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2018 Global Award Winners Announced At Filmapalooza Orlando!Monday, March 11, 2019


2018 Global Grand Champions "Sonrisita" by Barbak & Gougoutte films from Cote d'Azur on the red carpet with members of our international jury


Filmapalooza has made its mark on Orlando, bringing with it sunny weather, amazing films, and hundreds of filmmakers from over 80 different cities all around the world. The annual festival officially concludes our 2018 tour, which was jam packed with filmmakers from across the globe working at the highest level, all racing to make their 48 hour films. And like any good race, last year's tour concluded at the finish line on Saturday night with the announcement of our global award winning films. 

Congratulations to all of the winners below, to our 2018 Global Grand Champion 48HFP Film "Sonrisita" by Barbak & Gougoutte films from Cote d'Azur , and to ALL of the city-winning films that were screened as part of Filmapalooza. 

And to the films that weren't city winners this year, we hope to see your name on the list next year for Filmapalooza in Rotterdam!



Grand Champion Best Film "Sonrisita" by Barbak & Gougoutte films - Cote d'Azur

2nd Place Best Film "Lace" by Viva Pictures - Johannesburg

3rd Place Best Film "Het Internet" by Supersolid & Friends - Utrecht 

Best Directing "Wayless" by Imaginary Friends - Ho Chi Minh 

Best Writing "Lace" by Viva Pictures - Johannesburg

Best Acting - Male Alessandro Grespan in “The Cold War” by ZERO - Rome

Best Acting - Female Enhle Mbali in “Lace” by Viva Pictures - Johannesburg

Honorable Mention for Best Acting - Female Camilla Meurer in “Het Internet” Supersolid & Friends -  Utrecht 

Best Acting Ensemble "The Runoff" by W7 - Osaka  

Best Cinematography "Cachito Mio" by Ananké - Mexico City

Honorable Mention for Best Cinematography "Knockout" by Alley Cake Films - Chicago

Best Editing "Cachito Mio" by Ananké - Mexico City

Best Animation "Lulu" by Estrech y Esquash - Lima

Best Graphics "A Dog’s Day" by GN a PŘÁTELS  - Prague 

Best Visual Effects "A Dog's Day" by GN a PŘÁTELS - Prague  

Best Sound Design "Snookered" by Team Dropshack - Glasgow

Honorable Mention for Best Sound Design "Secret Santa" by 23:59:59:23 films - London

Best Musical Score "Antidote" In Real Life - Paris

Best Song "Dorpas Day" by Lone Fort Productions - St. Louis

Honorable Mention for Best Song "Orage" by Réalviscéralisme - Montpellier

Best Makeup "Love Hurts" by Film Jams - Tampa-St. Petersburg

Best Stunts "Love Hurts" by Film Jams - Tampa-St. Petersburg

Best Set Design "Motorcoach" by WSF Productions - Detroit

Best Costumes "MUDEJAR" by CALIMOVIE - Cali

Best Use of the Character "Het Internet" by Supersolid and friends - Utrecht

Best Use of the Prop "Secret Santa" by 23:59:59:23 films - London

Best Use of the Line "ANDII" by The DeeCees - Adelaide


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