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Whether you can't convince your cousin to form a team or we're no longer accepting new teams in your city—sign up here to volunteer for a team.

Just enter your name, email and skills/job desired. Your listing, along with all other volunteers will be stored in a database by city, and available for filmmakers to view. If someone is looking for help, they just may call YOU!

The 48 Hour Film Project is providing this networking service free of charge. By submitting your information you acknowledge that: the 48HFP does not guarantee placement with a team; individual filmmakers may or may not contact you to invite you to be on their team; 48HFP does not screen its filmmakers; your information will be available on the World Wide Web and accessible to many people.

If you want to modify your listing, log in here.

If your city is not listed below, that is probably because we have already visited it this season. To keep up-to-date, add your name to your city's mailing list. (And don't forget to come back next year!)

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