48 Hour Film Horror Comedy Project

?לא מכירים את 48 שעות

Required Elements

In addition to drawing a genre, each team will be required to include an assigned character, prop and line of dialogue at the Kickoff Event.

מידע נוסף

Combining Genres

You may combine genres (e.g., a silent comedic buddy film) - however, your official assigned genre must be clearly represented in the mix.

Adherence to Assignment

Did you know judges base part of their scores on a film’s adherence to assignment? This refers to the genre and required elements.

Sci Fi Genres: 2021 48 Hour Film Horror Comedy Project

Action Comedy
Buddy Comedy
Fish Out of Water
Mistaken Identity
Musical Comedy
Romantic Comedy
Situational Comedy
Sketch Comedy
Spoof / Parody
קומדיה שחורה

Horror Genres: 2021 48 Hour Film Horror Comedy Project

Creepy Kid / Creepy Toy
Curse / Prophecy
Escape Room
Found Footage
Funhouse / Carnival / Freaks
Gore / Slasher / Splatter
Gothic / Vampire
Mad Scientist / Frankenstein
Monster / Creature Feature
סרט רוחות רפאים

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