Toronto, Canada 18 - 20 October 2019

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to (notice me) KID VICIOUS for winning Best Film of 2019. Their film I Wanna Make a Movie, or I Wanna Die Trying will go on to represent Toronto against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2020.

1st Place: Best Film of 2019

I Wanna Make a Movie, or I Wanna Die Trying by (notice me) KID VICIOUS

2nd Place: Best Film of 2019

Virtual Tours by Fresh off the Boat

3rd Place: Best Film of 2019

ARE WE by Demon Kweenz

Required Elements

  • Character: Ali Parc, Tour Guide
  • Prop: aluminum foil
  • Line: "So, are we going to do this? or So, are we gonna do this?"

Audience Favorite: Group A

The Fardy Brothers by Invincible Emu Productions

Audience Favorite: Group B

Keeping Up With The Cultists by Crying Elephant Productions

Audience Favorite: Group C

Expecting by Film is a Four-Letter Word

Audience Favorite: Group D

Audience Favorite: Group E

ARE WE by Demon Kweenz

Audience Favorite: Group F

The Independent by The Lakeview

Audience Favorite: Group G

Fishy Company by Minus Comm Films

Audience Favorite: Group H

Best Writing

I Wanna Make a Movie, or I Wanna Die Trying by (notice me) KID VICIOUS

Best Editing

Virtual Tours by Fresh off the Boat

Best Directing

I Wanna Make a Movie, or I Wanna Die Trying by (notice me) KID VICIOUS

Best Cinematography

Oxycorp by Up the Wooden Hill

Best Sound Design

Virtual Tours by Fresh off the Boat

Best Musical Score

Best Actor

Austin Ball The Last Day by RABfilms

Best Actress

Lauren Beatty The Last Day by RABfilms

Best Ensemble Acting

David Benjamin Tomlinson, Mark Allan, Natalie Metcalfe, Nicholas Arnold ARE WE by Demon Kweenz

Best Graphics

Virtual Tours by Fresh off the Boat

Best Special Effects

Polterhike by Mighty Morphin Hermione Grangers

Best Choreography

Around The Hole by Team Dream

Best Costumes

Around The Hole by Team Dream

Best Use of Character

The Independent by The Lakeview

Best Use of Prop

Oxycorp by Up the Wooden Hill

Best Use of Line

ARE WE by Demon Kweenz

Best Use of Genre

Fishy Company by Minus Comm Films

Award of Excellence

Fingers Crossed by Do These Glasses Make My...

2019 Film List

  • A Tour and a Drink by Film Bungalow

    An peaceful night at home is unexpectedly interrupted by unknown intentions and desires.

  • AGENT 43 by Turbo Riders

    A 10 year old girl becomes a super spy.

  • Aluminaughty by Kung Fu Trash Pandas

    A young man races against time through the woods in order to deliver a mysterious package. Will he succeed or be foiled in his efforts?

  • Aluminium Foil: The Environmental Saviour by Lutzie Schmohawk

    Think of a problem. Solve it with aluminium foil.

  • Aluminium Love by SAGE

    A couple trying to fix their marriage gets more than what they asked for.

  • ARE WE by Demon Kweenz

    A memorable holiday visit gives pause to a feuding couple on the verge of collapse.

  • Around The Hole by Team Dream

    To get the sculpture she desires Ali will have to venture into the BDSM club The Hole.

  • Asking Price by State Bird Films

    A desperate game of chess plays out between age and youth when the perfect home is on the line, but who will pay the ultimate price?

  • Atomic 13 by Thyme Lord Productions

    Are we gonna do this?

  • Back To The Yesterday by Furious George and the Funky Bunch

    How much can you screw up by going back in time one day?

  • Bent by 2 Hours North

    A strange woman tries to start a tour company, but struggles to find any customers willing to take a ride in her space craft.

  • Blood & Cheese by Creative Meat

    The most delicious experience Hell could offer.

  • Blue Eyes by Rainue Films

    Blue is the evil color, seeking a way out.

  • Burnt by The Filmaticians

    Ali Parc had a shitty time at work, but his day is about to get much worse.

  • CageBreak by Elora Borealis

    World renown international spy has to breakout of a cage after being captured by the two dumbest employees at an evil corporation.

