Minneapolis, Minnesota June 3 - 5, 2016

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to 1+1 Productions for winning Best Film of 2016. Their film Fields will go on to represent Minneapolis against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2017.

1st Place: Best Film of 2016

Fields by 1+1 Productions

Best Writing

Summer of '99 by North Coast Productions

Best Editing

A Casual Chat With Jon by Knock

Best Directing

Need a Ride by As You Wish

Best Cinematography

Delivery with Chivalry by Boys of Summer

Best Sound Design

The Noise by Outer Rim Productions

Best Musical Score

Summer of '99 by North Coast Productions

Best Actor

Adam Fielitz Need a Ride by As You Wish

Best Actress

Tara Borman Fields by 1+1 Productions

Best Special Effects

Fields by 1+1 Productions

Best Costumes

Oasis by Third Time's A Charm

Best Use of Character

A Casual Chat With Jon by Knock

Best Use of Prop

Tall Tales by Great Scott DeVary Best

Best Use of Line

Delivery with Chivalry by Boys of Summer

2016 Film List

  • A Casual Chat With Jon by Knock

    An awkward young architect desperately wants to improve a conversation with her boss.

  • A Cat is Listening by Harbinger Pictures

    A first time homeowner faces adulthood but is tormented by strange noises coming from the shed.

  • All Too Often by GSP

    It happens all too often

  • Anamnesis by JCMFilms

    Delve into the mind of someone who is psychotic, as they attempt to function in society.

  • Beyond Magic by MIB Productions

    Magic isn't just cards and rabbits.

  • Chase by Ninja Pictures

    A missing man, a suspicious dame, and a detective who may not be quite what he seems.

  • Craigslist Cowboys by The PAs

    Western movie buffs turn to Craigslist to add members to their posse.

  • Crush by Nomadic Fox Productions

    When asked a simple question, a young woman must scramble to find the safest answer.

  • Daughter of Frankenstein by Crashdown Productions

    A young girl peruses her father's dream of reanimating the dead

  • Delivery with Chivalry by Boys of Summer

    A delivery start-up company in medieval times struggle to complete their first big job.

  • Fields by 1+1 Productions

    Alone in space, Jenny Redondo longs for companionship

  • Grape Boy: Fermenting of Justice by WC Productions

    A young superhero takes justice into his own hands.

  • Harry by Breathing Frames

    After the death of her husband, Jenny travels back in time, discovering her husband's past affair.

  • I'm Sorry by CLC Dropouts

    A writer for a newspaper must escape a time loop of the worst day of his life.

  • Life of the Party by Creative Edge Productions

    Grapes, Fishes and Death Wishes

  • Little Star by Midnight Spectrum International Productions

    Music and love bringing family together

  • Malbec by Intersection Studios

    Jenny Redondo has reason to be suspicious when an unexpected guest joins her.

  • Must Love Grapes by Two Jackets Productions

    Jenny decides David is her Prince Charming.

  • Need a Ride by As You Wish

    Jimmy has a tip on a horse that could save Leonard’s life… if he can get to the track in time.

  • No Merci by Northern Lights

    A small town kid goes to the big city and get sweept up in a robbery

  • No Surprises by SoulForce

    A detective unravels a mystery, ultimately ruining a surprise.

  • Oasis by Third Time's A Charm


  • Off The Page by Whitespace Films

    A writer discovers a magical typewriter that lets her characters come to life.

  • Once Upon A Grape by We'll Fix It In Post Productions

    The fable of the director and the grape.

  • Peder Off Dead by Metropolitan State Film Club

    Three friends seek closer over a lost friendship.

  • Polter-Cowboy by Pretty Quick & Kinda Angry

    Girl finds love with ghost of a cowboy

  • Post To Post by RFC

    Croquet shot! Awww, Yeah!

  • Raisin Hell by First Draft, Final Cut

    "All Jimmy and Julia Redondo ever wanted was to make America grape again."

  • Redondo's Lament by Rusty Nuts Productions

    Jenny Laments about a lost cause

  • Revenge Is Sweet by Slim to None

    Seeking justice for a murdered friend, our superhero fights crime and tracks an elusive villain.

  • Reverie by Cream City Collective

    A young girl helps her sister come to a realization of an old fantasy.

  • Revision by oddProductions

    An elderly man must look back on a missed moment, in order to make a connection with his grandson

  • Ruff Interpretation by Above-the-Line Entertainment

    A psychic reading of a dog's perspective is misinterpreted and almost destroys a marriage.

  • Solvent by We Are Curious Yellow

    they have a secret …

  • Summer of '99 by North Coast Productions

    In the summer of 1999, punk band, "Impressively Oppressed Depression" recorded their hit song.

  • Tall Tales by Great Scott DeVary Best

    A spirited young journalist seeks out the meaning of the stories told by an eccentric winemaker.

  • Temporary Justice by Puzzle in Motion

    Temporary Employment, Long-Term Justice

  • The Higher Card by Upside the Box

    A dispute between neighbors leads an underdog to challenge the longstanding national champion of War

  • The Noise by Outer Rim Productions

    A couple is on a missing to find out what is causing an unknown noise in their new house.

  • The Salesman by Minnesota Filmmakers Meetup

    He loved his job. His job didn't love him.

  • The Three Survivors by Brothers Grams

    Three Armies went to war but only 3 survived

  • The Thrilling Adventures of Tommy Tuxx by JK productions

    A seasoned adventurer must save his best friend from a cult hell-bent on taking down the internet.

  • The Visionary Mr. Bjorn by Mill Cityzens

    Doug Franklin leaves work in the middle of the day to attend a job interview.

  • The Wrath of Grapes by Team Spartan

    A special investigator, brilliant in her own mind, finally meets her match on an unsolvable case.

  • Tiedy Up by JLynn Productions

    A young man with an extreme need for tidying up gets a surprise visit from an old roommate.

  • Time for a Friend by Otitis Media

    Time "Travel" Film du Femme

  • Weird, Weird, Weird by Squirrels in a Bucket Rides Again

    When your headliner cancels

  • What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Wander by Death Calm Studios

    Post apocalyptic western where a woman tells her story at a campfire.

  • Wolfsbane by Flaming Gnome Studios

    A storyteller reads a fable. Or is it her reality?

  • Yarn of the stallion by Ironlegsweaver/Re Wad films

    A man comes back from the depths of hell to try and take the Stallion

  • You Can't Ignore A Ninja by Chunky Milk Productions

    Kids wish to ninja-battle with Dad, who would rather sit and chill.

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