Toronto, Canada 19 - 21 October 2018

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to RABfilms for winning Best Film of 2018. Their film Sir Ludwig's DuClaudian Twins are Alive & Well and Living in the Same Building will go on to represent Toronto against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2019.

2nd Place: Best Film of 2018

Hard Proof by Razilli

3rd Place: Best Film of 2018

Grand Gestures by EverybodyzDad

Required Elements

  • Character: Riley Ludwig, Door-To-Door Salesperson
  • Prop: a head band
  • Line: "In another life, if you're lucky."

Audience Favorite: Group A

The Trainee by Film is a Four-Letter Word

Audience Favorite: Group B

The Hot Return by Pet-a-cat

Audience Favorite: Group C

It's Happening by Fruit Lops

Audience Favorite: Group D

Clipped by Creative Meat

Audience Favorite: Group E

On Hold by The Winnebagos

Audience Favorite: Group F

Agent ACUTO by Ísbíltúr

Audience Favorite: Group G

The Antagonist by Do These Glasses Make My...

Best Writing

Grand Gestures by EverybodyzDad

Best Editing

Hard Proof by Razilli

Best Directing

May Flowers by Asians in the 6ix

Best Sound Design

It's Happening by Fruit Lops

Best Musical Score

Muted by Soon You Shall Know Our Final Form

Best Actor

HALFSIES by Demon Kweenz

Best Actress

HALFSIES by Demon Kweenz

Best Ensemble Acting

The Antagonist by Do These Glasses Make My...

Best Special Effects

The Trainee by Film is a Four-Letter Word

Best Costumes

Muted by Soon You Shall Know Our Final Form

Best Use of Character

For Whom the Ding Dongs by The Bubble Bath Bandits

Best Use of Prop

For Whom the Ding Dongs by The Bubble Bath Bandits

Best Use of Line

The Hot Return by Pet-a-cat

Best Use of Genre

Lady Luck by Threat Level Midnight

2018 Film List

  • Denture of a Salesman by Dead Plumbers

    beauty is in the mouth of the beholder

  • A Price To Pay by White Rice

    A door to door salesman needs $50,000 within 48 hours.

  • After Hours by Resonance Catcher

    A young office lady Lindsay just had a bad day - work overtime in office till midnight. When she is leaving the building, she senses someone is chasing her. At the moment she runs into her car, she find out it is a surprise, but surprise would never come alone...

  • Ageless Acreages by The Razzmatazz Of Reel

    Retired superheroes have a life too!

  • Agent 0121 by Toronto Film Factory

    When Christine, an espionage veteran comes out of retirement for one last spy game, she soon realizes that she might be being played.

  • Agent ACUTO by Ísbíltúr

    Acuto, a hired gun must intercept a black market deal to complete his contract as a killer.

  • Amor Fati by Mouthy Kid

    You have to learn to accept your fate.

  • Another Life by Seven Films

    A saleswoman goes undercover on a spy mission that leads to shocking discoveries.

  • Another Life by Dead Woman Walking

    Friendly exes embark on a road trip to pay homage to a family member when they are forced to confront their own history, not yet laid to rest.

  • At Deaths Door by Purity Films

    Two spies take refuge in a safe house and contemplate their future as an undercover spy posing as a salesman hunts them down, door to door.

  • Beet Red by The Scooby Gang

    A young woman's quiet evening is riddled with fear when she isn't allowed to have her evening meal in peace.

  • Being Here by Looney Toons

    Kara's whole life is planned out to the minute. Stuck between managing herself, and her mother's illness her stress levels have reached their peak. But sometimes all you need is a small interruption to learn that the most important thing in life is just.... being.

  • Blanche by LameSquad

    A cynical man by the name of Louis Blanche goes on a search for something he lost on a drunken night, little does he know the answers to his questions are right under his nose.

  • BLU by The Surgalers

    Better living, better you

  • choisir by Rainue Films

    There's domestic violence victim everywhere. If we don't choose to help nothing will change.

  • Choked by The Actor's Place Players

    Madness is evil thoughts wrapped around your mind

  • Claudia by Detroit Film Studio

    Claudia is desperate to save her mom.

  • Clipped by Creative Meat

    I see you're attempting some espionage.

  • Cold Call by Douglas Productions

    Set in 70’s, a door to door salesman attempts to reconnect with his adopted son.

