Around the World 11월 8 - 11, 2019


It's Finally Here...

Filmmakers are taking over the world and turning it into movie-making madness for 3 days! Teams of filmmakers have a single weekend - this one - to write, shoot and edit their short films!

Here are some important notes for 48HFP filmmakers:

  • Elements: The required elements will be emailed to team leaders at 7pm local time and posted to the official 4PFP Facebook page.
  • Media File: The file containing your film media must adhere to the formatting listed below where you will also find a link to instructions for submitting it.
  • Documents: You must submit releases for all team members, all music, all locations, and any other copyrighted material, as well as a team leader's agreement, a roster, and a certification statement. These forms can be downloaded from on our Production Documents page and uploaded following the instructions below.
  • Rules: You should make sure that your film complies with our Filmmaking Rules and Competition Rules. If you have questions about the rules, the best place to go is our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Questions: If you have any questions, send an email to . Please be aware that responses may be delayed during the weekend.
  • Submissions: Each team leader will receive an email describing how to verify that your film has been completed on time along with instructions on how to upload your film and documents.

Be safe! Make great films! Good luck!

요소 장르 FAQs

필수 미디어

  • Video Codec: H.264 (preferred), Apple ProRES , CineForm, Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)
  • File Type: AVI (.avi), MPEG 4 (.mp4), Quicktime (.mov)
  • Resolution: HD 1080 (1920x1080), HD 720 (1280x720), SD
  • Aspect Ratio: Standard (4:3), Widescreen (16:9)
  • Pixel Ratio: Square (1:1) (preferred), Standard (4:3), Widescreen (16:9)
  • Frame Rate: 24 FPS (23.976), 25 FPS, 30 FPS (29.97), 24 FPS, 30 FPS
  • Interlacing: Progressive / NON-Interlaced (preferred), Interlaced
  • Audio Codec: WAV (.wav) (preferred), AAC (.aac), MPEG4 (.mp4), MPEG3 (.mp3)
  • Audio Bit Rate: 256 kbps (preferred), 128 kbps, 192 kbps
  • Audio Sample Rate: 48 kHz (preferred)

To ensure your film is submitted properly there are several considerations.

Please go to:
for complete on-time verification and submission guidelines.

Every year there are films turned in late because these critical steps haven't been followed.

Don't miss the deadline because of a submission error!

Dropoff Event

월, 11월 11, 2019

An e-mail has been sent to all team leaders describing how to verify and submit their film.
Team leaders should check their spam folder if they don't see it in their inbox.

