Toronto, Canada 23 - 25 October 2020

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Demon Kweenz for winning Best Film of 2020. Their film Three For The Road will go on to represent Toronto against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2021.

1st Place: Best Film of 2020

Three For The Road by Demon Kweenz

2nd Place: Best Film of 2020

Unleashed by The Miss Dalulas

3rd Place: Best Film of 2020

Covid Couple by The Intergalactic Federation of Space Beers

Required Elements

  • Character: Micah Ash, Social Media Influencer / Vlogger
  • Prop: Alarm clock
  • Line: ""We are not all in this together.""

Audience Favorite: Group A

Three For The Road by Demon Kweenz

Audience Favorite: Group B

Rotten by Future Cool Moms

Audience Favorite: Group C

Clucked by Seven Films

Audience Favorite: Group D

Keyboard Warriors by Weird Knocks

Best Writing

Earth to Micah by Cookie Biscuits

Best Editing

To Do: by Wing night

Best Directing

Together Alone by Fresh off the Boat

Best Cinematography

Ring Sour by Without Pictures

Best Sound Design

Ring Sour by Without Pictures

Best Musical Score

Chihiro Nagamatsu Silenced by Mouthy Kid

Best Actor

David Benjamin Tomlinson Three For The Road by Demon Kweenz

Best Actress

Victoria Sullivan Covid Couple by The Intergalactic Federation of Space Beers

Best Ensemble Acting

Unleashed by The Miss Dalulas

Best Costumes

Barseekers by "l", but like a lower case l not an upper case I

Best Use of Character

Get The Phone by Cheap Wine

Best Use of Prop

Hero by Lucky You

Best Use of Line

Silenced by Mouthy Kid

Best Use of Genre

In the Backseat by LIGHTS, CAMER- UH OH


Social Witches by The Boys Club

Best Poster

Clucked by Seven Films

Unleashed by The Miss Dalulas

Ring Sour by Without Pictures

2020 Film List

  • 2021 by LET ME IN

    A nervous vlogger tries to fit in at an elite Halloween party in the age of increasing social anxiety

  • 5 Tips to Make a KILLER...Cake by Arvian's Angels

    On her latest episode of Tip Tuesday, Micah gives viewers her insights on what it takes to be a killer...baker

  • A 19 year old facing his dreams and fears during covid times by Passion Overdose Films & Photo

    A boy and his dreams find themself full of insecurities due to covid 19 and what this implies for the future of humanity as we know it.

  • All The Likes In The World by The TAP Pack

    When a vlog savvy realtor goes to sell a fancy new house, she meets two men, who apparently have interest in the property and her.

  • Ash to Ashes by Phil Ming

    Two friends kidnap Micah Ash and discuss ideas on how to kill her

  • At What Cost? by Vanverse Film Co.

    A young girl tries to go viral on TikTok, putting her brother's reputation on the line.

  • Backspace by Creativemindworks

    A couple goes on Vacation to an air bnb house, During the trip he realizes the actual truth

  • Barseekers by "l", but like a lower case l not an upper case I

    In the future, there are two kinds of people, Influencers, who live in luxury, and Scavengers who live in squalour

  • Before the alarm by The Horse, the Cube and the Ball of Pure Energy

    As Kyle and Alex are anxiously waiting for the first supercyclone is about to hit the City, a mysterious influencer claims it is all a sham...

  • Blinded by

    A young man struggles with Alien Abduction experiences

  • Boxed In by Sleeping Beauties

    A couple attempts to repair their deteriorating relationship through virtual simulation

  • chrysalis by Deadlight Films

    A socially awkward live-streamer/social media influencer develops a crush on her local pizza delivery guy

  • Clucked by Seven Films

    When a group of excited friends visit Chicken Farm; “It’s Feedin’ Time!”

  • Cooking With Ash by Filmmetry

    A social media chef takes his culinary skills to the next level. But with a bigger budget comes bigger problems, ones even he can't influence.

  • Couch, OMG by Unlikely Alliance

    Rachael is trying to move her couch to a new location after breaking up with her boyfriend. Her friend comes around and isn't much help

  • Covid Couple by The Intergalactic Federation of Space Beers

    After returning home to Canada an ‘on the rocks’ couple is forced to quarantine for 14 days...but will they last?

  • Earth to Micah by Cookie Biscuits

    An alien vlogger must evade her human roommate's questions and learn about Earth -- all before her host body expires.

  • Forget Me Not by Minus Comm Films

    A streamer and her editor attempt to reverse a dreadful curse, with tragic consequences.

  • Fortunately Family Forever by Zer0 Team

    Teenage Influencer dealing with her fame and family issues.

  • Get The Phone by Cheap Wine

    A couple becomes obsessed with a social media influencer they've accidentally killed.

