Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida September 24 - 26, 2021

Winners Coming Soon

Our judges are currently deliberating on the 2021 winners. Awards will be determined for a number of categories, including Best Film, which will go on to represent Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL at Filmapalooza 2022 and vie for Best 48HFP Film of 2021.

Required Elements

  • Character: Van or Vanessa Nebulus, mixologist
  • Prop: A notebook
  • Line: "You drive me crazy."

Premiere Screenings

Tickets: $10.00 USD PURCHASE
Wed, Sep 29, 2021 @ 7:00pm

Virtual via Eventive

A live Q&A with the filmmakers will take place after the premiere.

Audience Favorite: Group A

The Leap by One County Film

Screening Groups

Screening Group

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Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • ActBroward! Ed Casas
  • Big Foot Productions tom leeman
  • Champion Eternal Kane Schirmer
  • Hollywhut!? Alessandria Licona
  • Indigenous Productions Dadly Filius
  • MonopolyDog Films Antonio Feijoo
  • One County Film Timothy Davis
  • Prize Box Lauren McGarrett
  • Ptolemy Films Howard Brande
  • REC Society Tristan Wauchope
  • Space Dream Productions koura linda
  • The Civil Filmgineers Matthew Waranius
  • Wesley & Jane Nora Long

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