Orlando, Florida August 10 - 12, 2018

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Rotten Rabbit for winning Best Film of 2018. Their film Picture Perfect will go on to represent Orlando against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2019.

1st Place: Best Film of 2018

Picture Perfect by Rotten Rabbit

2nd Place: Best Film of 2018

Required Elements

  • Character: Chris or Christina Brownstreet, Former Child Actor
  • Prop: a spice
  • Line: "No way. Absolutely no way."

Audience Favorite: Group A

Quietly Into the Night by Two Sense Films

Audience Favorite: Group B

Static by Snippitts

Audience Favorite: Group C

Heart to Heart by Take the Cannoli Productions

Best Writing

Picture Perfect by Rotten Rabbit

Best Editing

Static by Snippitts

Best Directing

Static by Snippitts

Best Cinematography

Shadows by MakeDo Entertainment

Best Sound Design

Li'l Cars by Creative Inlet Films

Best Musical Score

Li'l Cars by Creative Inlet Films

Best Acting (in a leading role)

Static by Snippitts

Best Graphics

Heart to Heart by Take the Cannoli Productions

Best Special Effects

Quietly Into the Night by Two Sense Films

Best Choreography

Sound Off by The Spaces Between

Best Set Design

Quietly Into the Night by Two Sense Films

Best Use of Character

Best Use of Prop

That's It by Shoot The Box

Best Use of Line

Only One by Ruckalo Entertainment

2018 Film List

  • After Hour by Orange Plane Creative

    A normal night at work becomes something even more sinister for Christina as strange things begin to happen around her.

  • As They Were by Team Dreamin'

    Two friends on vacation discuss the negative effects that technology has which brings up a negative past.

  • Baggage by Endless Bit Pictures, Endless Bit Pictures & Fifth Cup Productions

    A former child actor, Chris, grapples with the realization that her tv show from the past is making a comeback and her former acting teacher is gone.

  • Define by Panther Productions
  • Friends for Dinner by ScreenscapeS

    Therapist to former child stars entertains her friend for dinner by preparing a gourmet meal.

  • Hand 2 Hand by SmartMouth Films

    When Life Shut a door, Punch in a Window

  • Heart to Heart by Take the Cannoli Productions

    Maria is just trying to make a real connection within a 21st century dating realm.

  • Killer Cinnamon by Freeman Pictures

    A psychiatrist tries to help a man figure out why he is having emotional trauma caused by a particular spice.

  • Lest My Memories be Tainted by Tomorrow by Team Name Change

    Existential child film.

  • Li'l Cars by Creative Inlet Films

    A grieving mother seeks closure

  • Lotus by Levels

    A woman comes to terms with her disturbing reoccurring dreams stemming from the suicide of her best friend.

  • Microwaves & RPGs by O'Pen Head Jam

    A spy is sent on a top-secret mission to recover an item of national security.

  • Mud Pie by Slightly Crooked Films

    Chris Brownstreet tries to solve the mystery of who stole his lunch from the office fridge.

  • Never Leave Me by ARP

    A former child actor believes someone close to him is trying to kill him.

  • Nick-Napped by Team Marvette 2018

    America's favorite twins are back, and making more mischief than ever.

  • Only One by Ruckalo Entertainment

    Down at the Holy Hills Ranch, the workers learn the true meaning of the "law of the land."

  • Picture Perfect by Rotten Rabbit

    A marriage on the fritz is put to the test when their stock photography business has a photo shoot to forget.

  • Quantum Beat by Windows Movie Makers

    Two guys play music against a mysterious creature

  • Quietly Into the Night by Two Sense Films

    A young girl in the Wild West goes searching for her mother's killer. The mystery grows after she enters a town where all signs of life have disappeared.

  • Ready For My Close Up by Old school millenials

    A formal child star goes to extreme measures to get the make over of a life time.

  • Ride by dMp

    A young girl struggles to convince her grandfather to let her pursue her passion for horses.

  • Sam’s Big Gun by Flagranta Productions

    Things get steamy when Sam shows up at a septic service company in Beaumont Texas

  • Shadows by MakeDo Entertainment

    Trekking through the wilderness, a man and his partner hunt for redemption.

  • Sound Off by The Spaces Between

    Former child dancing star must learn to lift herself up after losing her hearing

  • Spectacular by film-it-all alchemists

    Ms. Spectacular faces evildoers on a daily basis, but she faces her toughest challenge yet when her dream job comes open.

  • Static by Snippitts

    A girl finds herself on a date with her celebrity crush and as soon as her dreams come true so do her nightmares.

  • Subversive by No Sleep Such Truth

    Based around the Me Too movement, Subversive follows a series of interrogations surrounding the disappearance of one famous Hollywood producer who may not be exactly who he seems.

  • That's It by Shoot The Box

    A young woman in the pursuit of adulthood seeks her aunt's advice on losing her virginity.

  • The Task by TnT Productions

    Four strangers awaken handcuffed at a table. An artificial intelligence let's them know that the only means of escape is to kill the other three people. This is their task.

  • Threat Level Zero by Moving Picture Syndicate

    One Mission, One Target, One Trinity.

  • What Could Be by A.B.i Productions

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