San Juan 48HFP is Postponed to 2020 Four Points Film Project (online) -- still open!

The  San Juan 48 Hour Film Project has been postponed until 2020.  We look forward to bringing back this project at full strength at that time.  Please subscribe to the San Juan 48HFP newsletter to keep up to date with the project.

In the meantime, if you would still like a creativity boost, take a look our our online filmmaking competition:

The 48HFP's Four Points Film Project
November 8-11th

You'll get an opportunity to make your own epic film--be it sci-fi, drama, comedy, or another genre. And you'll have THREE days to do it!

Imagine what you could do with a whole extra DAY to make your film.

It takes place just one week after our project was scheduled.  Go here to find out more:

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