World-Wide November 13 - 16, 2020


Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Phoenix Productions for winning Best Film of 2020. Their film No Comment will go on to represent World-Wide against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2021.

1st Place: Best Film of 2020

No Comment by Phoenix Productions

2nd Place: Best Film of 2020

The Man in Red by A Tiny Ram Films

3rd Place: Best Film of 2020

Divide by Zero by Monkeyshoot

Required Elements

    These were announced via an email to the team leaders.

Audience Favorite

Divide by Zero by Monkeyshoot

Best Writing

The Martin Family The Man in Red by A Tiny Ram Films

Best Editing

Deadpan! by Fool's Pajamas Productions

Best Directing

Jake Delaney No Comment by Phoenix Productions

Best Cinematography

Joas Burggraaf Divide by Zero by Monkeyshoot

Best Sound Design

Robert Parr Monster by Watershed Films

Best Musical Score

Uppercut by L'équipe oui l'équipe

Best Actor

Rudy Eisenzopf Love Package by Red File Actors Studio

Best Actress

Ariadna Santana The White Witch by Habitude

Best Supporting Actor

Richard Woods Words and Wonders by Distant Calling Pictures

Best Supporting Actress

Anastasia Mara The White Witch by Habitude

Best Special Effects

Connections by Tamra Films

Best Costumes

OLD TIMER by Fallen Light Media

Deadpan! by Fool's Pajamas Productions

Best Use of Character

What’s Eating Gilbert’s Terminator by Byerfilms

Priority Mail by Resilience

Best Use of Prop

Stand-Off-Ish by Inglorious Productions

Love Package by Red File Actors Studio

Best Use of Line

Priority Mail by Resilience

Best Use of Genre

The Man in Red by A Tiny Ram Films

Best Youth Performance

The Man in Red by A Tiny Ram Films

2020 Film List

  • 2020: The Final Disaster by Reigny Day

    After an alien substance goes missing from a top-secret lab, one special agent investigates the crime.

  • 7th Son by Ruff Ruff Dog Productions

    A lovesick teenager tries to convince his alcoholic mother to user her psychic powers to discover what future tragedy is going to happen to his girlfriend

  • 8th Birthday by ADHDtown Productions

    A girl and her father are faced with mysterious occurrences.

  • A Hero's Intervention by G.COLE Productions

    A Physician Assistant relives her tragic past in an attempt to enlighten a lone survivor of a plane crash - a young boy with superpowers.

  • A Single Drop of Water by Xan Tippe Productions

    Two sisters share a journey of healing

  • Acceptance by Tea and Bag Production Company

    Two detectives investigate a murder of someone really close to them

  • Adele Me to Hell by RakBibi Productions

    Nazi demon sends by mistake a jewish person to the wrong hell.

  • ALTER by Mad Crab Productions

    Welcome to ALTER: a safe space for particular individuals.

  • Antigen by Guano Loco

    On the ten year anniversary of her son's death, Nell Flores is on a one woman crusade to exact revenge from the vaccine making she blames, one trial participant at a time.

  • baddie. by Zima Films

    A Russian actor trying to make it big in the US, finds himself being constantly offered a certain type of role.

  • Bite by NachoCinema

    You are never alive until you are dead.

  • BLACK CAT by Cicchettis

    An accidental bet between two old friends who met on the street, ends up into a reunion of the entire gang from high school.

  • Blink by Studio15

    Do you know who the real you is?

  • Blood Code by SunnyEggs

    Caught between nightmare and reality after the death of her sister, the genetic counselor Julia Fischer is researching a new type of DNA structure. She has deciphered the link between the living and the dead with grave consequences. The ghost of her dead sister haunts her. Escape or hiding is impossible from a vengeful spirit that has been disturbed in its peace.

  • Brains by Undiscovered Talent

    In this reality show competition a group of people are put in a house where they must discover who among them is a zombie.

  • Brown Mamba by VOXAVILA | Films

    One mail sorter gets over his head

  • Bygones by Walkie Talkie Productions

    An optimistic woman sets up a meeting with 2 women from her husband's past during the holiday season.

  • Catnipped by Strathouse

    Logan Anderson deals with the grieving process as he tries to take care of his diseased girlfriend's cat.

  • Child's Game by Alone

    Hard times cannot stop dreaming

  • Classified by Kingwood AV

    A quiet mail sorter is forced to overcome her timidness when an unexpected event causes her to question her morals.

  • Compostal by Messy Shed

    A guy's produce goes on an adventure after he throws an old celery stick away.

  • Connections by Tamra Films

    While waiting in line for a book signing, a young man finds it difficult to make a connection with an attractive woman.

