Tunis, Tunisia 5 - 7 October 2018

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to asbouli for winning Best Film of 2018. Their film Virtual Moments will go on to represent Tunis against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2019.

1st Place: Best Film of 2018

Virtual Moments by asbouli

2nd Place: Best Film of 2018

Required Elements

  • Character: شاكر أو شاكرة، أستاذ - ة- مسرح (Chaker or Chekra, A drama teacher)
  • Prop: شاشية (Chachia (Traditional National Headgear of Tunisia))
  • Line: "...هاذي المرّة الأخيرة" ("This is the last time...")

Audience Favorite: Group B

Me 2 Man by KHON'ART

Best Writing

Tout voir ? by We can production

Best Editing

Best Directing

Best Cinematography

Out of control by WAHM

Best Song

personnage by oldschool

Best Actor

رمزي سليم Paranoia by Squad

Best Actress

سارة كنزاري Let go of me by Xtra Prod

Best Special Effects

Virtual Moments by asbouli

Best Use of Character

1/3 by Heath Ledger Prod

Best Use of Prop

Tout voir ? by We can production

Best Use of Line

Let go of me by Xtra Prod

2018 Film List

  • the final word by Smurfs

    شاكر شاب في العشرين متخرج من المعهد العالي للمسرح و لكن ضروف الحياة و سوق الشغل جعله يشتغل نادل بمقهى ... يعيش شاكر مغامرة بين العمل الذي يشتغل فيه و بين العمل الذي يريده ليعيش تناقض بين الواقع و العالم الإفتراضي

  • 1/3 by Heath Ledger Prod

    ثلاث إخوة يطلعون على وصية أبيهم الذي توفي و يقتسمون المنزلو يكتشفون سر الباب المغلق الذي اوصى به ابوهم و يكتشفون قاتل أبيهم

  • 14 For teen by Zone 51

    the wildness in the eye of a young child

  • 4art6 by latinos

    Drama Teacher practice catharsis with his students ,and locking them in magic world

  • Chachia by HDO

    Un homme rentrant chez lui, ramasse une "Chachia" jetée dans l'ascenseur.

  • Creep by Creative Agency


  • Crew 9-0 by Crew 9-0

    Un homme de theatre qui a des problemes psycologiques

  • Deaf trial - وذنين القاضي by DEDO Light

    Theatrical trial, that takes place in a mystirious court, about a wierd case ..

  • Entre Deux by Machmum prod

    he Lives between love of the past and new love

  • From.. to by team cloud

    حرب طاحنة تدق بلاد فنان يعيش فى خلوة و عزلة يستيقظ صباحا ليكتشف أمر الحرب يعيش حالة من الخوف و الفزع لأنه يجد نفسه ظهيرا بأن يرحل و إن يترك فنه

  • helma / dream by Quick'Art

    Memories of a woman after you choose to give up her lover in front of the theater

  • L'ombre d'un homme by Stray Dog Production

    un homme de théâtre en crise d'inspiration.

  • Lbanc by Cinatrart

    هاذي اخر مره

  • Let go of me by Xtra Prod

    Une nouvelle approche à la peine d'une rupture

  • Me 2 Man by KHON'ART

    This short film shows two characters that have different kind of superpower based on lying in different situations Quelqu'un qui l'exploite dans le bien et l'autre dans le mal

  • Mia Sorella by Young Filmmakers

    Chakra, une artiste Tunisienne et la violence subie par un membre de sa famille.

  • Nasreddine by Face à la camera

    Shaker is a tunisian theater professor looking for dignity in an era of despotism

  • Out of control by WAHM

    A detictive looking after a spy who will show up as a stranger stocker

  • Paranoia by Squad

    A person who gonna die inyo a mysterious events

  • personnage by oldschool

    شاكرة استاذة مسرح في انجاز مشروع فني الا انها انتقلت الى عالم الهوس و الصراع مع ذاتها صلب شخصية و دخولها في عالم الخوف و الغموض

  • Play God by Twilight Prod

    Le professeur Shaker, professeur de théâtre, a des tendances criminelles qui impliquent plusieurs meurtres commis par ses étudiants au théâtre, mais il finit par suivre l'un de ses disciples.

  • Reflect by Chicken Noodles

    A young woman has taken the hardest decision in her life.

  • The box by Piraana pictures

    I like doing movies

  • The doctor by 6/6

    despite all tough condition he passed through, a doctor resist to his bitter past by trying to continue his daily life in a normal way .

  • Tout voir ? by We can production

    The " chachia " wich has been modified in a laboratory , It enabled her owner to see people for what they were .

  • Virtual Moments by asbouli

    Chaker doesn't feel good about who and where he is . He expresses his illness through virtual fantasy

  • Without you by أبطال الديجيتال

    صراع نفسي لاستاذة فنون مسرحية

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