Louisville, Kentucky July 19 - 21, 2019

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Boyz House for winning Best Film of 2019. Their film Hex Boyfriend will go on to represent Louisville against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2020.

1st Place: Best Film of 2019

Hex Boyfriend by Boyz House

2nd Place: Best Film of 2019

Terminus Earth by Boom Roasted

3rd Place: Best Film of 2019

From One to Another by Touching Knees

Required Elements

  • Character: Tilden Kefauver, Best Selling Author
  • Prop: a ticket
  • Line: ""I'm not sure. Can I call a friend?" OR "I am not sure, can I call a friend?""

Audience Favorite: Group A

Things I Missed by Smallville Renegades

The One by Do It Good

Audience Favorite: Group B

Hex Boyfriend by Boyz House

Honorable Mentions
Terminus Earth by Boom Roasted
From One to Another by Touching Knees

Best Acting

Hex Boyfriend by Boyz House

2019 Film List

  • Ascension from Home by Good People

    When best selling author, Tilden Kefauver disappears, two of his biggest fans go on a journey to find the man who turned his back on fame and fortune.

  • Bad Hair Date by Arbitrage

    An overqualified English professor wins a ticket for a dream date with her favorite author; she needs a haircut and she needs it now.

  • Case Closed by Weekend Chocolate Warriors

    After the death of the world's preeminent author of fiction, his contemporaries are tasked with finishing his opus.

  • Chances by orangedot

    When a homeless man robs an innocent bystander, his life is changed forever and he must seek absolution for his transgressions.

  • Detour on the Road to Excellence by HBCUproud
  • Endlich by T’n’T

    Bestseller author and undercover double agent gets her comeuppance in this psychedelic spy adventure.

  • Fandemonium by Sharkey Farmer Films

    Three kids embark on a road trip to meet their favorite Fantasy author.

  • Fatal Walk by Scary Noises

    A successful writer does not know his subject well and pays the ultimate price.

  • From One to Another by Touching Knees

    After her debut success, a bestselling author's followup novel results in rejection from the woman she loved, and she's seeking atonement by searching for every last copy of the book; she's found the final two owners.

  • Hex Boyfriend by Boyz House

    Gabriella and her friends seek advice from the supernatural to help with a recent break up.

  • Humans Aren't That Evil by KatzSohl Films

    A human hating zombie starts to realize they aren't really that bad.

  • In the Dark by OfficeRocker Productions

    It's not early, it's not late!

  • Influencer by ATAK
  • Last Minute by designweb films

    A family takes a last minute vacation.

  • Margaret by Actors Workshop Louisville

    A younger man picks up more than what he bargains for.

  • No One Knows by Company OutCast
  • Possessions by Reel of Fortune

    Tilden: I'm not sure Fran: Can I call a friend?

  • Rent Rot by Bossie Bros.

    Dinner is Served

  • Splitting Hares by Upstairs Basement Syndicate

    A film student at odds with a former childhood friend looks to capitalize on a chance to beat her in a class project.

  • Spurs 'n Bullets by Quantustra Arts
  • Staycation by The Sufferin Bastards

    He was just looking forward to a relaxing holiday weekend, but a gruesome discovery forces a change in his plans.

  • Terminus Earth by Boom Roasted

    A successful Adman gets a blast from his past as a novel he wrote years before returns to his life in an unusual way.

  • The Cut-Off by Neo Greo Entertainment

    An unhinged literary agent forces his former client into a deadly new contract.

  • The Gateway Ticket by TreCosta Entertainment

    A wealthy author’s separate life in child trafficking comes to a deadly end as competitors and authorities come calling.

  • The Interro-Gator by Red Es Rojo Entertainment

    A detective cop and a best selling author try to take down an underground crime boss.

  • The One by Do It Good

    When love is involved...there can only be One.

  • The Problem With Everyone Else by 8 Pint Productions
  • Things I Missed by Smallville Renegades

    A family of 4 siblings come together after the passing of their famous father.

  • Unfinished & Untitled by Oochie Walla Walla

    Best selling author reading romance excerpts from his newest untitled and unfinished manuscript leaving them dying for more.

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