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Alumni Achievements: How One 48HFP Actor Takes On Hollywood While Living In D.C.Thursday, October 11, 2018

JeffWincott-at-TOIFF2018-September82018Most people would think that you really need to move to LA to get regular bookings on major TV shows, but for 48HFP veteran actor Jeff Wincott, location has never been an issue. He lives in Washington, D.C. with his family, yet still manages to get featured on shows like Person of Interest, Sons of Anarchy, and The Good Wife.

In a recent article from DC Theatre Scene, Wincott spells out exactly how he manages to balance his family life with his life as a working actor (it does involve a lot of travel). In the article, he talks about bringing his 8 year old son to New York to audition for a Ridley Scott project because his wife was working at the time. While some people might see a wife and child in D.C. as a hindrance to the hustle required to make it as an actor in television, putting down roots outside of Hollywood clearly hasn't slowed down Wincott.

He recently had not one, but two different films that screened as a part of this year's Toronto Independent Film Festival. Wincott wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the short film "Behind Bars". The other film, "Lustig", he actually got involved with through a connection with the 48 Hour Film Project.

“It was filmed in 2007," Wincott told DC Theatre Scene. "When I finished doing a 48 Hour Film Project in Virginia, the producer who did that 48 hour film — we ended up winning Best Film in the festival and I ended up winning Best Actor for that — but he introduced me to John Black and said, ‘I think you should put this guy in your next film,’ which, at that time was "Lustig".

Wincott goes on to tell a great story about getting the role because he was able to count to ten in German. That (along with his acting skills) helped win him the role. He was given just a week to learn the rest of his dialogue for the film in German. Wincott must have a gift for language. Even in that short amount of time, the film won the Grand Jury Prize for both the Rosebud Film Festival and the Virginia Independent Film Festival.

The 48HFP film that Wincott appeared in and won Best Actor was "Decisive Moment" by The Branching Films. It was the Best Film winner of the 2007 Richmond 48HFP. Even though his schedule now is filled with Hollywood film & TV appearances, he has a lot of love for his 48HFP experience from back then, and thinks it's a great way to jump into or further your film career. "The 48HFP is a wonderful way to get involved in your film community and to network with like minded people. "

We're always happy to see Wincott when he appears on our TV screens. To learn more about him and follow his upcoming appearances, check out his website http://www.jeffwincott.com.

Watch the 2007 Best Film from the Richmond 48HFP, "Decisive Moment" by The Branching Films, below. 

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