Toronto, Canada 29 September - 1 October 2017

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Neon Twee for winning Best Film of 2017. Their film Object Relations will go on to represent Toronto against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2018.

1st Place: Best Film of 2017

Object Relations by Neon Twee

2nd Place: Best Film of 2017

The Kingdom in The Closet by Mighty Morphin Hermione Grangers

3rd Place: Best Film of 2017

Split Seconds by Fox and bird

Required Elements

  • Character: Quinn Diaz, Stand-Up Comedian
  • Prop: Beach Towel
  • Line: "Do you even know how to use that?"

Audience Favorite: Group A

Time management by 72 hour productions

Audience Favorite: Group B

The Kingdom in The Closet by Mighty Morphin Hermione Grangers

Audience Favorite: Group C

Timedr by Creative Meat

Audience Favorite: Group D

THE DRIFTER - CHAPTER IV: THE TWINS by Maple Smoked Bacon Chilli Fries

Audience Favorite: Group E

Object Relations by Neon Twee

Audience Favorite: Group F

Split Seconds by Fox and bird

Best Writing

Amouraphobia by OG Blue Productions

Best Editing

Amouraphobia by OG Blue Productions

Best Directing

Matriarch by The Surgalers

Best Cinematography

Jimmy Two-Jokes and the Defective Detective by Jacques and the Cousteaus

Best Sound Design

Timedr by Creative Meat

Best Musical Score

THE DRIFTER - CHAPTER IV: THE TWINS by Maple Smoked Bacon Chilli Fries

Best Actor

Brandon James Sim & Robert Cormier The Hei$t by Do These Glasses Make My....

Best Actress

Brittany Charlotte Smith Amouraphobia by OG Blue Productions

Best Ensemble Acting

Krista Morin & Sergio Di Zio & Dmitry Chepovetsky THE DRIFTER - CHAPTER IV: THE TWINS by Maple Smoked Bacon Chilli Fries

Best Graphics

Timedr by Creative Meat

Best Special Effects

Timedr by Creative Meat

Best Choreography

The Pain Inside Diaz by 416film

Best Costumes

The Kingdom in The Closet by Mighty Morphin Hermione Grangers

Best Use of Character


Best Use of Prop

The Pain Inside Diaz by 416film

Best Use of Line

Time management by 72 hour productions

Best Use of Genre

Swan Song by AAAA Productions

Best Stand-up Routine

Crickets by Team Mouthy Kid

Best Toronto-Centric Film

Bocce by The Winnebagos

2017 Film List

  • A Heartwarming Story by Ghost Chickens

    Three killers battle for the audiences amusement.


    In the end, it's better to give than to receive.

  • Amouraphobia by OG Blue Productions

    A sound recordist and a comedian get more than they bargained for when running lines for a romantic comedy.

  • Beat for Beat by Wreckoning Productions

    A couple struggle to find their harmony.

  • Better by 4:51 PM

    Kat lives her life hiding her major self-doubt behind a wall of confidence and determination. When things start to break down, she must figure out how to pick herself up before she loses everything.

  • Blind Spots by Drum Beats

    A woman in her 30s is left astounded by bitter truths revealed about her so-called perfect life in an unforeseen encounter

  • Bocce by The Winnebagos

    A look at a young Australian sportswoman breaking into the classic Canadian game of Bocci.

  • But It Felt Good by Mob House Crew

    A young boy receives attention for the wrong reasons. His need for attention shapes his future interactions with strangers and his relationships with loved ones.

  • Clown and Out by Reservoir Dawgs

    Nobody loves you, when you're Clown and Out

  • Coming of Age by 666 Ontario

    Actors audition to play the title role in a sitcom based on the life of legendary stand-up comedian, Quinn Diaz.

  • Crickets by Team Mouthy Kid

    Finding your voice

  • Dope Man by Pink eMpire Productions

    A comedian down on his luck decides to try out a new occupation.

  • Dumped by FifteenFifty Productions

    How far would you go for your best friend?

  • Encore by Junaid For You Films

    Two friends try to get their friend to his first comedy show on time.

  • Epithet by Reel Life

    A supernatural force consumes 3 men

  • F*ck You Quinn Diaz by Fresh Films

    A down-on-his-luck stand up comic finds fame, but not success.

  • Flat Broke by Lights Up Studios

    7 ambitious college students clash when they are forced to move in together to save money.

  • Forever and Always by Daley Gamers

    A couples journey through sickness and health.

  • Full Cycle by Studio 8

    A pair of roommates roast each other both on and off the stage, all over a towel!

  • Geosology by The Mavericks

    6 candidates from different backgrounds take part in a mysterious focus group where they will discover the answer to one simple question "What is Geosology?"


    Everyone is looking for their other half, but in the case of Tom, a sock puppet comedian, things take a bizarre turn when they both fall for the same woman.

  • Identity Crisis by Elevate Events

    An aspiring comedian descends into madness as he debates his identity while in search of humor.

  • Internecine by OM FILMS

    A woman's path to survival is threatened by savage law and family bonds.

  • Jimmy Two-Jokes and the Defective Detective by Jacques and the Cousteaus

    When Mimi's sister disappears with a two-bit comedian, she hires a detective to find her. However it turns out that this detective is quite defective.

  • Knock Knock by Nebulatté

    Quinn Diaz, a newbie comedian struggles to overcome the sound of silence and the sound of a stalker at her door.

  • Lost Libido by TECC

    Coh is forced to help search for Kains lost libido.

  • Matriarch by The Surgalers

    Three sisters, late for their mother's funeral get lost in the woods. But to find their way they must first find themselves.

