New Orleans, Louisiana July 21 - 23, 2017

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to HeadHunter Productions for winning Best Film of 2017. Their film Remember will go on to represent New Orleans against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2018.

1st Place: Best Film of 2017

Remember by HeadHunter Productions

2nd Place: Best Film of 2017

Demon Pills by All Around Artsy

3rd Place: Best Film of 2017

Lemonade Stand by Wonder Mutt Films

Required Elements

  • Character: Stan or Stella Gill, ex-ballplayer
  • Prop: a sealed envelope
  • Line: ""What just happened?""

Audience Favorite: Group A

DUMMIES by Krusties

Audience Favorite: Group B

Captain Extra Xtra by GumboMonster

Audience Favorite: Group C

Lemonade Stand by Wonder Mutt Films

Audience Favorite: Group D

Stand by Tellya Productions

Best Writing

Hunter McGregor Remember by HeadHunter Productions

Best Editing

Carl Johnson Remember by HeadHunter Productions

Best Directing

Bailey Wax Expired by Fagan Films

Best Cinematography

Level Up by StreetCar Films

Best Sound Design

Robert Gowan Demon Pills by All Around Artsy

Best Musical Score

Remember by HeadHunter Productions

Best Actor

Curran Latas Expired by Fagan Films

Best Actress

Lisa Mackel Smith Remember by HeadHunter Productions

Best Supporting Actor

Hunter McGregor Remember by HeadHunter Productions

Best Supporting Actress

Rebecca Hollingsworth Public Relations Nightmare by Backyard Shed Films

Best Ensemble Acting

DUMMIES by Krusties

Best Graphics

Expired by Fagan Films

Best Special Effects

Demon Pills by All Around Artsy

Best Choreography

Samuel Cook Vikasita by Sammish

Best Costumes

Vikasita by Sammish

Best Use of Character

Remember by HeadHunter Productions

Best Use of Prop

Demon Pills by All Around Artsy

Best Use of Line

Public Relations Nightmare by Backyard Shed Films

2017 Film List

  • Alive by Extended Film Project

    The story is about a young woman who is trying to overcome depression.

  • All In by TheLegend27

    In the game of life, are you willing to go all in?

  • Always on my Mind by Team Double Trouble

    Just when a lost love finds you, early on-set Alzheimer's does as well.

  • Biography of a Cyber Bully by The COOL Cooperative

    Biography of a cyber bully.

  • Birthright by Lost and Found Films

    A selfish son and his siblings learn the value of family.

  • Bump in the Road by More Than 4 Productions

    Grace, traveling home for her mother's birthday, must discover how to deal with an unexpected pregnancy.

  • Captain Extra Xtra by GumboMonster

    A would-be superhero submits his audition tape to join a prestigious guild of heroes.

  • Demon Pills by All Around Artsy

    A lesbian couple welcome a demon into the mix to spice things up.

  • DUMMIES by Krusties

    Two best friends realize their move out day was much sooner than expected.

  • Earbud by Luminaughty

    Following a recent break-up with his fiance, a young man encounters his inner guidance.

  • Expired by Fagan Films

    In a dystopian world where knowing the day of your death is the norm, Elizabeth Clarke, after witnessing a horrible accident, dares to confront CEO and founder of GenCorp Genetic Research and risk sealing her fate.

  • Going Under by Great Red Spot Productions

    A woman copes with her grief over her father's death through hypnotherapy, but she isn't prepared for what lies at the bottom of the rabbit hole.

  • Good Morning, Stella by Unstoppable Productions

    A computer program manipulates a woman's failed basketball career to drive her into insanity.

  • Good Night My Love by Room41B

    A grieving mother works through her pain during a difficult work day.

  • Hitting streak by Pocket Change Production

    A mysterious envelope In the hands of a brash individual leads him to a horrific haunting of a legendary female ball player who was mysteriously murdered.

  • It's Meow or Never by Felines Films

    A sister looses her sister and amid caps susede.

  • Kiwis in China by Wait...What?

    A woman sells her child to pay for law school and deals with her regret.

  • Leased by The Cajun Lens

    Renter Beware!!

  • Lemonade Stand by Wonder Mutt Films

    Two boys learn a lesson while running a lemonade stand.

  • Level Up by StreetCar Films

    A young girl searching for her identity in a middle child world, discovers a new skill that changes her perspective.

  • Muffins by Sage Films

    Four revolutionary women bake cupcakes with a real bang.

  • Preview by Sulliscope Films

    A disillusioned man is confronted with an unfathomable truth concerning his reality.

  • Public Relations Nightmare by Backyard Shed Films

    When an ex-baseball player's wife is found dead, who is to blame?

  • Remember by HeadHunter Productions

    A woman struggles with time traveling between her past and present and the conflicts with her family as she battles Alzheimer's.

  • Shaken by Half Glass Productions

    Shaken Souls, Unshakeable Love

  • Short on Time by Panda Productions

    Tip the Bottle, Flip the Hourglass

  • St. Genevieve by ScratchTicket

    Accidental murder creates a fish out of water.

  • Stand by Tellya Productions

    Former NFL Player learns life lessons from a terminally ill young girl.

  • The Bloodletters by Something Cliché

    Three killers compete in a close-circuit televised fight to the death for the wealthy triad of bored executives who place huge bets on the gunfight's outcome.

  • The Delivery Mam by Dark Justice Films

    Deliveries come in all shapes and sizes. Including bodies.

  • The Game by Ohana

    Former baseball players retires from the game due to injuries. He later learns that he's playing a different game; this time with his heart, but it maybe too late.

  • The Humdinger by Portal

    Ex Ball players play the social game w some truly worthy adversaries. A certain secret note comes to be that would get you in trouble in every classroom of life.

  • The Last Letter by Fully Dressed Films

    After witnessing his Sergeant shot and killed in battle, Pvt Jeremy Cutrer is tasked with delivering his Sergeant's last letter to his widow.

  • The magic Potion by William Gil Films

    Mom with large family ask what it would be like of she were single.

  • The Pitch From Heavan by CharTer EntertainMEnt

    Son learns to be an adult after coping with his fathers death.

  • The Reckoning by Rogue Martians

    What Just Happened?

  • Thrice by Breathe Media

    A macho cop has comes face to face with his own psychology.

  • Vikasita by Sammish

    I am the eye of the storm

  • W.T. Sports by Bag-a-Ho'z

    Town competition has local ex-athlete questioning his life.

  • Wait For It by Reel-A-Peel

    A young girl begins a journey after a receiving a mysterious letter.

  • what happened to aunt susie by Fence Post Productions

    aunt susie murder

  • Within The Woods by Out Of Focus

    The letter holds the story.

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