  • Campaign Survival by Cackle Comedy/Evelyn Eleven Productions

    Politician Danielle Jadeja is in the final surviving moments leading up to the debate. Pressures run high as she encounters hurdles during the tour on the previous day.

  • Chinese Rice by Passionoverdose Films & Photo

    Two guys Competing for the Attention of their Crush, while Cooking Her Thes BEST Chinese RICE!!

  • Chris Chops: A Truth Journey by Unknown Artist

    A Youtube musician gives himself 30 days to become famous.

  • Closure Trip by Hudahudahudah

    Driving to a funeral, the driver is looking for closure for a suicide he doesnt believe was actually a suicide. He believes someone in the car murdered the love of his life.

  • Daddy Issues by Burrito Amigos

    Down on his luck father meets a stranger on the rooftop of his building

  • Dine and Dash by Two Fifty Three and Change

    Two young people come together after meeting a bizarre and eccentric couple.

  • District 50 by Ice Cream Road Trip

    Three people take shelter while trying to figure out their next plan in an infected area.

  • Dos Ananana$$ by Wicked Glam

    Two band members search for love as they bring their music to the world.

  • Drift by Cosmic Phoenix

    “Drift” depicts the story of main character Mark Tenner, how he and his partner struggle within the changing seasons of their relationship. Mark ends up meeting a quirky new girl who changes his whole perspective. Just as he thinks he’s at his most honest and happiest self…

  • Dying To Be Heard by Betelgeuse

    Girl desperate to be heard and seeks the simple company of her friends.

  • ESSAIE by Tehranto Girlz

    In the game of love, there are no winners and losers. There is only try.

  • Every Day I'm Born And Die by Sweetie

    A young metropolitan woman's first day as a vampire

  • Expecting by Film is a Four-Letter Word

    A couple struggling to start a family visit their infertility support group friend and discover she's expecting.

  • Fingers Crossed by Do These Glasses Make My...

    When his brother's finger shows up in a box, a disgruntled man must figure out who took him before it's too late.

  • Fishy Company by Minus Comm Films

    A depressed student returns home for dinner only to find some fishy company.

  • Foil Bra by The Art Kids

    Sex sells, but do foil bras??

  • Foiled by Reel Cool

    Partners in crime unfoil an unlikely situation

  • Foiled by UGO Productions

    After several years, former pro athlete Vince 'The Beast' Di Lorenzo reminisces about his career potential and how things went so wrong.

  • FOILED by RagTag Team
  • FOILED by Hit Sandwich

    Four people gather to solve a murder - but is the murderer in their midst? Can you even murder a paper mâché doll?

  • Foiled Plans by Little Cat Pictures for LIFE

    After Ali (Mahlon) and Kat (Katherine) go on a successful date the evening presents a twist when the girl’s roommates, Brody, Duke and Chad turn out to be bizarre conspiracy, tin foiled hatted theorists forcing Ali to rethink his date.

  • Game Over by Seven Films

    When a university tour takes a turn for the’s Game Over

  • Great Divide by Team Gloria

    A grandpa and his granddaughter go on a tour of Toronto and learn an important life lesson.

  • GRRR Assick Park by Dead Plumbers

    A doting young woman endeavors to facilitate her, very ordinary, fathers unfulfilled dreams of adventure and heroism.

  • Guess What's Coming to Dinner? by East Enders

    An awkward family dinner where the daughter introduces her new girlfriend

  • GUIDED by Soon You Shall Know Our Final Form

    In the near future, on a planet faced with imminent death, one woman seeks to alter her reality.

  • Happily Ever After by Rezara

    Meg and Ali try to deal with the body in Meg's house when a neighbour sees them.

  • Hostile Relations by ExWex Films

    A spy betrays his partner and must suffer the consequences.

  • House of Britney by All the Presidents

    How about: House of Britney When a wealthy prince visits the famous Kensington Estates, tour guide Ali Parc must pull out all the stops to protect him from the house's teenage master.

  • I Accidentally Killed My Sister by Cookie Biscuits

    Righting wrongs, the wrong way.

  • I Wanna Make a Movie, or I Wanna Die Trying by (notice me) KID VICIOUS

    "I Wanna Make a Movie or, I Wanna Die Trying", is a young woman's grand finale in her pursuit of cinematic artistry, and Dallas.