  • COVID Blues by Chickens vs. Sputnik

    A dedicated healthcare professional battles the anxieties and frustrations of a worldwide pandemic created by an evil force of invisible viruses, to eventually look at hope, victory, and deliverance.

  • Dara Gold by Too Much Damn ("TMD") Theater

    Find a way to make your gifts work.

  • Deadpan! by Fool's Pajamas Productions

    The west is a dangerous place and no one knows that better than Billy the Bartender. His saloon is filled with powerful punching poker players who aren't afraid to do whatever it takes to go all in.

  • Deal by Speed Monkey Studios

    A rideshare driver and his passenger discuss life.

  • Death By Khakis by The Baby Boy Long Shots

    Never wear khakis to a COVID test.

  • Deck 'Em by Can We Change This Later? (productions)

    A father decides to take revenge on Santa for ruining his daughter's Christmas.

  • Des by Adobao FILMS

    A couple drifting apart rediscover there romance.

  • Divide by Zero by Monkeyshoot

    Julian is questioned about his actions, but things quickly reveal themselves to be different than he had always believed.

  • Don't Peek Under The Placemat by PDX Filmmongers

    A coveted item could lead to doom.

  • Ein Held im Ruhestand by WerkstattBerlin

    "Ein Held im Ruhestand" is encounter with a superhero.

  • Fishsticks by A Slightly Drunk Production

    A doctor and a businessman are starting their day while both have a very mysterious delivery. But things are going differently than expected.

  • Genes vs. Mind by House Of Experiments

    Lilly believes her problems are genetic, so when she goes to see a genetic counselor...

  • Genetic Hunter by Beluga Films

    A soon-to-be mother is drawn to learn more about her future child. She learns a lot more than she expected during the process.

  • Guest Who by g4i productions

    A couple rents out a room to an unexpected guest, but is she really who they think she is.

  • Heartless by Tired of People

    Some moments leave you breathless, others leave you heartless.

  • Human being by Escape Crew

    After implementing near total ban of abortion in Poland women were forced to look for help in unconventional, experimental methods of insuring a healthy pregnancy provided by ginecolotists. Not all of the medics do it from the goodness of their heart.

  • INAUGURARE by DrawsAreHardToHand Productions


  • Junk Drawer Sugar by Ragged Ristra

    A morning routine and an unexpected trip to the 'junk drawer" offers a glimpse into an alternate reality.

  • L0GAN AN3RSON by Maples MET

    A political ad is hijacked and things get creepy.

  • Lakewood by Banana peels pictures.

    a team investigates Lakewood theatre.

  • Love Package by Red File Actors Studio

    A middle-aged man awkwardly tackles the internet in his quest for true love.

  • Moment In Time by Rush of Blood to the Head

    In a society where powerful cards give the wielders superhuman abilities, controversy over the legal limits to the possession of said cards causes foul-play amongst a trio of friends.

  • Monster by Watershed Films

    A teacher meets with the school psychiatrist after a questionable incident at school.

  • Murder Failed Successfully by Falling October Productions

    A masked murderer finds himself in a mysterious circumstance when he discovers each of his would-be victims to be already dead.

  • No Comment by Phoenix Productions

    A single father's struggle to keep a household going, while his son awaits trial for an unimaginable act.

  • Nonsensus by The Syndicate

    We don't know who be shit.

  • Of Ham and Spy by Starscape Productions

    After a jogger smashes his sandwich, Agent Sebastian Collins goes on a personal vendetta to avenge his meal.

  • OFFICE DREAMS by Chaos Theory

    Not just another day at the office.

  • OLD TIMER by Fallen Light Media

    Old Timers love to spin a yarn about the glory days

  • Open House by Izzo Pro

    Open House, "You have to see the garage!"

  • Open House by The Andrew Bond Experience

    Two best friends, Nell and Ana, get into shenanigans on a mini holiday celebrating Nell's promotion to physician's assistant.

  • Pandora's Curse by Savannah Tech Intro Students

    A burglar invades the home of a Physician's Assistant, with disastrous results.

  • Priority Mail by Resilience

    When Lily learns her longtime crush is moving across the country, she's left with the choice of letting her go, or telling her how she really feels.

  • room 601 by Exile Films

    Overwhelmed by her work, physician assistant Nell Flores seeks a quiet moment alone in room 601, where she unexpectedly meets Jack, a young man who is far, far away from the world in which he is dying.

  • Secure The Bag by EL Levation

    I thought you were leaving.

  • Socially Distant by six21 Pictures

    Ned Flores just wants to spend the weekend with his wife, but when he gets news of an outbreak, he takes his quarantine too far.

