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Feature Script Project Winner AnnouncedWednesday, December 11, 2019


Earlier this year, we announced the launch of the inaugural 48HFP Feature Script Project. After dozens and dozens of entries, several rounds of judging, and an abundance of bold and creative new script ideas, the judges have finally selected a winner. Congratulations to Emanuele Bosco from Portugal for winning with his outstanding script, Undedicable.

This first edition of the Feature Script Project received almost 100 film synopses during the first round of judging, and most of them were outstanding creatively. From these initial entries, judges culled it down and selected three stories to continue to the next round, where the writers were given the opportunity to complete their scripts. Three totally different writers with unique stories submitted their scripts: Clayton Ignecia from Bonaire with Casanova, Lauren Schoepfer from the USA with There Are No Words, and Emanuele Bosco from Portugal with Undecidable. From these final scripts, the jury unanimously chose Bosco’s script as the winner.

Undecidable is a beautiful story about hope, love and choices in an international setting with a cross-cultural message and an extra universal layer —math! The mix of true events and fiction gives the story a perfect drive and a real need to be told. The producibility of the film is very good. It can take place in a number of locations, has one lead character and no difficult visual effects.

Bosco wins $500 USD and Undecidable will be given a table read at Filmapalooza 2020 in Rotterdam. Film production company NOBS Entertainment from The Netherlands will be working with Bosco on pre-production of the script with the hope to put the film into production in the near future.

Every filmmaker’s dream is to write, direct or shoot a feature film for a large audience. With the 48HFP Feature Film Script Project, we now have a tool to give writers within our community a platform to hopefully see their dreams come true. The Feature Script Project will return in 2020–for more information on this year’s competition, visit

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