Washington, District of Columbia May 2 - 4, 2014

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Crash of Rhinos for winning Best Film of 2014. Their film Mouse Dad will go on to represent Washington against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2015.

1st Place: Best Film of 2014

Mouse Dad by Crash of Rhinos

2nd Place: Best Film of 2014

Pursuit by WITfilms

3rd Place: Best Film of 2014

The Dirk by Tunnel Rat Productions

Audience Favorite: Group A

Mouse Dad by Crash of Rhinos

Audience Favorite: Group B

Dead "Holliday" by Peterwagon Films

Audience Favorite: Group C

When Life Gives You Melons by Actors with Strings

Audience Favorite: Group D

Pursuit by WITfilms

Audience Favorite: Group E

Reset by Planet M

Audience Favorite: Group F

Noir City by The Big Honkin'

Audience Favorite: Group G

Miss Fortune by Crowded Elevator Pictures

Best Writing

Vaughn Irving, Melissa Kolb, James Meerdter & Doug Wilder Mouse Dad by Crash of Rhinos

Best Editing

Big Tony Lazzeroni Miss Fortune by Crowded Elevator Pictures

Honorable Mention
Igor Dmitry The Dirk by Tunnel Rat Productions

Best Directing

James Meerdter Mouse Dad by Crash of Rhinos

Best Cinematography

Noir City by The Big Honkin'

Best Sound Design

Mouse Dad by Crash of Rhinos

Honorable Mention
12000 by Cup O'Meat Productions

Best Music

Carlos Garza and Richard O'Meara Out of Touch by DC Dogs

Honorable Mention
Thomas Johnson Re-entry by Serpas Productions

Best Song

Brian Steblay PB&J: The Musical by Major Jet Lag

Best Actor

Hunter Christy Noir City by The Big Honkin'

Best Actress

Brianna Lux Miss Fortune by Crowded Elevator Pictures

Best Ensemble Acting

Mouse Dad by Crash of Rhinos

Best Special Effects

Miss Fortune by Crowded Elevator Pictures

Best Costumes

The Dirk by Tunnel Rat Productions

Best Use of Character

More Than We Can Chew by Tangent Filmworks

Best Use of Prop

Foreign and Domestic by Dupont Circle Pictures

Best Use of Line

Out of Touch by DC Dogs

Claire by A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.

Spirit Award Grand Champion

As is by Obscure Reference

2014 Film List

  • 12000 by Cup O'Meat Productions

    Tensions rise when you have a deadline for sweepstakes entry

  • 2042: A Love Story by 1706 1/2 Productions
  • According to Plan by Red Devil Productions

    An eager event planner strives to maintain his perfect customer satisfaction record…at all costs.

  • Anatidaephobia by Imagination Stage Pictures

    Drained by the stress of her job, a young woman's sanity unravels.

  • Animal Film by Bayou Films

    An escaped ape attacks two unsuspecting college students on their way to a party.

  • As is by Obscure Reference

    When a city Couple buys a house on line, they get more than they were expecting

  • Brunch Hurts by Artist Wayfarers

    Charlie goes to brunch, confesses his feelings for Samantha, and walks away triumphant.

  • Car Trouble by East Coast Form

    A pinata delivery to a dog's birthday party goes horribly awry when the car breaks down and madness

  • Claire by A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.

    Your Kid is Next

  • Continuum Events by Bombax Pictures

    A young caterer finds himself out of time when he accepts a new gig.

  • Date Knight by The Hand

    A chivalrous bachelor goes to great lengths on a blind date to win his queen.

  • Dead "Holliday" by Peterwagon Films

    A crazed fan’s gift to a celebrity leads to a comedy of (lethal) errors.

  • Derby Day by Cinema Murcielago

    The stakes are high this Derby Day

  • Dirty Laundry by Ticket to Bollywood

    Laundry would

  • Dote de Leche by AIW Faculty

    A chef's trendy restaurant serves up more than techno-beats.

  • Embalmed by Jamal's Glasses

    Girl visits an old friend in DC.

  • entrustment by Alpha-Bet

    Under boss Samuel canterbury wants too taker over a multi-million dollar empire ran by Leo.

  • EXTRACTION by Cavegirl Productions

    Nothing is certain.

  • Fancy Feast by Taco Briefcase

    Getting a taste of success

  • Father Time by The Famous Makers

    A man of the future abusing the use of a time machine to revisit his dying father.

  • Final Toast by FutureHistoryLabs

    Two rival crews looking for a mole

  • Foreign and Domestic by Dupont Circle Pictures

    How much paranoia is enough? One woman discovered her limits and set out to make a change.

  • Fräulein Frankel's Fabulously Fantastic Fete by LISSSP

    When Opportunity calls Anna and her BFF don't answer the phone.

  • Ghost Squad 2000 by Film Collaborative International

    Ghost detectives find more than they were looking for.

  • Happy Travels by iYou Productions

    Time Travelers from different eras gather for their annual conference.

  • Hit and Miss by Shankopotamus Designs

    An event planner is having a difficult time planning her latest event.

  • Hope avenue by Team ACC

    Something seems wrong in the Canterbury household as the block party approaches

  • I Am Sam by Kingdom Glory Works

    Young naive southern girl is thrust into a big city position, mixed with it's corporate deceptions.

  • Indecision: The Musical by LackThereof Productions

    A group of young filmmakers find themselves stumped while trying to write a musical

  • Just A Chance by Our Film Your Entertainment

    Love Needs A Chance

  • K.A.M. by The Betamacks

    A series of bad dates leaves a woman looking for heads to roll.

