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The 48HFP Takes You PlacesWednesday, April 20, 2022


   On April 29, the 48 Hour Film Project kicks off in Jacksonville and Madison in the US, and in Arnhem, Netherlands and Lisbon internationally.  Thousands of filmmakers and would-be filmmakers undertake this filmmaking adventure each year.  Why? Because the 48HFP takes creatives, gives them an experience, sets them on a path to future success and leads to recognition and careers.

  The 48HFP is for filmmakers of all levels because regardless of your skill set entering the Project, with every completion of a 48 you've improved your filmmaking capabilities.  For many people, the Project simply represents the chance to stop talking about making a film and to get out there and actually make one.  For beginners, it is a chance to discover a passion for storytelling using the moving image.  For intermediate filmmakers, its a chance to show off your skills, add to your reel and network with other filmmakers.  And for the pros, the 48 is the opportunity to try new techniques and to make something for yourself not a client.

  The best way to get better at anything is to practice.  The 48 Hour Film Project provides the opportunity and rewards you with a screening.  The limitations of the 48HFP are common to 99% of all film shoots: tight budget and tight deadlines.  But the skill that may prove most sought after is problem solving, and regardless of whether you are making an indie short or a Hollywood feature, there will be surprises on set.  The 48 Hour Film Project  requires you to become a creative problem solver.

  In addition to taking you on a filmmaking journey, the 48HFP provides opportunities for top films to go to Filmapalooza and the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner.  Next year, Filmapalooza will be held in Los Angeles--the heart and soul of the filmmaking world.  And, we're introducing a new competition in December, the Yes We Cannes.  Only the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams in each city are eligible for this Project and we'll be adding a second screening in Cannes showcasing the winners.


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