Tours, France 16 - 18 October 2020

And... It's a Wrap on Filmmaking Congratulations Tours filmmakers!

On Sunday, October 18, Tours teams submitted the results from their weekend of blood, sweat and tears – a completed film! Just a couple of days prior these were only ideas in heads of our filmmakers and now they have come to life.

You won’t want to miss seeing the films at our Premiere Screenings!

Required Elements

  • Character: Jean ou Jeannette Reynet, Fête son anniversaire aujourd’hui (Jean or Jeannette Reynet, Birthday Boy/Birthday Girl)
  • Prop: Une étoile (A star)
  • Line: "On s’est déjà vu non?" ("We've seen each other before, haven't we?")

Participating Teams

  • 2100 créations Suzy MILCENT
  • 3 Furies Elsa Rivière-Poupon
  • Barbecue DC Didier Francois
  • Bigtetoons production Teo BENAIOUN
  • Challengers Julien ANDRE
  • ContreJour Productions Solène Monnier
  • Derniers Reha Simon
  • Flying Fish Isatis Gillet
  • KAP Emie Gallot
  • KiçahFilms Jonathan TSCHAEN
  • La SpontanéiteY Laura Volcy
  • La Team Burton David Gabier
  • Les Abîmés Maxime Lorgerie
  • Les Films de la Grotte Maxime Brachet
  • Les Synedones Kajanthan Gugananthan
  • Les frères Roussel selim roussel
  • Lubeeworks Florent Gauthier
  • L’équipe Clap Laurent Priou
  • Orion Manon Caillard
  • Outsiders Kilian Chioto
  • REEVER Reever Prod
  • REG4RDS CAM Cyril Pinero
  • Random Production Mathieu Duthilleul
  • Score:16 Nicolas Dalemat
  • Shadow Studio Paul Thomas
  • Studio N Gaël Cathala
  • Studio Venu d'Ailleurs Thomas Walter
  • Triangle frederic uran
  • Until Pierre Grosgeorges

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