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Bienvenu au 48HFP

Vous êtes réalisateur, acteur, monteur, cadreur, ou ingé son et vous aimez vous mettre à l'épreuve ? Professionnel, étudiant, amateur  passionné voici le concours dont vous rêviez.

Le 48 Hour Film Project est une opportunité de faire un court-métrage quelque soit vos compétences et de venir le voir dans votre cinéma de quartier. 

Villes Week-end de compétition

How It Works

It sounds simple:  Make a film in 48 hours - 2 days - one weekend. Here’s the catch - you don’t know the genre of your film until right before the clock starts ticking!

First begin putting a team together and register for the 48HFP in your city.

Next after registering, you will receive a series of emails with information and tips for a successful event.  During the lead up to the Project, teams recruit their cast and crew, scout locations and pull their gear together - putting everything in place for the filmmaking weekend.

Friday Night Kickoff Marseille: Date à déterminer

The 48 Hour Film Project weekend starts on a Friday night with the Kickoff Event for your city. At the Kickoff:

  • Each team receives the genre for its film in a random drawing
  • Then the required elements are announced - a character, a prop and a line of dialogue - each of which must appear in all films

Then it is off to the races!!  Filmmakers have just 48 hours to write, shoot and edit their film.

Les genres Les éléments imposés

Film Weekend: 48 Hours of Non-Stop Action Marseille: Date à déterminer

Most teams schedule their weekend like this:

  • Friday Night: Writing the script, gathering costumes and props
  • Saturday: Production - this is the shoot
  • Sunday: Editing and Dropoff - it’s time to complete your film as the minutes tick down

Les règles Questions fréquentes

dimanche Night Dropoff Marseille: Date à déterminer

At the Dropoff Event, teams submit their film along with the required paperwork.  But don’t be late!  One minute late is too late to be eligible for awards - but all films are screened.

Documents de production

Premiere Screening: Your Film on the Big Screen Marseille: Date à déterminer

The culmination of all your hard work is a screening of your film at a local theater.  All submitted films (both late and on-time) will be screened!

Filmmakers experience the thrill of seeing their creative work on the big screen in front of an audience.  An opportunity you don't want to miss!

Jury et Prix Après un 48 h

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Assembling Your Team

You only need a few key people on board to sign up your team. Where can you find other teammates? Friends & Family, Craig's List, Facebook, Twitter!

Networking Events

Your city's webpage will let you know about upcoming networking events - a great place to find teammates.

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Vous devez impérativement avoir l'autorisation du compositeur pour utiliser sa création dans l'un de vos films.

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