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35 Ways To Make Money As A FilmmakerFriday, August 24, 2018



Kevin Smith was a store clerk.

John Hughes was a copywriter.

Terrence Malick was a philosophy professor.

Even the most famous directors in Hollywood first made their money outside of the industry. So try not to get frustrated if your film career isn't quite paying the bills just yet.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways now to make money as a filmmaker, without having to leave the industry.

As a filmmaker, chances are you learned more than a handful of skills that are valuable to people even outside the world of narrative filmmaking. So whether you use your filmmaking skills to build an audience that pays to support you, or you go freelance and rent out those skills to commercial or private clients, there are many ways to make money with your filmmaking creativity.

To get you started, here's a list of 35 different ways you can make money as a filmmaker.

1. Get a distribution deal for your film
2. Self-distribute your films
3. Shoot corporate training videos
4. Make commercials
5. Shoot weddings and/or events
6. Teach filmmaking
7. Edit someone else's film
8. Become a content creator on YouTube
9. Put your films out for free and ask for money through Patreon
10. Embed your films on your own website and run Google Adsense ads
11. Edit sports highlights reels
12.Produce music videos
13. Shoot real estate virtual tour videos
14. Become a live news segment shooter
15. Rent out your camera gear
16. Sell footage to a stock video footage company
17. Win a film contest
18. Produce "introduce yourself" videos for dating sites
19. Become a travel vlogger
20. Create explainer videos for small businesses
21. Develop branded video content for social media networks
22. Create Digital Motion Graphics, Intros, Outros and Title Sequences
23. Sell affiliate products and run ads on your videos
24. Create remembrance videos for people that have passed on
25. Create video resumes
26. Become a courthouse/deposition videographer
27. Produce product demonstration videos
28. Create video greetings
29. Green Screen and Chroma Key Compositing services
30. Sell scriptwriting services
31. Research and win a grant to produce a documentary
32. Professional live-streaming services
33. Video format transfer services
34. Act as a producer on someone else's film
35. Become a drone camera operator

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