  • Consolation by Actors Anonymous

    Some people are just better at delivering bad news than others.

  • Dis-Functionality by Sharp Edge Cinematixs

    "where two ends never meet"

  • Domestic 911 by Twisted Wizards
  • Door To Door by 4:51pm
  • Door to Door by Rebecca Rises: Ticketmaster Part 3

    When a young woman is greeted at her home by a door to door salesman, she finds herself interested in his sales pitch and "product" more than initially expected.

  • Door-to-Door by Turbo Riders

    Depressed insurance salesman is followed by an evil presence.

  • Eliminators Part 1 by Toronto Film Studio

    In the future, all thought and crime's are monitored and recorded by an AI supercomputer known as Mother. Mother's will is carried out by a group of enforcers called the Eliminators.

  • eMOTION by Horse Girls

    Friendship is tough when you're a dancer

  • For Whom the Ding Dongs by The Bubble Bath Bandits

    An out of touch salesman tries his best to adapt to a changing workplace.

  • Friends for Now by Senecast

    To be fair, he wanted to meet her friends.

  • Gavin’s Drive by CannelDotCom

    We’re all on our way so you might as well enjoy the drive.

  • Grand Gestures by EverybodyzDad

    A hopeless romantic can't quite seem to get things right.

  • Half in the Bag by GreenLens Productions

    A father and son clash over their apparent similarities leading them down a road of dire consequences.

  • HALFSIES by Demon Kweenz

    When a long-held secret is revealed, an old relationship becomes new.

  • Hard Proof by Razilli

    An unlikely pair of hitmen set out to make a murder look like a suicide.

  • Human, My Dear by The Burninators

    In a surreal world a dog purchases a human companion and shenanigans ensue.

  • In Another Life by Kung Fu Trash Pandas

    A young woman struggling with a personal tragedy discovers a mysterious device that may provide the comfort she seeks... but at a cost.

  • It's Eric by The Quicktime Exporters

    Two underdog door-to-door salespeople attempt to take down the arrogant top dog at the company party.

  • It's Happening by Fruit Lops

    On October 17th, 2018, recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada and everyone lost their fucking minds.

  • Keep Watch by Nebulatté

    A field mission to obtain a code word needed to disarm a bomb becomes a lot more complicated when an unexpected guest shows up to the scene.

  • KINGPIN by Betelgeuse

    I'd like to play the electric guitar, but It hasn't been invented yet

  • Knock Knock by Ocean's 48

    A saleswoman has trouble selling chocolate during an apocalypse.

  • Knock Knock You're Dead by 416Film

    A demon must suffer two fools to gain power in the netherworld.

  • Lady Luck by Threat Level Midnight

    A young woman decides to sell her business and start a new life, but not before settling and old score.

  • Lovers Inferno by Miss.Chief Managed
  • LUCE by ARCH Films

    A young woman finds herself chasing a shadow after an obscure figure leaves a trail of clues.

  • May Flowers by Asians in the 6ix

    An ordinary day at the flower shop...or is it?

  • Meditation Retreat by Sum

    Sito is about to begin a marriage therapy session of a couple using Ayahuasca tea when Riley Ludwig, a door to door tea salesman, interrupts the private session to sell an Orgasmic Tea.

  • Meet You In Another Life by sleepingcrew
  • Memory Lane by On a Chicken Wing and a Hail Mary Pass

    While out on evening with friends, Riley Ludwig gets 2nd chance at Romance for a lifetime.

  • Mind Ahead by Phil Ming

    Austin struggles to control his ability to read minds, often making him seem very arrogant and weird, leaving other people in very awkward positions. This time, he realizes that his powers may not be the worst thing to have after all.

  • Monkey Spa by No Sleep Till Dublin

    Be careful what you wish for

  • Mr. Weir by SteamWorld Entertainment FIlms

    A stranger in town, a series of murders.

  • Muted by Soon You Shall Know Our Final Form

    After the human voice is outlawed, a group begins an underground campaign to reclaim what they lost.

  • nowhere by SAY MY NAME

    When you have nowhere to go, you’re willing to go anywhere

  • Ny Vag by Basement Juice

    A high school lesbian couple watch an educational, new wave, gay film to learn about their sexuality and get closer to each other.