  • In the Ruins of Whitehall Castle by Skirt the Issue

    While on a hike through the woods, Emma is visited by a sprite who challenges her to confront her memories.

  • Infiltrator by Eyemagine

    A security breach reveals a greater threat than the secrets it exposed

  • Ire by the restless

    Waiting for their University tour to begin, 4 teenagers are stuck when they discover that they may not be ready to move on.

  • Keeping Up With The Cultists by Crying Elephant Productions

    A mockumentary about a budding cult in suburbia and their leader “The Golden Child”

  • Lagoona Bitches by H5 Productions

    3 friends meet again for a tour.

  • Last Minute by Ísbíltúr

    A team leader and his assistant try to deliver their 48 hour film project at the last minute.

  • Leave No Trace by BOBODDY

    Two spies rekindle an old rivalry and prepare for a final showdown - but in this 'Spyghetti Western', things may not be what they seem.

  • Legacy by Sharp Edge Cinematixs

    The Past Never Dies?

  • Luna by Perficio Films

    When their dog goes missing, a couple's relationship issues come out.

  • MAID by Bizarre Productions

    Accidently called to the scene of a mob killing, Steph and Julie, two maids realize they've been called to dispose of the body.

  • Making the Cut by Mouthy Kid

    When there is only one spot left @ the most prestigious private school, who will make the cut?

  • ManHunt by Senecast

    A high-stakes chase in the woods that ends in a massive shootout showdown.

  • Menagerie by The Quicktime Exporters

    An overly inquisitive and unwanted guest visits a tour guide after hours.

  • Misconception by T.O.Dynamics

    Creating awareness about mental health

  • Missguided by High Sea Films

    A secret agents' mission to infiltrate a tour guide agency goes awry when he meets his new target.

  • Nessie by 0%

    While traveling on vacation George encounters a tour guide and must consider moving on.

  • Never Eat Shredded Wheat by KO Productions

    Two directionally challenged spies pursue a high profile target; they must find direction before it's too late.

  • No Caller ID by creativemindworkz

    It's about a guy who gets a call from No Caller ID and what follows after the call.

  • Oxycorp by Up the Wooden Hill

    After the last ship to mars leaves earth, a man left behind comes to terms with his role in making this world inhabitable.

  • Panino by Lucky You

    A test drive gone long.

  • Parallel Minds by 317 Productions

    A female hitman is forced to assassinate a senator, but faces a moral dilemma in killing his innocent assistant, a young mother and victim of sexual harassment.

  • Parcs & Wrecks by SURVIVAL OF THE FILMEST

    The Parcs are in a race against time, an all too familiar enemy and cops.

  • Phoenix Wishes by Under the Bus Production

    Phoenix wished away his parents...will these gay witch dads be the parents who finally love him - warts and for all?

  • Polterhike by Mighty Morphin Hermione Grangers

    Join us on a haunted jaunt as we recount the spooky tales of restless spirits and their tragic fates. No refunds.

  • Procrastination by Long Exposure

    Bored out of his mind, a landscaper procrastinates his way into a world of trouble.

  • Purgatorio by Miss.Chief Managed
  • Red Flagged by Team Mothra
  • Refugees by Chaotic Presents

    In a hot zone, Ali Parc takes two people to a refugee tent to see what life is.

  • Retreat by JCJ Productions

    When Tony Zeke hires a tour guide for his corporate retreat, the trip takes a dark turn

  • Robot vs Knight by RV Supreme

    Two brothers battle to determine who would win in a fight of Robot vs Knight.

  • Ruthless by Literally Whatever

    A cold-blooded detective scrambles to solve a series of thefts in Toronto.

  • Sandwich by Slowly Fading into the Background Wearing a Beige Top Hat

    There's been a murder. Somebody killed Ali's sandwich, and she won't stop until she gets justice... at any cost.

  • SARA by anti-team

    A woman's surreal encounter with a nymph takes her through a transformative journey.

  • Sasha's Point by Phil Ming

    Friends go to a forbidden place in search of a supernatural adventure.

  • SAY CHEESE ! by The Frenchies

    Benjamin is french and ready to discover the canadian countryside. Right away he finds a pretty cheap tour with Ali as a Tour Guide. Things are happening under his nose but the canadian countryside is the only things he really want to see.