  • Mexican Night by June Optics

    What are you going to do when you don't know who?

  • My Future roommate by The QuickTime Exporters

    Moved into an impractical shoebox apartment, a younge couple is suddenly joined by a degenerate freeloader from the future who shares their address.

  • Neon Gold: The Whitney Sharshine Story by Flawedville

    In the 1980s aerobics was huge, from Jane Fonda to Richard Simons but what about the one time forgot; Whitney Starshine. From being forgotten to her triumphant return; this is Neon Gold: The Whitney Starshine Story

  • Nobody by Dead Plumbers

    In the twilight of his career a hard boiled detective chooses a path which he may come to regret.

  • Object Relations by Neon Twee

    Pinky and Quinn are one of those couples that seem strange at first glance, but get to know them for a few minutes and you’ll see that they truly belong together. After a few additional minutes, you might want to reevaluate that. This stunning documentary examines life and love from a new perspective.

  • On The Loose by SUPER13

    Myself & I

  • Panda-Monium by 8th Seal

    The last comic standing - It's going to be Panda-Monium

  • Peace Pitch by Eyemagine

    "Grace is about to pitch an anti-war campaign. But to sell peace she'll have to embrace her inner warrior!"

  • Quinn Out of Water by Level Eh

    A bumbling comic gets thrown into the world of academia.

  • Reset by Good Morning Apocalypse

    We all get the same 24 hours in a day. What if you could go back and change them?

  • Reverie by Wolfynix Productions

    As memories flash before his eyes, Terrence must come to terms with the clues leading to a cold realization.

  • Rewind by Faywood 16 / sisu production

    Three lost souls relive a fragment of their happy past through an alternative therapy.

  • Riding with Strangers by District 11

    A late night after partying in the city, a woman takes an uber home, finds herself being followed by another driver.

  • ROB by Navel Gazers

    The summer romance that made Rob Ford the man he came to be.

  • Sandy by RC Film & Media
  • Scarred by International House of Chickens

    Some cuts never heal.

  • Shelly by Bambloo

    After Grant experiences an unexpected breakup, he relies on his best friend to get him through it.

  • Sick As Thieves 2 by RAYNU PRODUCTION

    Best friends try to rob a comedians house but the joke was on them.

  • Snap by Unforgettable Pictures

    Quinn Diaz a Femme de Film stand up comedien, moonlights one night only unbeknownst to her- but she finds her voice and makes damn sure she is heard!

  • Soilerella by The TAP Pack

    If the towel fits...

  • Split Seconds by Fox and bird

    A man joins a reckless round of speed dating for the chance to meet his greatest love and rewrite the history of his life.

  • Swan Song by AAAA Productions

    A serial killer at large leaves an unconventional calling card with his victims - a folded towel swan. Detective McDaniels, troubled homicide investigator, is on the case.

  • take [two] by village idiots

    "When opportunity knocks, does it really matter who answers?" - Jon Biscuitsale

  • The collector by The 6 Boys

    Boss asks for his money back

  • The Comedian by Midnight Blimp

    When his jokes aren't landing a young comedian applies for a lifeguard job at a summer camp run by a less than impressed camp councillor

  • THE DRIFTER - CHAPTER IV: THE TWINS by Maple Smoked Bacon Chilli Fries

    As twins Quinn & Jenny Diaz make their annual visit to their parents memorial, they are met by a menacing being, while trying to reconcile their difficult relationship.

  • The Flower Shop by Saving The Cat

    Chaos ensues as an unexpected altercation escalates insanely fast in a flower shop.

  • The greatest joke never told by Effin

    Do you even know how to use that?

  • The Hei$t by Do These Glasses Make My....

    A comedian and an amateur goalie bite off more than they can chew when they get involved with the notorious gangster Big Vic.

  • The Kingdom in The Closet by Mighty Morphin Hermione Grangers

    A man finds an escape from his marriage in a fantasy kingdom inside his closet.

  • The Pain Inside Diaz by 416film

    A comedian discovers he's still coping with the death of his father only to find time heals all wounds.

  • The Psychic by Gaussian Films

    In the age of Fake News, it's hard to tell what is fact or fiction. Two detectives confront a suspected terrorist to find the truth.

  • The Room by All in Black

    He enters a magical room to become others and experience other's life.

  • The Seagull by Wet Weasel

    Dying comedian discovers that life could always get harder.

  • The Standup Cosmic by Stellar Empires

    Crossing to a parallel universe may happen without warning

  • The Transfer by ND Productions

    A terminally ill woman gets a new lease on life, but it is not what she expects.

  • Time management by 72 hour productions

    A group of friends try to compete in a 48 hour film challenge.

  • Timedr by Creative Meat

    Comedian Quinn Diaz desperately needs some new material and fresh experiences in her life and decides to try a new dating app that promises the perfect date, just how many times it takes to get it right is the question.

  • To The Moon. by Minus Comm Films

    An unsuspecting comedian gets roped into an adventure that's out of this world

  • Trust Issues by SCOPE

    An overly busy and absent man is treated by his wife to a special night, but he may have a secret.

  • Upgrade Your Love by Kung Fu Trash Pandas

    A lonely comedian looks to technology for love.

  • Wake Up! by O.W.A

    A friendly oddball and 3 WASPs gather for their best friends wake.

  • War is Hell by Boxspring Films

    Prompted by a curious grandaughter, Nana recalls her tales of wartime.

  • White Walls by KOOLAID

    On the verge of cracking a big case, a detective gets an unexpected visit and shocking news.

  • World Enders by Cookie Biscuits

    Two idiots decide the fate of humanity.

  • YOUTURN by Joint Task Force Films

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