  • Of Dice and Men by Anti-Social Animals

    A group of brave adventurers set out to save our world and end up in a battle between fantasy and reality

  • On Hold by The Winnebagos

    Faced with a tricky situation a woman overcomes her established dependency on others.

  • Reflections of a Salesman by The Ambiguous Case

    A salesman and his roommate discuss a method to save the world from global warming.

  • Riley Undone by Team Caffeine

    Both parties in a relationship grow up in their own ways.

  • S.P.A.D.E. by Team Prometheus

    A Super Powered Agency sends a Team to Detain a Dangerously Super Powered Couple.

  • Sales Tactics 101 by Focus One Motion Studio

    Two women commit a crime and with the help of a quirky salesman they try to cover it up

  • Seeing Someone by D-pad Dynamics

    When her reality is questioned, Madison will have to make an impossible choice between her health and her happiness

  • SHE'S STILL by Passion Overdose Films & Photo

    A young woman, traumatized by a sexual assault, confronts her attacker twenty years later.

  • Silo Spectrum by Hurry and Shoot

    a teenage boy is about to graduate from high school. His father wants him to apply to business school and take over the family business one day but he wants to become a writer. As he is applying to business school he gets knocked unconscious by a book and dreams about what his life would look like if he pursues a future in business. When he wakes up he realizes he does not want to go into the business world and that he will work to become a writer.

  • Sir Ludwig's DuClaudian Twins are Alive & Well and Living in the Same Building by RABfilms

    A ageless sprite keeps two immortal twins apart.

  • SOLD by Shot For Shot

    A burgeoning artist moves to New York in the hopes of making a name for herself, but her expectations don’t quite meet reality.

  • Stifled by 48 Noir

    A girl attempts to escape from a dark, abusive relationship

  • Tears of a Clown by Team Trying

    When confronted with an unconventional form of therapy, a young couple's staycation takes an unexpected turn.

  • The Antagonist by Do These Glasses Make My...

    An out of work salesman seeks help battling his inner demon for control of his future.

  • The Artful Apprentice by Lassy Films

    A grade school prodigy dreams of attending a prestigious internship at the MET in NYC.

  • The Basic Package by The Lakeview

    A dying barters for a better afterlife.

  • The Contract by The 48ers

    The contract will always follow you.

  • The Day of Reckoning by Furious George & the Funky Bunch

    Don't tell me to smile.

  • The Hot Return by Pet-a-cat

    A man seeks revenge after his kicks have been wronged.

  • The Mark by 256doris

    In 2078, AI has become very popular. In county “C” , the government use the powerful and advanced data algorithms by AI technology to replace the traditional government systems. And it provide all kinds of help or information to the people by equally and fairly, to achieve the Utopia.

  • The Pickup by Untitled Project V2

    A car ride takes an unexpected turn.

  • The Sale by HelloThere

    A down-on-his-luck salesman finally makes a sale.

  • The Trainee by Film is a Four-Letter Word

    A gritty anti-hero's interrogation of a criminal mastermind goes off the rails when her trainee sidekick shows up.

  • The Young & The Wrestlers by A Little To The Left

    Flick learns that grown up adventures aren't always as fun as they look

  • Through Their Eyes by Titans of tomorrow

    In a normal world, Mark fights with "dilution of characters" along with her love of life Natalie, who sees her in different characters using the same mannerism

  • Time Out by Kosher Linguine

    One man seeks his soulmate in a world where women call the shots and men are sent back in time to atone for their dating blunders.

  • TIME TRICK by Georges Vanier Secondary School

    a sex worker attempts to assassinate a gangster with help from a time travel device

  • Top Seller by Eyemagine

    When your selling door to door, competition can be murder.

  • Unbound by Alpine Films

    Their power will unite them, their power will devide them.

  • Unstuck by Unicorn Headbutt

    A man discovers he can travel into the past and tries to save his failing relationship.

  • When She Remembered Who She Was by Drum Beats

    Riley rising up to the occasion to stand up against harassment at their work place when she remembered who she was!

  • When There's a Will, There's a Way by Interslice Productions

    Kerry Johnson gathers his children together to discuss death threats he’s been getting because of a popular ab workout he marketed in the 90's that caused hundreds of injuries and deaths.

  • why 11? by Torawkno Media

    a man with bad habits suffers consequences

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