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48HFP Filmmaker In 'Rebel Without A Crew' TV SeriesMonday, May 7, 2018


Robert Rodriguez would be proud of us all.

If you're not familiar with it, his 1995 book Rebel Without A Crew has become a staple in any modern filmmaker's library.

It outlines how Rodriguez as a young man basically sold his body for science to fund his first feature film El Mariachi. He showcases a series of guerilla filmmaking principles that the 48 Hour Film Project was based on.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of El Mariachi, Rodriguez decided to do something fun and challenging. In his book, Rodriguez lays out the limitations of shooting a feature film on a budget of just $7,000 and over the course of 14 days. Now, he has invited five filmmakers from around the country to take on that same challenge, and turned that into a reality TV show that goes by the same name as his book, Rebel Without A Crew.

48HFP filmmaker Alejandro Montoya Marín was one of five directors across the nation that were selected to be a part of the series. They were filmed for the show while they were also taking on the challenge of shooting their low budget feature films.

Marín, a 48HFP filmmaker from the Albuquerque region, is no stranger to the limelight. His award winning 48HFP film "The Joneses" won a competition to be turned into a TV pilot and was featured in our 48HFP newsletter a couple of years ago. It seems that the spotlight is still shining on Marin and all of his filmmaking achievements.

To watch Marín and the rest of the filmmakers go behind the scenes of what it takes to put together a feature film with only$7,000 and 14 days, watch Rebel Without A Crew on the El Ray Network or at https://www.go90.com/shows/rebelwithoutacrew.

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