Meet the Producers

헌신적인 본사 직원으로 이루어진 작은 팀과 지역의 제작자들로 이루어진 막대한 팀은 매년 48HFP를 이끌어 갑니다. 참가 팀들은 매우 다양한 나라에서 참가하고 각기 다른 배경을 가졌지만, 참가자 모두가 48HFP에서 즐겁고 공정한 경쟁이 되도록 만들어 갑니다.

Be a City Producer

Mark Ruppert 창작자/제작책임자

Mark came up with the idea for the 48 Hour Film Project back in 2001. As a filmmaker in his own right, Mark's belief in the power of creativity led him to challenge filmmakers to see what they can do in a single weekend.

The results have been phenomenal as the 48 Hour Film Project has found a place in 130 cities around the world--with more than 325,000 people having participated to date, creating more than 25,000 films.

Mark heads the international organization that runs the 48 Hour Film Project, coordinating more than 110 producers around the world. Mark's producing experience includes films, theater and special events. He has emceed award shows, international forums and his own talk/variety show.

Christina Ruppert 운영감독

Ruppert manages the day-to-day operations of the 48HFP, helps our City Producers manage their cities, documents and improves procedures, updates our website, and manages projects that involve the rest of the HQ staff. She lives with her husband Michael and sons Patrick and Charlie in Washington, DC.

Wouter van Gestel 웹운영감독

Wouter is a self employed colorist, editor and mastering engineer in the Eindhoven area in the Netherlands. Studied Audiovisual media (BA of Design 2007) in Hilversum, NL. But before that also studied multimedia design for 4 years in Eindhoven and kept developing his skills as web developer after graduating in 2002.

He has been involved in numerous local Film initiatives like the Eindhoven Film Festival. Also worked on the children's feature film 'Het Geheim van Sophia' (The secret of Sophia), on which many 48 hour alumni worked.

Wouter maintains the 48 Hour Film website, Cinema48 and is Cityproducer of Eindhoven and Nijmegen.

Brian Bowers 조감독/ 뉴스레터

Brian is responsible for hiring new city producers in the US and internationally. He works with existing 48HFP Producers to help manage their cities, assists with social media outreach, and writes the monthly e-newsletter. He is the Producer for the Cleveland, OH 48HFP.

Camilla Demichelis Marketing Strategist

Alessandro Pederzoli Marketing Strategist

Frankie Ruppert Administrative Assistant

Thomas Ruppert Intern

MISSEY Tisot Intern

Chiara Lobb Intern

Amaia Noursi Intern

Liz Langston Co-Founder

Though she's no longer with the 48HFP, Liz co-founded the project back in 2001. (After years as a nerdy researcher she found that making movies was much more fun.)

She helped Mark make the organization what it is today - including launching spin-off competitions such as the Music Video, Horror and the Science Fiction Projects - and stepped down from her position in early 2019.

Liz resides in Albuquerque plans to spend her time traveling and pursuing her next creative endeavor.  Though she no longer works on the 48HFP, she remains an advocate of the Project and a strong supporter of filmmakers.

