48 Hour Film Science Fiction Horror Project

At the Kickoff Event each team draws TWO genres from a hat.

The catch? Half of them are science fiction genres and the other half are horror themed.

At the Kickoff Event you will be assigned two genres from the list below. Your team may decide which one you to use for your film. With this change, the Wild Card option has been eliminated. Your film must be true to one of the genres you have selected — and no trading with other teams!

Got it all? Well, be warned... We switch up the options each year - just to keep you on your toes!!

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필수 요소

참가팀은 장르뿐만 아니라, 첫 이벤트에서 배정된 캐릭터와 소도구,  대사를 반드시 포함시켜야 합니다. 

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장르 결합

참가자는 장르를 결합할 것입니다. (예 조용한 코메디 우정 영화) 그러나 당신에게 배정된 공식적인 장르는 결합 중에서도 대표적으로 두드러져야 합니다.

과제 엄수

배정된 영화에 기반하여 점수가 매겨지는 방식에 대해 알고 계신가요? 이 방식은 장르와 요구되는 요소에 따라 채점됩니다.

Sci Fi Genres: 2021 48 Hour Film Science Fiction Horror Project

Android / Cyborg / Robot
Apocalyptic / Post-Apocalyptic
Artificial Intelligence
Cyber Punk
Dystopia / Utopia
First Contact / Encounter
Lost World
Military SciFi
Parallel Universe
Scientific Romance
Space Pirates/Space Ninjas
Time Travel Movie more info

Horror Genres: 2021 48 Hour Film Science Fiction Horror Project

Creepy Kid / Creepy Toy
Curse / Prophecy
Dark Comedy Horror
Escape Room
Funhouse / Carnival / Freaks
Gore / Slasher / Splatter more info
Gothic / Vampire more info
Mad Scientist / Frankenstein more info
Monster / Creature Feature more info
Mummy or Werewolf
Satanic / Demon Possession more info
Witchcraft more info
귀신영화 more info

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