  • Glimpse by Still in Motion Studio

    Sent to observe, record, but never interfere. Another cold case from an era forgotten comes across Vanessa Mills desk.

  • Head Game by Kosher Linguine

    When faced with an unstoppable foe, a secret government agency must convince a civilian to do what is right.

  • Hero by Lucky You

    When is routine is broken, Micah struggles against the clock in order to stop climate change before all is lost.

  • Hi, my name is Micah by It’s a match

    After being betrayed by her friend and discovering her phone addiction, a famous influencer goes into a downward spiral until she finds a self help group that will change her perspective on life.

  • Hopeless Romantic by Work From Homies

    Embarking upon her favourite social media influencer's scavenger hunt, a woman is forced to make a decision that could alter the lives of everyone involved.

  • How to Make a Paper Boat by

    A woman tries to build an origami boat that's big enough to carry all her emotional baggage.

  • In Dis 2gether by Sean Kelly Productions

    Social media influencer Micah Ash is haunted by the vengeful ghost of her dead best friend.

  • In the Backseat by LIGHTS, CAMER- UH OH

    An intimate look into a strained relationship.

  • In The Doldrums by Two Little Mice

    Stuck at work late during a hurricane, a young woman fantasizes about a better life as she waits for her ride.

  • Insatiable by UGO Productions

    A cannibal aspiring to end his ways by going vegan is interviewed by the police regarding his roommate's murder.

  • Keyboard Warriors by Weird Knocks

    Keyboard warriors duke it out in the comment section of popular vlogger Micah Ash's latest video.

  • Let it Drown by What's up Chuck and Ralph

    Let it be

  • Minutes with Micah by Maestro Media House

    As a young Youtube Starlet's popularity rises - so does her problems at home and with a certain fan!

  • Monster Hunters by All the Presidents

    Vlogger Micah Ash discovers Monster Hunter subculture through the eyes of bush hunter Gia Jane and monster activist Sam Antha.

  • Murder Phone by Creative Meat

    It's never a good time to check your phone.

  • My Love for You Is Greater Than COVID by Mind Meld

    Two famous vloggers go on a trip to meet and surprise one of their biggest mutual fans. The twist? One of them has a secret: The fan has a bad case of COVID-19.

  • My Scare Lady by Mighty Morphin Hermione Grangers

    When technology and the supernatural combine, one spirit must step up his spook game or face eternal damnation.

  • Papercut Noir by Clever Team Name

    Micah Ash is missing, are PIs Cuttutt and Rondstar cut out to solve the case?

  • PLAY: FREE BIRD by (notice me) KID VICIOUS

    Don’t you wish we could just go back in time? Maybe start this whole night over again. Would you like that, Miranda?

  • Relics by Green Lens Productions

    In a Post-Apocalyptic future, a vicious gang of marauders force a young woman to steal a valuable treasure for them.

  • Ring Sour by Without Pictures

    A strained equestrian couple seeks the guidance of an internet animal communicator to soothe their hot blooded horse.

  • Roommates by Rainue Films

    A day life of Lil

  • Rotten by Future Cool Moms

    A young woman covets the life of a Youtube vlogger and receives help from a witch to make her wish come true.

  • Silenced by Mouthy Kid

    What is the price of having your own opinion?

  • Social Witches by The Boys Club

    Four band members celebrate booking an online gig for an influential vlogger, but one member doesn't make it to the big meeting the next morning.

  • The Castle On The Hill by Cosmic Phoenix

    Micah Ash and his attempts to infiltrate the famous Cast Loma for its secrets with his friends.

  • The Maltese Pumpkin by Toronto Repoires

    When a man carves a pumpkin, he will soon learn the deadly consequences.

  • The Morning After Kill by Cats is Underrated
  • The Next! by The Pangoliers

    When a pandemic weary TV talent show takes on a bossy woman contestant, her act and her attitude sets the show on fire.

  • the unfortunate tale of adam and the burger by JAMOOSE

    what would adam do for his burger?

  • Three For The Road by Demon Kweenz

    Three childhood friends. An unexpected journey. An elusive memory. The spell of grief.

  • To Do: by Wing night

    A boy tries to teach his sister how to ride a scooter, but ends in catastrophe

  • Together Alone by Fresh off the Boat

    In an empty world two people find comfort in each other

  • Trivial Travel Time Pursuit by The Disco Dan Production Company

    Trivial night

  • Unleashed by The Miss Dalulas

    When Famous vlogger Micah Ash partners with a doggy cam company, his life takes a shift he could have never expected.

  • We're all in this together by The Clumsy Kids From 100 McCaul street.

    Two cultures clash and are unified over mutual despise of a meddler.

  • When COVID Killed Christmas by Third Degree Burns

    Some kids would do anything to save Christmas.

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