Saint Louis, Missouri May 29 - 31, 2015

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Three-legged Films for winning Best Film of 2015. Their film Whisper will go on to represent Saint Louis against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2016.

1st Place: Best Film of 2015

Whisper by Three-legged Films

2nd Place: Best Film of 2015

3rd Place: Best Film of 2015

Incursion by Imaginary Banana

Audience Favorite: Group A

The Writer by Super Movie Bros.

Audience Favorite: Group B

To Kill an Intern by Anonymous Productions

Audience Favorite: Group C

Wendy by ShadyRow

Audience Favorite: Group D

Best Writing

Whisper by Three-legged Films

Best Editing

Floor 9 by Cheating On You With Cheryl

Best Directing

To Kill an Intern by Anonymous Productions

Best Cinematography

What's Written by Avenues

Best Sound Design

Incursion by Imaginary Banana

Best Musical Score

Whisper by Three-legged Films

Best Actor

Jerry Vogel To Kill an Intern by Anonymous Productions

Best Actress

Shanara Gabrielle Whisper by Three-legged Films

Best Ensemble Acting

Whisper by Three-legged Films

Best Graphics

Wendy by ShadyRow

Best Special Effects

Floor 9 by Cheating On You With Cheryl

Best Choreography

To Kill an Intern by Anonymous Productions

Best Use of Character

Wendy by ShadyRow

Best Use of Prop

Best Use of Line

Best Use of Genre

Best Casting

Incursion by Imaginary Banana

Speak by Executive Productions PRESENTS:

2015 Film List

  • A French Twist by Cantaloupe Meltdown

    Legacy meets tragedy when Poe and Cop try to live up to their family names.

  • A Latte of Espionage by Bad Karma

    An aspiring writer pitches her new idea.

  • Azra by KaRusel Productions

    A dying woman's life is remembered through her poetry as her husband recounts their lives together.

  • Bad Swipes by Wemaboyeah

    Inexperienced burglars try to pay rent by stealing from homes

  • Bird's Eye View by STL-PSC

    A girl struggles what to do with what to with a gift.

  • Birdwatcher by Rising Filmmakers United

    Today Is The Day...

  • Bored on the Fourth of July by Brazen Charm Productions

    Wendy is bored this Fourth of July. Her story is unfinished. Can her daydreams rescue her?

  • Breaking Bread by Stuckstick Productions

    I am here to debug your script of linear time perception, to test your notion of past and future.

  • Breaking the Curse by Cubicles

    A young woman learns to be a hero

  • Call To Darkness by Limited Batch Productions

    One man finds himself at the crossroads of light and darkness and must choose.

  • Clued-In by TAFFI Production

    Imagine that

  • Floor 9 by Cheating On You With Cheryl

    A man stuck in the monotony of life discovers euphoria at the hand of an unlikely mechanism.

  • Hearts Afire by House of Badger

    Romance wins out despite a romantic film.

  • In Focus by Dragon Slayer 360 Worldwide

    A goth, a lout and an ambiguously ethnic racer take part in a lively focus group.

  • Incursion by Imaginary Banana

    One man discovers the frightening consequences of inter-dimensional travel.

  • Kramer County by MBH Productions

    Seclusion and revenge make sweet bedfellows.

  • Last Day by Divorce Ahead

    A college bound student is facing the end of summer and is staring his future square in the face

  • Leave Your Hat On by Los Hermanos Politicos

    Classic tale of boy meets hat, boy loses hat

  • Life Stuff by Proud Mom

    An anxious gal enlists her two best pals to help her overcome one of her biggest fears.

  • Love What You Eat, Eat What You Love by Untitled Sequence

    A down on his luck writer finds inspiration in an unlikely place.

  • Meat Kevin by BROmentum

    Slacker Kevin puts his heart and his stomach to the test while fulfilling his father’s dying wishes.

  • Miss Kitty's Boys by Red Tie

    Duke vies for the affections of Miss Kitty, but Tex shows up looking for trouble

  • Motorcyclers! and Baguettes! by Surrealist Mavericks

    3 strangers experience a dream, that leads them to pursue their greater goals, fates, and happiness.

  • Nasty by Pasty and the Piddle Squad

    Madness, fabrication, or infection, it doesn't matter it's all nasty.

  • Our Daily Bread by Sneakypants

    Give us this day

  • Our Life, Not Novel by Camp Jessop Studios

    An aspiring author and her boyfriend struggle with the idea of publishing their personal love story.

  • Pain (Which is French for Bread) by Vamoose

    A disgruntled writer seeks revenge for rejection.

  • Poe's Pen by Fabrication Manufacturing

    Will Poe suffers another rejection, but his new pen inspires new stories, with horrifying endings

  • Potion Commotion by NYNEfilms

    Not a doctor, not a scientist, a freakin' wizard.

  • Presidents Day by Not Obvious

    Things go horribly wrong at a Presidents Day party when killer Lincoln shows up.

  • RUN by Manor Productions

    When life takes its toll, sometimes all we can do is run.

  • So There's This Guy by Surreal Stage Productions

    During a meeting with a potential publisher, an author's character manifests into reality.

  • Speak by Executive Productions PRESENTS:

    "How ironic...the one thing that everyone wants to do for us is the one thing you're forced to do.."

  • The Adventures of Will Poe: The Journey Through Crystal Cave by Scaryman Studios

    A boy gets lost as a part of a heroic adventure

  • The Cottage by Space Dolphin Pictures

    An aspiring writer looking for inspiration finds more than she bargains for.

  • The Hero by Tequila Mockingbird

    A Psychopath pitches an idea for his novel

  • The Party by Goat Chambz 2015

    Girl misunderstands friends at a house party and it goes terribly wrong.

  • The Writer by Super Movie Bros.

    A journey through understanding and fellowship, where fear can hold you prisoner and hope can set you free.

  • To Kill an Intern by Anonymous Productions

    An intern is given a deadly assignment and receives confusing guidance from his future self.

  • Unedited by Cine Buzz Productions

    Young women seeks to get published and find her place in life.

  • Wendy by ShadyRow

    A tale of an unlikely friendship

  • What's Written by Avenues

    Become unbound.

  • Whisper by Three-legged Films

    Samantha is asked to help with a mysterious incident at a school and the sudden silence of a student

  • Will's World by Cannon Cove Studios

    With his Dad away, one little boy draws in the blank spaces left behind.

  • Write and Wrong by Lexicon Pictures

    Two preppy kids steal the English final of a girl that is a little too interested in getting it back

  • Writers Clock by ThunderGun

    Wendy Poe has the gift to give life to her writings..

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