  • Silent But Deadly by Jump

    The spirit of Crunksgiving is alive and well as a group of friends reunite to celebrate the joyous day of debauchery. But their merriment is quickly interrupted by an incident so troubling that one man makes it his mission to solve 'whodunit.'

  • Slice of Pie by Charizardians of the Galarxy

    A dedicated neighbourhood watch member investigates into a family that has recently moved into the community.

  • SoMa by Hurry and Shoot

    After being rescued from a brutal attack by a kind hearted woman, a young homeless girl starts to pick up the pieces of her life, with the help of a new found friendship.

  • Sound of Your Voice by Bombay Duck Films
  • Spectre Inspectors by Kosher Linguine

    Two teenage best friends solve a strange and hilarious mystery, all while trying to make it to the High School dance.

  • Stellar Setback by Meat Puppets

    All they want is to save the universe and call it a wrap, but when Stellar Command's biggest fan brings mayhem to the set, the plucky crew (and cast) will need all their skills if they're going to save the shot--and the day!

  • Strike by Roble’s Team

    After witnessing a woman being drugged in a bar and failing to intervene, "Ali Parc" sets out on a mission to make things right.

  • Suka by Film Crew Network

    A ride share passenger is interested in more than just getting from point A to B.

  • The Awakening by Awake

    Bruce just wants to spend time with his date, but when she takes him to an alien colony of female telepaths, he is forever changed.

  • The Bond by Book Club Films

    A Passionate theatre director tries to conceal his darkest secret.

  • The Docent Duo by Scooby Gang

    A washed up docent confronts her past when an old friend returns.

  • The Doohickey by 1550 Productions

    Friendship takes a little time.

  • The Escape by The Fisheye Studio

    Two criminals escape a dark past into a fractured present.

  • The Fardy Brothers by Invincible Emu Productions

    Two detective brothers face their most difficult case yet: catching the lawless reprobates leaving aluminium foil calling cards at the scene of their crimes.

  • The Gig by Wandering Bath Productions

    Unemployed and strapped for cash, 2 strangers find themselves thrown into the biggest gig of their lives.

  • The Hollow by BlackPearl

    Samir’s therapist tells him he needs to face his fears but a haunted hotel tour might be more than he can handle.

  • The Independent by The Lakeview

    An Independent candidate goes against all odds to stand up for the little guy.

  • The Last Day by RABfilms

    A couple soak in their last day on earth, as they prepare for the end of the world.

  • The Littlest Parcitect by BrainPuddle

    Dreams can come true with a little kindness from strangers.

  • The Observer by Devani Dianna Films

    So, are we gonna do this?

  • The Outs by Last minute to win it

    Three women, captive in cabins, witness a sign of the outside world; a world they were told no longer exists. They are not supposed to go to the road, but it might be the only path to the truth.

  • The Punch by Unknown Voices

    Foil was his fetish and now it's her biggest fear. A young woman takes back control over her abusive relationship after seeing foil in a different form.

  • The River Gambler by Sets, Drugs, and Rock N' Roll

    Two friends attempt a heist that turns into a worse gamble they could imagine.

  • The Road by HatlangMedia
  • The Royal George by The Village People

    The Devine Dead Diva's Drag Tour takes a dark turn when one of the participants looses his head. But who is responsible? A bewildered detective must sort through the outrageous cast of characters in order to find the killer.

  • The Tupperware Party by The Boys Club

    It's a quaint Tuperware Party in 1971, what could go wrong?

  • The Welcome by Legend

    When you die, you're sent to the realm of death where a tour guide awaits your arrival - and it's his first day on the job!

  • Thin Blue Line by Toronto Film Studio
  • Tone Death by 416Film

    Two cops find themselves in a existential crisis

  • Tour of the Universe by Humble Honey

    A friendly alien tour guide offers the trip of a lifetime to disinterested humanity.

  • Trail Mix by The Loonies

    Three sisters embark on a hike to spread their mother's ashes but their quirky tour guides quickly interrupt their plan.

  • Unseen by The Winnebagos

    Cameras watch every move in a home where the occupants are not what they seem.

  • Virtual Tours by Fresh off the Boat

    A virtual tour isn't always what it may seem.

  • Where are you by What’s up Chuck and Ralph?

    #missed connections

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