The 48 Hour Film Project

The Portland (Oregon) 48HFP

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The Judges Have Spoken!

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners!

Best Use of Character
"Plant Wars" by Futson Films

Best Use of Prop
"Specimen #10" by Professor Bigfoot

Best Use of Line
"Mom's Cookie Jar" by Hard Cops

Best Use of Genre [tie]
"More" by The F*ck Yeahs
"#Social Disorder" by Dark Pines

Best Graphics
"The Bad Day" by Critical End

Best Sound Design
"Invasion" by Obsidian

Best Musical Score
"Number 10" by Dream Reality

Best Cinematography [tie]
"Number 10" by Dream Reality
"Red Courage" by Blitz Media

Best Editing
#Social Disorder" by Dark Pines

Best Actress
Xaria Dotson in "Red Courage" by Blitz Media

Best Acting
"Invasion" by Obsidian

Best Writing
"The Old Fashioned Way" by Rodney DangerFilms

Best Directing
"Mom's Cookie Jar" by Hard Cops

Second Runner Up for Best Film
"The Old Fashioned Way" by Rodney DangerFilms

Runner Up for Best Film
"Specimen #10" by Professor Bigfoot

Best Film
"Miasma" by Monsieur Souer

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Required Elements

Character  Kirk or Kasia Nordenstrom, Environmentalist
Prop  something with the number 10 on it
Line  "That's not what they had in mind." (or "That is not what they had in mind.")

Our Sponsors

Registered Teams

, Amy Belisle
Balls Deep Someday, Peter Monroe
Blitz, Miles Cardin
Bridgetown Darlings, Helen Vank
Cafe Insomnia, Akemi Nagoya
Classy Pancake , Jessica Irgens
Company, Rajesh Bandaru
Consystency / Eye On...Prize, Ernie Conway
Copyrighted Material, William Swaim
Critical End Films, David Dean
Dark Pines , Ian Langenhuysen
Doozy Media, Dawn Montefusco
Dream Reality , Aaron Toy
Ethron Productions, Ethron Young
euGene Splicers, Aleck Thompson
Fetus in Fetu, Nate Celnik
Frutson Films, Matthew Hannon
Gold Team, Riley King
Good Dog, Melody Ashford
GreaseTrapFilms, Paul Smith
Hard Cops, Lucas Cruzen
Heavy Metal, Matthew Christenson
Honeybadger's Revenge, Kelly Raine
Hubris Films, Sean Davis
It's Enough Again, Angela Edwards
Khaaan!!!, Philip Snapp
LeapYear Films, Bill Moldt
Lifted Visuals, Erik Recendez
Lynch Pin , Andrea Pastor
Man vs Film , Erich Demerath
Meaty Films, Jonathon Wiggins
MintBerry, Julian Tricamo-Palmer
monsieur soeur, Michael Entler
Obsidian, Shawn Nelson
PaggroFeline , Mary-Suzanne Lamkins
Pencil Ink, Aileen Sheedy
Pending..., Casey Nolan
PiƱata Badgers, Alexandria Ellis
Plywood Productions, Tom Frisch
Professor Bigfoot, Shannan Hunt
PSU Television, Justin Brown
Rodney DangerFilms, Michael Parisien
Semi-Intresting, Josh Bertholet
Skootch, David Wester
So Wrong, Josh Sonnenburg
Spicy Italian, Joe Dimeo
Stormin' Norman, David Dodson
Suit and Tie, Thomas Tullis
Take 2, Patty McKay
Team Dave, David Baxter
Team Wheelhouse, Anthony Nelson
The Fuck Yeahs, CK Worrell
The Vermicious K'nids, Bryan Hiltner
Time Gem, Alex Harris
Um, I Kinda Missed Lunch..., Jeremy Cropf