2020 Gira Comenzando

2020 has brought lots of changes to the world around us.  The 48 Hour Film Project returns to selected cities in a new, online form, featuring an online Kickoff, online Drop Off and live streaming Premiere Screenings of the films.


October 16-18, 2020

All Events are Virtual!

The traditional 48 Hour Film Project was canceled in your city this year, but the US Virtual 48HFP offers you and your team an opportunity to make a film and possibly be selected for Filmapalooza.

The US VIrtual 48:

Is open ONLY to teams in cities where there was no 48 Hour Film Project in 2020 Places each team in a streaming/judging group based on geography--24 teams per group (max) Features streaming of all films and awards--including the Audience Award Screens the Best Film from each streaming/judging group at Filmapalooza The health and safety of your team are always important—and of particular emphasis this year. We provide teams with a copy of “Safe Sets Recommendations” that cover most aspects of making a film. In addition, we will be requiring each team to send us a Certificate that one of the team members has completed an online Safe Sets course. (The course allows you to go at your own speed and usually takes 15-30 minutes to complete.) For more info, click here: https://48hourfilm.com/news-articles/194/48HFP-Safe-Set-Guidelines

Streaming/Judging Groups

Teams will be placed in geographic streaming/judging groups of up to 24 teams. Each streaming/judging pool will send the Best Film from the pool to Filmapalooza!

NOTE: If there are 12 or more teams from a city, those teams will form their own separate streaming/judging group. (e.g., if there are 14 teams from Chicago, there will be a Chicago judging pool. And the winner will be the Best Film of the Chicago 48HFP!)

All the Elements of the 48HFP

· Kickoff with two genres to choose from and a character, prop and line of dialogue to include in your film

· Drop Off on Sunday night—this year you can upload your film and paperwork

· A premiere screening online—see your film and enjoy other filmmakers’ films

· Awards Announcement—with one film from each streaming/judging group going to Filmapalooza


The US Virtual 48HFP is open only to teams from the official list of “US Virtual 48HFP" Cities. Our definition of “from” means that one of the following applies to your team:

a) one or more members of the team live in the MSA (metropolitan statistical area) of the city, and/or

b) the team has participated in the city’s competition in the past, and/or

c) you registered for the city as part of the New Year’s Promotion in January 2020.

Not only will the Best Films of the US Virtual 48HFP screen at Filmapalooza, but they will also be eligible for the annual global 48HFP awards! In addition, they will compete to be selected for the 48HFP Screening Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner!

Register your team today!


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