Locations and Legends avril 14 - 18, 2021

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Carotte Team for winning Best Film of 2021. Their film Of pipings and rings will screen at Filmapalooza 2022.

1ère place: Meilleur film 2021

Of pipings and rings par Carotte Team

Les éléments imposés

    These were announced via an email to the team leaders.

2021 Liste de film

  • Bumbleboi par dPost

    An alien farming drone is Earth's only hope.

  • DANDY SAM par Julip Chowers

    Sam Scampy performs his one man show for an apathetic audience. Who is really controlling the energy though?

  • Dream Vacation par Perfect Time To Panic Productions

    A Dream Vacation, But For Who?

  • Escapism par Last Call

    Tiffanié Teulet is in her own happyplace, she is escaping someone, an evil plumber.

  • Framed par The Donner Party

    Getting Framed Outside The Box

  • I Met My Mirror Universe Twin in an Empty Theater and Told Them My Secret... par Great Scott Studios & Indiefair

    what it says on the tin

  • King of Earth par Actors with Strings

    An Actor from a Shakespeare in the Park version of King Lear is abducted by Aliens who mistake him for the King of Earth.

  • Leak par Café 19

    A mafia boss has to make a confession about a mole in the police.

  • Lucky Nails par Pixel Akimbo

    Investigating competing farms. Two men stumble upon a devious ranch hand.

  • Of pipings and rings par Carotte Team

    "Of pipings and rings" is a comedy in which a young man loses the wedding ring he wanted to give to his fiancée.

  • Once Aprawn a Time par O-Studios

    Miles finds love in an unusual way.

  • Rainbow Man par The Alumni

    A young boy, trying to come to terms with the restrictions of a National Lockdown, seeks to remind all around him that there is hope at the end of the rainbow.

  • Sean Zielinski's Western Comedy Animated Film, Starring: One Person Who is Also the Director par END Studios

    In "Sean Zielinski's Western Comedy Animated Film, Starring: One Person Who is Also the Director", a bounty hunter searches for a murderous man, but there is a wall stopping him — that wall is the fourth wall.

  • SOR par Draws Are Hard To Hand

    After Gabriel’s wife walks into the water, his new career path has him diving deep.

  • The Ballad of the Bee and Sweet Chickadee par Destination Weird

    A bee makes a grave mistake when taking a rest next to a young child's tombstone.

  • The Mountaintop Eagle Man par Plaid Shirt Productions

    A small town learns the origin of their annual sustenance festival.

  • THE ORB par This is a Film About Something Productions

    On a mission to collect a powerful artifact, "The Dude" runs into some unplanned complications.

  • The Rancher's Son par Ashbrook

    Crunch Hardtack's big dreams clash with the simple life his father has built for him.

  • The Scoop in the Coop par Media Desperado

    When a small farm starts to turn belly up, rumors run wild amongst the animals, but their innocence separates them from human reality.

  • Three Story Tales par Team Spitting

    Three Story Tales is a vignette film set in an apartment building with three apartments on three different floors.

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