo!

    After disaster wipes out the continental US, one man returns home to find his family.

  • You'll Never Know by Deeter Diaries

    Lonely girl sits at the bar

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