Richmond, Virginia July 20 - 22, 2018

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Shields Shoes Productions for winning Best Film of 2018. Their film DECAY will go on to represent Richmond against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2019.

1st Place: Best Film of 2018

DECAY by Shields Shoes Productions

2nd Place: Best Film of 2018

Clean by Bousquet Pictures

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October 19 - 21, 2018

Required Elements

  • Character: Andrew or Ashley Bakerson, Cartoonist
  • Prop: A towel
  • Line: ""Why didn't you tell me?""

Audience Favorite: Group A

Two Cooks in the Kitchen by Fidget Filmers

Audience Favorite: Group B

Fool Party: The Last Stand by Dadgum Productions

Audience Favorite: Group C

The Sitter by Strangers with Cameras

Audience Favorite: Group D

Bakerson's Baggage by Bee's Knees

Best Writing

Without Words by Mirari

Best Editing

Two Cooks in the Kitchen by Fidget Filmers

Best Directing

DECAY by Shields Shoes Productions

Best Cinematography

DECAY by Shields Shoes Productions

Best Sound Design

DECAY by Shields Shoes Productions

Best Musical Score

DECAY by Shields Shoes Productions

Best Ensemble Acting

Clean by Bousquet Pictures

Best Graphics

The Quill of Destiny by This is a Film About Something Productions

Best Effects

Two Cooks in the Kitchen by Fidget Filmers

Best Costumes

In Step with the Wicked by Five Family Productions

Best Use of Character

DECAY by Shields Shoes Productions

Best Use of Prop

Throw in the Towel by Second Chance Cinema

Best Use of Line

In Step with the Wicked by Five Family Productions

Best Sound Recording

Clean by Bousquet Pictures

2018 Film List

  • Andrew's Big day by LightCloud Pictures

    This is a story About a guy meeting a girl

  • Bakerson's Baggage by Bee's Knees

    Sit, stay, play dead.

  • Burgess by Team TBD

    Two parents with a mysterious past are confronted by a previous adversary, will they survive the confrontation? Will they survive the parent/teacher conference from their child witnessing them back to their old habits?

  • Clean by Bousquet Pictures

    Four thieves escaping the police hole themselves up in a warehouse where they begin to turn on each other.

  • DAD by When does football start?

    A young couple deals with an elderly member of the family.

  • Daddy Loves You by Time4Play

    Shea is conflicted over the loss of a father she never knew and the truth of his passing. Never would she imagine that all of her questions would be answered through traveling to this beautiful place in time.

  • Dead Air by Face For Radio

    On a rainy day in the near future, radio journalist, Char, is on the trail of missing cartoonist, Ashley Bakerson. Char follows the lead down a rabbit hole that distorts reality.

  • DECAY by Shields Shoes Productions

    In this distopian world, is life worth living when everything you love is censored?

  • Destiny Awaits by Levi James Films

    A young aspiring cartoonist tries to apply for the Chicago Art Institute despite her teacher saying that she will fail.

  • DIE - NER by Remember Tommy Productions

    Just before a bad thunderstorm, a recent college graduate finds herself in a suspicious diner while looking for her lost dog.

  • DRAW! by Paper Tree Productions

    Coming together before a big job, three outlaws discover that the tensions between them may unravel their alliance.

  • End(less) by Lizards of Oz

    Dying gods face their own end and the coming of age of humanity

  • Fool Party: The Last Stand by Dadgum Productions

    When a birthday pool party is rained out, and a strange note is found at the house, things can go from bad to worse...

  • Foresight by Rebel Geek

    All you need to do is listen; It's harder for people to keep their secrets than they think.

  • Framed by SunFlash Studio

    Mystery abounds when a ring goes missing.

  • Friction by The Voleenteers
  • Full Auto by West Endians, Inc.

    We have to get Donny to the church on time, but first, we have to get Donny.

  • Good Grief by PUSH Productions

    Strange things happen to people when they lose someone.

  • Hot Shots by Midnight Ape

    Shy, quiet cartoonist with a hidden power of hot hands attempts to save a cafe from a robbery, only to find love in the dashing barista who saved the day, instead...and reveal some powers of her own.

  • I Wish I could Fly by Good night Gracie

    Can a child's boundless beliefs transcend reality and take flight?

  • Iglooz by Perceive the Creature Productions

    Dad tries to connect with his kids on July 4th.

  • In Step with the Wicked by Five Family Productions

    With the help of a wise herbalist, a young woman journeys into the unknown to find her missing husband but uncovers a sinister betrayal.

  • Land of Rain by The 70 bros

    Somethings don't wash away.

  • Larson Ranch by Justice Productions

    A weekend trip to the Larson Ranch leaves two girls murdered and questions unanswered.

  • Long Weekend by The Sunshine kids

    An unassuming cartoonist is abducted and abandoned in the woods and left to survive, only to stumble upon a surprise of his own.

  • Loop by Golden Thrones

    A young business woman creates a Time Travel App.

  • No Signal by Atlantic East Motion Picture Co.

    A suburban family, expecting the perfect vacation, gets more than they bargain for.

  • Parallel by White Tiger Filmz

    There is only dismay when parallel worlds collide.

  • RAIN DAY by Geographics

    In a post-apocalyptic world, a cartoonist pushed beyond the brink of sanity experiences a reality-shifting loss.

  • Rude Awakening by Amateur Hour

    Carmella begins to lose herself while coming down from a high and awakening next to her bloodied lover the morning after.

  • Safari Joe by Mini Milers

    cartoonists hero character comes to live to help him turn around his own life

  • Soft Steps by Matchstick Films

    Pursued by a mysterious being, a small boy tries to escape his school.

  • Stays Together by Generational Words LLC; Eyes of Your Heart Entertainment

    Competing for her families attention with the technological age and all its trappings, a dream or visit from a distant collective past causes this young lady to cry out for change, can she convince her family?

  • The 14 Demons of Valentines Day by Studio Schmiel

    She's got a date with the devil.

  • The Cartoonist by SaltFire Studio

    A chatty retiree gets paid a visit from former colleagues looking to shut him up.

  • The Folly Of Donny Chang by Better Cinemas X

    A young aspiring cartoonist seeks to understand the essence of Kung Fu in order to draw a martial arts comic for a mysterious online publication.

  • The Quill of Destiny by This is a Film About Something Productions

    Four young filmmakers set off on an Adventure to cure their writer's block.

  • The Reset by Badass Women

    A woman in the Witness Protection Program is given a button that allows her to rewind her day if she reveals her identity, but the situation quickly spins out of control.

  • The Sitter by Strangers with Cameras

    A hitman on a mission to kill a target arrives at wrong the wrong address and is mistaken for the babysitter.

  • The Tattered Tale by Clear Blue Media

    A quest to find his Daughter reveals more than he bargained for.

  • Throw in the Towel by Second Chance Cinema

    A horrible boss terrorizes all in his path but sometimes the most negative of circumstances can lead to an unbelievably positive outcome.

  • Two Cooks in the Kitchen by Fidget Filmers

    Two Filmemakers discover their true motivation

  • Void by DIP Gobal Media Films

    A young woman embraces depression.

  • Without Words by Mirari

    A married couple on the verge of separation work through a big move in their young relationship.

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