Digital Dropoff 2021 Upload Process

2021 48 Hour Film Project


  1. Go to our new uploading website:
  2. Create an account by clicking on “Register” in the top right corner and use the same email address you used to register your team on
  3. You will be asked to verify your email address, but if you wait a couple of seconds and refresh the browser your email should be verified automatically as the system recognizes registrations from
  4. Once you are logged in, you go to the Film Manager. If the system recognized your Email Address from your registration, a box should be there `Still in progress`. On the right of that box you can select the film and the whole box should turn green.
  5. Click on the blue Upload Paperwork button. This will allow you to upload your Team Leader agreement.
  6. You may submit pdf’s, scans, jpegs—anything with a clear actual or electronic signature.


  1. Go to the wrap up form on our website.
    Complete your wrap up form. You must include title and genre at a minimum.
    Without Step 1, Step 2 will not work

  2. Go to

    NOTE: Safari can be unstable during upload. We recommend a different browser like Firefox or Chrome.

    • Open up in your browser and login.
    • If you have not already registered, create an account by clicking on “Register” in the top...
    • Go to Film Manager (either click on link on page or go to drop down in top right corner to find Film Manager).

  3. Your film should appear. Click “Select film”

    • Click on “Edit film information” and add information about the film. Click Save

  4. Film Upload

    • Click on “Upload film” and then Click on “Select File”—your file should be a maximum size of 2GB.
    • The system will immediately generate a unique Checksum code with a time stamp. This is important—see below.
    • The system will automatically begin your file upload.
    • When the file upload is complete, you should see a Green Success Bar


Having trouble? Try this:

  1. Be sure that the email you used to create your account is the same one that you used to register your team.

  2. You must do the wrap up form on the website BEFORE you upload your film at

  3. Log out of — then log back in.

Don’t Forget Your Paperwork
Click on the Upload Paperwork link to upload all of your required documents.

NOTE: Documents must be submitted on Sunday, but may be submitted after the 7:30 pm deadline


Is My Film On-Time? (or What is Checksum?)

To provide you with as stress-free process as possible, we have added an extra feature to the file upload system.

  1. As soon as you click on Upload File, here’s what happens
  2. The system generates a Checksum code and a time stamp
  3. The Checksum code is unique to your file
  4. You will see the Checksum code and time stamp — if the stamp is before the deadline, your file is on-time
  5. The system will automatically begin uploading your film
  6. Once the upload is complete, the system will compare the original Checksum with the one generated afterwards to verify it is the same file.

Is My Film On-Time? (or What is Checksum?)

Why this process? Generating a Checksum code happens quickly. You should plan on it taking 8-10 minutes, but it usually takes only a minute or two—and far quicker than uploading a film.

What happens if the upload takes a long time?

Don’t panic! We have your Checksum as proof.

What happens if my system crashes during upload?

Don’t panic! Simply re-upload the exact same file. As long as the file is the same, then the Checksum for the file you submitted and the Checksum that the upload generates will match.

If you run into any trouble with the upload, contact your city producer.

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