  • Solace by Red Hills Productions

    After receiving bad news, Catelyn isolates herself in an attempt to explore her inner demons.


    A veteran suffers from PTSD blames himself for the loss of his soldiers, but is he at fault?

  • Some Call It Mercy by Studio Liminal

    Amid global disaster, a grand-daughter and her grandmother’s relationship determines the future of humanity.

  • st nicks only by Clamiversary

    A disgruntled elf discovers a secret in Santa's mail.

  • Stand-Off-Ish by Inglorious Productions

    All is normal in a quiet western town until one fateful day, an outlaw arrives, the town's sheriff senses danger on the horizon, and what follows is a story that, like all good westerns, ends in a classic showdown, but who will win?

  • Summer Blockbuster by Kick A Rock

    Sofia and Aaron begin a quest to write the most epic summer blockbuster of all time.

  • Supercharged by Lab of Pain

    A mother has to rescue her supernatural baby, after being tricked into gifting it to an electricity cooperation.

  • Survival by The Brothers Razzante

    An unexplained phenomenon leaves one man searching for others. Will he find help and does he have what it takes to survive?

  • TED, Your Virtual Assistant by Adcommunists

    A trained hitman must follow new COVID-19 Guidelines in order to eliminate his target.

  • Tef by Trébuchet

    We will have to wait until tomorrow.

  • The Complaints Handler by James Hyams

    Young Sam Walker goes on a bad trip at a house dance party - who will survive her psychotic episode?

  • The Crew's Gambit by Buc Films

    A group of thieves take it personally when a woman defeats and overpowers them, and they hire outside help to attempt revenge.

  • The Cure by Les sauvages

    A Desperate Doctor on an Island tries to save his patients from a strange disease

  • The Dream of Every 48 Team by Watwatwatproducties

    A 48 hour project team fails to upload his musical film on time and decides to travel back in time to redo it all over again without making the same mistakes.

  • The Edge by Twisted Hat Creations

    Blukas' journey to the edge of his melting world.

  • The Effects of Agony by Animistic Cinema

    The story of an emotional struggle within a young man.

  • The Legend of Drunken Brewmaster by Nebulus Visions

    Andy Wright is crusin' for a brews-in.

  • The Man in Red by A Tiny Ram Films

    Special Agent Sebastian Collins takes on the case of a concerned kid, but things aren't all they're cracked up to be in the chronicle of contradictions.

  • The Master of the Dragon Tear by NC Productions

    A battle to the death will determine who will be the true master of the ancient and mystical Dragon Tear.

  • The Other Side by Guerrilla Aesthete Productions

    A terrible secret is uncovered as two old friends share interdimensional phone calls.

  • The Second Sight by Dark Knightz Productions

    A film about a guy and a girl always crossing paths in every life time.

  • The Walking Duds by Bright Eye Pictures

    Fight the Dead. Avoid the Duds.

  • The White Witch by Habitude

    The White Witch is about a mother who is so invested in her work that she cannot spend time with her child. Her partner tells the kid fantastical stories about her mother's job while lamenting that she isn't there to tell these stories herself. A story about finding the time to be with our loved ones, no matter how important is one's job.

  • There is no Penguins in Alaska by Sunny Days

    A hero's redemption can never go as planned.

  • Tulpa by 4MN

    Struggling with guilt and PTSD, a young woman tries to survive.

  • Unlayered by Team Spitting

    Sophia Collins, Special Agent, Department of Psychic Powers is on the hunt for someone with psychic powers.

  • Uppercut by L'équipe oui l'équipe

    A Woman learns she has cancer and decides to use her remaining 2 months to get revenge on her rapist

  • uuuM…Huh by Fear, Fantasy, REALITY


  • VR No Jutsu by Almost Good Films X Jabronie Pictures

    A gamer gets sucked in to a Ninja themed video game.

  • Waiting for Backup by Casual Nerd Friday

    After completing their mission, these special agents must face an even bigger challenge: small talk.

  • Walks Of Life by Nominative Determinism Productions

    Impromptu road trip between two roommates leads to a better understanding of one another.

  • What’s Eating Gilbert’s Terminator by Byerfilms

    Someday I’m going to plant a tree

  • Words and Wonders by Distant Calling Pictures

    Love is only measured by love lost through time

  • You Kill Me by Weekend Films

    Dating Can Be A Killer

  • Zout by Infiltrados

    Charlotte, an influencer, came back from the USA to her hometown. She invites her two high school friends, Julia and Marc to a beautiful apartment to celebrate their reunion. The latter are impressed by her success.

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