Participating Teams

  • #CineMob Raymond Cinemato
  • A4 Pasha Productions Victoria Bell
  • AOK Productions Zachary Lentz
  • ActionCAN Films ActionCAN Films
  • Africa Unite Melissa De Vries - Joseph
  • Alpha Keg Productions Ruben Ybarra
  • Amalgamated Grommets Marianne Bates
  • Area 51 Comics Jim McGee
  • Arizona Ink Studios Andrew Zumwalt
  • Aurora Orientem Productions Rachel Jennetti
  • BYERFILMS Nick Byer
  • BYOF Media Angelo Alberto
  • Barrio Films David Avila
  • Barron Films Adrian Barron
  • BeShekel Productions Alon Karmi
  • Black Wing Jamie McDonald
  • BlackRock Productions Tracy Jo Hopkins
  • Blackstone River Johnny Pappas
  • Blammo Films Paul Crafford
  • Broncho Films Kato Buss
  • Buc Films A. Pearson
  • Bug-Juice Productions Stephen Province
  • CHS Films David Salowe
  • COME AT ME BRO! Films Adam Eller
  • Cal Jerk Courtney Archerd
  • Califilms Luisa Fernanda Bonilla Valencia
  • Carnages Julien Ivanowich
  • Cheap Productions Kevin Sakac
  • CinCity Tony Deemer
  • Clamiversary Drake Wootton
  • D.I.Y. Productions Abomb DLC
  • Delamancha Alexandre ONG
  • Distant Calling Pictures Nathan Block
  • DoTheseGlassesMakeMy... Brandon Sim
  • Don't Mock me productions Syeeda Washington
  • Dreadfully Punk Justin Hoke
  • Dx2 Productions Derek Strong
  • Earlybirds Ricky Cassetty
  • Ed Wood Film School Luis Martinez
  • El Dorado Media Mark Switzer
  • Escaping Shadows Shells Walter
  • Exile Films John Grace
  • FUNDACTORES Juan Cifuentes
  • Fade Up Productions Sarah Ditchfield
  • Film Antics Paul Aspuria
  • Film4Fun Jae Hong Lee
  • Finite Films Tom Morgan
  • First Unicorn Studios sainadh mallula
  • Four Corners Filmmakers Jeremy Orr
  • Freaky Tree Productions Molly Bankston
  • Free Radicals Media Dave Baer
  • Fridgeworthy Media Drew Bierut
  • Fuel The Revoluxion Joseph Patterson
  • GO Great Lakes Productions Daniel Belleville
  • Grand Tourers Jonathan Sarabadu
  • Grape Sandwich Ubaid Seth
  • Guerrilla Aesthete Productions april taie
  • Handsome Hero Production Benjamin Bate
  • Haud Ma Baws Sam Matson
  • High Ox Alex Hawthorne
  • Homeless Students U.S.A Nur Tinor
  • HoodMinds Productions Porter Hunt
  • Izzo Pro Mario Izzo
  • K. Michael Khalid Michael
  • Kick A Rock Sergio Torres
  • King of Hearts Films Rob Nixon
  • Kitchen Talk Pictures Tyler French
  • La Cantine Dorian Hays
  • Lacuna Films Jonathan Cheok
  • Les sauvages Thomas Gailhard
  • Let The Bright One In Javier Fernandez
  • Lightning Studio Geoff Stone
  • Lone Pine Rachel McCabe
  • Los Metates Studios Matthew Evans
  • LostClockProduction Joshua Lockard
  • Lotus Moustache Nora Boissenot
  • Milk & Honey Studios Lauren Holeman
  • Missed Take Production Dylan Merle-Raeburn
  • Mountain People George V.K.
  • Nick Bailey Films Nick Bailey
  • OASIS Films Grant Kaufman
  • One by One Sam Ashcraft
  • Ovation Pictures Christian Pizzirani
  • PDX Filmmongers Rick Baurer
  • PSU Films Bailey Noland
  • Phoenix Productions Trudy Mullins
  • Pittler Pythons Neil Hunter
  • PizzaDog Studios Bill Paterson
  • Please Watch Our Movies, Please John Roche
  • Radioactive Films Jack Haskins
  • Red Hills Productions Sylvanna Bocook
  • Red Noses Production House Tomasz Smykalski
  • Reel Filmmakers david smith
  • Remember That!!! Joseph Reaves
  • Rogue Coyote Tyrell Etsitty
  • Rtfbsl Nic Phillips
  • Ruff Ruff Dog Productions susan lyles
  • Rush of Blood to the Head Tarell Flowers
  • SALVADOR FILMS Nícolas André Durán Garzón
  • Seriously Wrong Productions Stephen Wrobleski
  • Shoot It! Ji An Lee
  • Snarky Films Christopher Colthurst
  • Sockmonkey Surfin' Safari Ben Chadwick
  • SoylentGreen Productions Ryan Haberern
  • Square One Gabriel Abano
  • Stoned Hero Productions Christopher Herod
  • Studio C+ Kevin Kersting
  • Stuff Company Robert Shropshire
  • Take Two Jeanine McLeod
  • Tamla Films Eddie Gonzalez
  • Tea and Bag Production Company Ryan Rivera
  • Team Australia James Hyams
  • Team Crow Michele Bousquet
  • Team Spitting Indus Alelia
  • Teamid Films Sunmin Kim
  • Texas Made Films Samuel Tabatabai
  • The Berberich Brothers James Berberich
  • The Good Taste Club Craig Acton
  • The Hermanos et Hermana Jai Kohaal
  • The Syndicate Chris Malimban
  • The Wolf Pack Productions Arron DIETRICH
  • Thirteen Take Productions Kaleb Manske
  • Tiny Rhino Productions Marlene Free
  • Too Much Bull Shawn Greene
  • Total RunTime Andrew Horng
  • Ultimatum Pictures Alex Gianopoulos
  • Untitled Sun Woo Yoo
  • Veridical Productions Jason Knowles
  • WSU Studio 76 Andrea Baltazar
  • Warren World Productions Warren Mitchell
  • Whoa Sherwin Cho
  • Wingrave Adam El Shalakany
  • Wolf Pack Productions Sandra LaFevers
  • Y Marketing Company Adair Lion
  • Yalla Production Yonatan Kovach
  • Zydeco Films Jeremy Gaines
  • pokerdave entertainment David Soule

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