  • Less is More by Unknown Penguin

    The 75th Annual Minimalist Society Dinner Dance needs a planner.

  • Little P by Zippy Talkie Inc
  • Love In Time by Sweep the Leg, Johnny!

    There will be time enough...

  • Lucky Hitch by Zaaf

    You just never know.

  • Malignant by Wilson's Elite

    Several friends get together to party at the beach, they're not prepared for the horror that awaits

  • Materniteens by Lucid Gem

    In this new episode of the hit reality show, Samantha and Ashley head off on spring break.

  • Miss Fortune by Crowded Elevator Pictures

    A fortune teller ensures her clients have happy futures, until one reveals negative intentions.

  • Mixed by Avellino Studios

    coffee shop patron makes a huge mistake when a mixed tape is mysteriously left at his table

  • More Than We Can Chew by Tangent Filmworks

    Two friends struggle with finances in morals in when facing unfortunate circumstances

  • Mouse Dad by Crash of Rhinos

    Can a cowardly father overcome his inner nature to prove a squeak of a doubt he's all man?

  • No RSVP Required by Pad Thai Productions

    Dreaming? Losing my mind? Or is the invitation for real?

  • Noir City by The Big Honkin'

    A hard living private eye is confronted with a mystery

  • Out of Touch by DC Dogs

    Deconnecting and Reconnecting

  • Payback by WSLNstudios
  • PB&J: The Musical by Major Jet Lag

    Skip and Kelly worry they'll have to give up their culinary dreams until their neighbor intercedes.

  • Perfect by APCO Orange

    After her life seems to cave in, a young bride gets a chance to change the course of her life.

  • Pursuit by WITfilms

    Run for your life.

  • Quietus by Discordian Films

    What would YOU do for peace and quiet?

  • Rat Park by Untouchable Films

    A man struggles with the weight of becoming trapped in a marriage he isn't sure he wants.

  • Re-entry by Serpas Productions

    See Comment Section

  • Reset by Planet M

    A day gone bad

  • Road Worriers by Art Studs

    You can trust me

  • ROMANCE IS DEAD by Amateur Hour

    Experience modern romance.

  • Sam Gets a Haircut by Bizarro Entertainment

    Sam is in for the ride of his life after drinking a mysterious elixer.

  • Sam's Plan by Just Mezin
  • Samantha '66 by No Dice Films
  • Sealed by Sistine Robot

    If you could know how your relationship ended, would you want to know?

  • Sealed and Delivered by Fly By Night Films

    Sometimes your fate...is delivered.

  • Sellouts by Laughing with the Storm

    A PR firm must put a happy face on alien occupation

  • Silver Alert by NoTime4Pictures


  • Sit by Taylor Creative

    Every seat could take you on a new adventure...

  • Slave to the Rind by Media-Karate

    Former lovers are so different they can't be together so they help each others career

  • Stooly by Steak in a Suit

    He can squeal, but can he talk?

  • The Bird Afraid of Heights by District City

    Children's animation about over coming your fears

  • The Canterbury Clan by 106 Productions

    ...a bounty hunter takes a new job and gets more than he expected...

  • The Canterbury Will by Low Expectations

    Four estranged siblings find the answers to their problems lay within each other the whole time.

  • The Chosen by WIFV

    A son gets sweet revenge

  • The Curiosity by Plan R Film

    An Unwilling Participant Helps Answer Whether Curiosity Does Indeed Kill the Cat

  • The Dirk by Tunnel Rat Productions

    On the run from the mob, an immigrant finds himself in the middle of a very special party.

  • The End Plan by Pickleback Productions

    Genetically proned to a deadly disease, Lance plans for the inevitable.

  • The Envelope by Redpaw Studio

    Evil envelope

  • The Event of the Season by Bright Boy Alert

    65 million years ago, an event planner deals with her clients.

  • The Formula by Montserrat & Co

    Attempting to prove that time travel is impossible can be a dangerous scientific endeavor

  • The Heist by Mirandum Pictures

    A man must hack into a safe without waking the baby.

  • The Jacket by R Street Productions

    A Captain's jacket reawakens a man's desire for love and romance with his wife and the sea

  • The Journey by Studio121
  • The Legacy Factor by 4&9 Productions

    see comments below - there was not enough room for our log line here.

  • The Opening by Two Proof Films

    Aspiring artist makes the best of a complicated opportunity

  • The Reuben Affair by Film so Hard

    A classic pre-wedding affair gone wrong crime with a delicious twist...

  • The Ultimate Event by Citra Productions/CVA

    Philbert hires an events planner to help with a "life transitioning event."

  • Trunk N' Love by Twelve14

    A event planner finds his own life out of control

  • Trust by Hurst St Productions

    Three criminal are forced to trust each other against their best interests.

  • Twice Upon A Time by Aura Media Productions

    A young girl falls into a world of magic and faces off with an evil queen.

  • Uke & Trust Me by Tohubohu Productions

    A quirky band of musicians inadvertently gives a married couple a new outlook on life.

  • Waking Up by Zonkey Pictures

    A recently deceased man's family members come to grips with his passing.

  • Welcome to Toucherville by Fill in the Blank
  • Wetwork by Bootleg Entertainment

    It's just politics

  • When Life Gives You Melons by Actors with Strings

    A brother and sister struggle with reality in a cabin in West Virginia.

  • YOU KILLED SAM by Gazpacho


  • Your Perfect Event by ActinDude Productions

    A widower is approached about planning his 25 year wedding anniversary, his perfect event.

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