Genre Requirement 48 Hour Global Film Challenge

Each team will get their choice between two assigned genres - ranging from the classics (like Comedy and Drama) to the more specialized (like Fish Out of Water and Silent Film).

Everything begins on Friday night at 7 pm local time. You will receive an email with your genres and required elements for your film. Your film must be true to one of the genres you have been assigned.

You may be creative and combine genres, provided that one of your assigned genres is clearly preset.

And remember: no trading genres with other teams!

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Required Elements

In addition to drawing a genre, each team will be required to include an assigned character, prop and line of dialogue at the Kickoff Event.

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Combining Genres

You may combine genres (e.g., a silent comedic buddy film) - however, your official assigned genre must be clearly represented in the mix.

Adherence to Assignment

Did you know judges base part of their scores on a film’s adherence to assignment? This refers to the genre and required elements.

Genres: 2021 48 Hour Global Film Challenge

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