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Austin 48er's Film Premiering At Tribeca Film FestivalFriday, April 26, 2019


In a world of svelte leading men and model-thin leading ladies, it can make it difficult for those of us with "dad-bods" to find an acting role that doesn't involve either becoming the subject of a series of fat-shaming jokes or playing the chubby (yet adorable) comedic side-kick. But Austin 48HFP filmmaker Mike Carreon rose above his own self-loathing and Hollywood image expectations to own his 285 pounds of sexiness, and to prove to audiences that no matter how fat or skinny they were, they should be OK being their own brand of sexy. All this body positivity spawned a live show that became the short film "Hard-ish Bodies" that is now receiving its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival later this week.

"Hard-ish Bodies" is an ensemble comedy written, directed and produced by Carreon. Set in present day Austin, the story follows the chubby and charming, Mitch, "The Midnight Train" who struggles to believe in himself as a lead dancer, while the owner of the place, Stoney "Tex Longride", must come clean and tell the dancers that the club will be torn down to make way for every other good thing in Austin. With some strong supporting female characters, both men find themselves struggling to keep it together during a busy Friday night.

Carreon first started sharing this "YOU ARE SEXY" message in the form of a live show in early 2016. Not only were he and his cast members able to own their bodies in a way that they never had before, the audiences also really began to connect with the message Carreon was trying to get across. They not only sold out their shows, but were also awarded the B. Iden Payne Award for Oustanding Production of an Improv Show in Austin, proving that this message was primed and ready to be put on film.

Carreon raised money through a Seed and Spark crowdfunding campaign, and the rest, as they say, is history. With a little more than $12,000 raised, he reached out through his network of filmmakers and supporters to get the production off the ground in October of 2017. After a busy year of color correction, sound mixing, making titles and doing all of the fun post-production work, Carreon and his team submitted the finished film to festivals. Earlier this year, they were able to announce that the film had been picked up by Tribeca Film Festival and would finally get its hard-ish earned premiere.

Carreon had crafted his short film format through the Austin 48 Hour Film Project, where his film "Adam" by team Hug It Outs was crowned Best Film in the inaugural 2015 48HFP Horror Project. That got him a screening at Filmapalooza in Atlanta, which he attended later that year. Carreon teamed up with members of a winning team from the San Antonio 48HFP, Gotta Start Somewhere, and they snagged a Runner-Up win the following year for their film "Fiona Does Stuff." The 48HFP gave Carreon just the right amount of pressure that was needed to be able to hone his filmmaking skills and gave him the gumption necessary to raise money for film projects like "Hard-ish Bodies"."

But tonight is worth the payoff. This sexy film will have its glorious premiere at Tribeca Film Festival later this evening, so by tomorrow you can expect to hear the chants of "YOU ARE SEXY" throughout the streets of New York. Best of luck to Carreon on his well-deserved opening night!

For more info on "Hard-ish Bodies" visit their page on Seed&Spark.

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