City Producers

Aaron Johnston 콜러버스, OH

Adam Madrid 잭슨빌, FL

Akram Moncer 튀니스, TN

Alan Shelley 케이프타운, ZA

Alessandro Pederzoli 멕시코

Alex Espinoza 달라스, TX

Alex Guéry 투르, FR

Alyne Harding 오스틴, TX

An Nguyen 호치민, VN

Andrew Osborne 보스턴, MA

Angela de Hart - van Megen 아인트호벤, NL나이메헨, NL

Anthony Ambrosino 프로비덴스, RI

Anthony Paderewski 사바나, GA

Aymen Moncer 튀니스, TN

Bachir Abou Zeid 베이루트, LB

Blerina Berberi Atlantic Canada

Camilla Demichelis 멕시코

Carlos Llanten Santiago de Cali, CO

Carlos Rodríguez San Martin Cochabamba, BOLa Paz, BO산다크루즈 드 시에라, BO

Carlota Escobar Astrelli Santiago, CL

Carmine DePaulo 산호세, CA

Carol CK Kioko 나이로비, KE

Carolina Victoria 보고타, CO

Chad Terry 알부뭐크, NM

Christian Torres 휴스턴, TX

Christina Carmona 올란도, FL

Christina Ruppert 발티모어, MD신시내티, OH콜러버스, OH • and 8 more

Christine Delport 요하네스버그, ZA

Christopher Cherry 토론토, CA

Christopher Denise 산호세, CA

Claudia Fernandez Ibero-America CineXpress

Da Duponchel Dr fㅣ마, PE

Darren Passarello 뉴욕, NY

Dennis Martinus ArubaBonaireSint Eustatius

Dennis Nieh 타이페이, TW

Desiree Littles 오클라호마, OK

Dino Moore 애틀란틱, GA

Douglas L 후안, PR

Duane Trammell 샌디에고, CA전세계

Ericka Mauldin 시카고, IL

Ester Stigliano 로마, IT

Eva Basteiro-Bertoli 로마, IT

Florencia Sader 푼타델에스테, UY

Gabriel Pimenta 콜도바, AR

Genevieve Assaf 바르샤바, PL

Gideon Southwell 런던, GB

Gregory Miroir 브뤼셀, BE

Hans Groenendijk 로테르담, NL

Hidesato Taneda Fukuoka, JP

Hisham Samie 케이프타운, ZA

Ilya Kushnir 덴버, CO

Indra van 't Hooft 아인트호벤, NL나이메헨, NL

Ivey Smith Reno, NV

Jan-Willem Arnold 위트레흐트, NL

Jasper Joosten 로테르담, NL

Javier Valencia Palomino 아레키파, PE

Jeannette Rainey 햄프턴로드, VA

Jeff Hahn 리틀락, AR

Jennifer Bonior 내슈빌, TN

Jennifer Gentner 디트로이트, MI

Jessi Burkette 칸사스시티, MO

Johanna Hickle 산호세, CA

Jordan Lema 버팔로, NY

Josefina Cabrera Borges 부에노스 아이레스, AR

Juan Pardo Aruba

Katherine Thompson 매디슨, WI

Katrina Gardner 산호세, CA

Keira Marti 오스틴, TX

Khayyam Khalid 카라치, PKLahore, PK

Kingsley Nyarko Accra, GH

kirk nordenstrom Missoula, MT시애틀, WA

Kristen Hamill 애델레이드, AU

L. Mattock "Mattie" Scariot 산호세, CA

Laura Franklin 애델레이드, AU

Laura Siadkowski Rennes, FR

Leanne Westphal 로스앤젤레스, CA

Louis Vanguirald 마드리드, ES

Louise Knowles EdinburghGlasgow

Mara Oprişiu 브라쇼프, RO

Marco Haidar 콜도바, AR

Margriet Windt 위트레흐트, NL

Maria Celeste Rodriguez 콜도바, AR

Maria Gracia San Martin 푼타델에스테, UY

Maria Leśnodorska 바르샤바, PL

Marilha Naccari Florianópolis, BR

Mario Avila Bedoya La Paz, BO

Martina Mwanza Kitwe, ZM

Mary Helen Norris 린치버그, VA

Masumi Aikawa Fukuoka, JP

Matilda Casa 브뤼셀, BE

Melissa Del Rosario 라스베가스, NV

Melody Mokhtarian 뉴욕, NY

Meralney Bomba Bonaire

Michael Keeney 매디슨, WI

Michael Westphal 로스앤젤레스, CA

Monde Kawana 케이프타운, ZA

Monique Madrid 잭슨빌, FL

Myke Brown 호치민, VN

Nandin-Erdene Sukhbaatar 몽골

Nando Roman 올란도, FL

Natalie Delport 요하네스버그, ZA

Neal Hartman 제네바, CH로잔, CH

Nelson Ikeh Abuja, NG

Nerusha Sadapal 더반, ZA

Nina Underhill 제네바, CH로잔, CHVenice, IT

Olivier Dussausse Hauts de France리요네, FRMarseille, FR • and 7 more

Patrick Fitzgerald 루이스빌, KY

Philip Nelson 샌안토니오, TX

Pierre van Megen - de Hart 아인트호벤, NL나이메헨, NL

PJ Gaynard 피츠버그, PA

Preeti Gopalkrishnan 뭄바이, IN

Prince Bassey Abuja, NG

Priscilla Saracco 리요네, FRMarseille, FR몽펠리에, FR • and 5 more

Radka Poláková Beránková 브라티슬라바, SKBrno, CZ프라하, CZ

Ramses Petronia Aruba쿠라시우

Rebecca Madding 파두카, KY

Ricardo Mendes 리스본, PT

Robert Dragot 티라나, AL

Robert Quinn 뉴욕, NY

Robin Amatmoestar 쿠라시우

Robyn Sarvis 샌디에고, CA전세계

Roelton Thode Bonaire

Sam Goldblatt EdinburghGlasgow

Samantha Rosenberg 알부뭐크, NM

Samuel Pace-Tuomi 디모인, IA

Sean Soboleski 애시빌, NC

Serine Gharibian 두바이, AE

Sophie Jouanlong Rennes, FR

Steve Nash 토론토, CA

Tania Innamorati 로마, IT

The Phong Nguyen 호치민, VN

Tim Lozano 휴스턴, TX

Timothy Giovanni 상하이, CN

Tony Tabona 가보로네, BW

Trish Clark 뉴헤이븐, CT

Tsogtbayar Namsrai 몽골

Vanessa Arguedas Ibero-America CineXpress

Vernard Fields 신시내티, OH

Walter Vinci 프로비덴스, RI

Warren Matson 밀워키, WI

Wendy Robbins 탐파, FL

Willem Whitfield 브리즈번, AU

William Fisher 샬롯, NC

Yogi Chopra 뭄바이, IN

Zuri Chavers 발티모어, MD

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