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OC Music CO Providing FREE Music For Filmmakers On Our U.S. 48HFP TourSunday, May 12, 2019


Every great film needs a great soundtrack, and that's why the 48 Hour Film Project has partnered up with OC Music CO to bring FREE royalty free music to all of the filmmakers participating in our U.S. Tour.

OC Music CO, a Cleveland based royalty free music company, was founded by twin brothers Eric and Steve O'Connell. Both award-winning composers and previous 48HFP participants (they're not only composers, but are both actors as well), they founded their company on the belief that there was a better, less confusing way to license production music for content creators. The brothers have worked with production companies, filmmakers, and brands that include Sprint, Audi, Canon, and Coca-Cola, with the goal of making the process of licensing music quick, painless, and affordable.

E-SOC Music CO features hundreds of royalty free music tracks available for licensing, created by over two dozen composers around the world, including the O'Connell twins themselves. Filmmakers and content creators can search their library of music by genre, mood, style, instruments, length of the track, and even beats per minute, to find the perfect piece of music to fit their film project.

As a part of the partnership between OC Music CO and the 48HFP, each participating U.S. team leader will receive one FREE track of music from the OC Music CO library, to be used during the filmmaking weekend. Team Leaders will be provided a special discount code by their local 48HFP City Producer that they can use to license any track available on their site. And of course, there's tons of other great music available to license for 48HFP films and any other project, at some very affordable prices.

To check out the vast library of music available to you for your next film project, visit

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